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  1. I doubt that this arrogant war-mongering fool even has a heart. It’s certainly plain that he doesn’t have a brain.

  2. What we really want is to break his spirit. If he had any decency, he would crawl off to a cave somewhere.

    • I dislike the Dems and think they deserve a good shellacking in the mid-terms for a whole host of reasons. But I would happily get behind them if they pressed for Bush, Cheney, Rice et al. to be charged with war crimes. Plus, charging those criminals with war crimes would distract the country from current bunglings of Biden and the Dems, and by giving the country sacrificial victims, (rightly or wrongly), for the abject failure of American foreign policy of the last 20 years, they could unite a very divided country.

    • Bush Jr., Prick Cheeky, Saul Wolfowitz, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, and Stephen Hadley should have hung by their necks in the same gallows with Saddam Hussein.

      Clinton’s Secretary of State ((( Madeleine Albright))) was principally responsible for the deaths of over 500,000 Iraqis.

      None of these fiends and war criminals will ever face justice because they served the zionist cause without without remorse.

  3. W is a sociopath, he smiles and winks whenever discussing other people’s suffering.
    He should’ve took acting lessons from Obama who’s much better at hiding his sadism.
    Not much more you can say about this POS that hasn’t been said,
    Of course both are war criminals who should get the death penalty.
    Him and his ilk are responsible for millions of dead, and trillions of dollars squandered.
    They will never tire of profiting off more death.
    Dems and reps are rotten to the core, nothing redeemable about either of them.

    • The video when he was told about 9/11 and he still sat in the classroom. Regardless of what he was told, if there was something important enough to go in and tell him, he should have left. He just had that scared, “oh what am I gonna do” look.

  4. Bush is now a shitlib hero along with the neocons. The one time Biden does the right thing and the entire zombie hive mind unites against him, both leftists and conservatives. Meanwhile the situation in America grows worse by every measure.

  5. Oh boo-hoo.
    Did it break your heart to illegally invade a country that didn’t attack us?
    Did it break your heart when you and your terrible economic policies caused the great recession?
    Did it break your heart when you contributed to outsourcing of our jobs?
    Did it break your heart when you were responsible for 9/11?
    Did it break your heart when you gave American tax paying dollars to Israel and Saudi Arabia which were involved in orchestrating the attacks?

    You should be on trial and behind bars. Not hanging out with Ellen and getting a pass for war crimes.

  6. A younger George Dubya Bush always seemed to me to be a twin of “Jethro” on the Beverely Hillbillies.

    Uncle Jed was always trying to get “Jethro” a job, some kind of job, any kind of job. It was the same with George HW Bush Sr. trying to get his sone George W Bush a job, any kind of job.

    He was basically a Yale Frat boy, Yale Male cheer leader, dumb as party boy.

    He dodged the Viet Nam War draft, did a stint in the Texas Air National Guard, couldn’t get a real job, was made president of the Texas Rangers baseball team, fun*** that up.


    The Bush family made him…

    Governor of Texas and

    2 time President of the United States.

    But Dubya couldn’t really think, write, or say anything on his own, so he had to have the worst J Neo Con speech writers like David Frum



    There is a reason the J Chosen People often refer to out people as dumb goyim/cattle.

    George Dubya Bush….


    Dumb goyim/cattle

    Twin of Jethro of the Beverley Hillbillies.

  7. Afghanistan, like 9/11, was just a means to an end for this evil MFer.
    It was always about Iraq and defending the honor of Texas,
    …. As Dubya said before being chosen as Murica’s cheerleader-in-chief, “Saddam tried to kill my Daddy!”
    (Please Dick and the MIC wanted the oil and the jews just wanted more dead innocents)

  8. Bush is nothing but a sociopath who killed and maimed how many in the middle east? A million? And now what we get are 50 to 80 thousand Moslem ” refugees” many of whom will be Taliban and Isis supporters or spread Islam more. They will be planted in key states to help flip those states Democrat or to preserve Democrat rule. We will see many Omar and Tlaib types run for office with the same call of hating Whites and replacing Whites. This country is terminal. Outside of breakup there is no hope. Putrid Canada is following in our direction as is England.

    On top of it we have never ending black dysfunction and a never ending run on our border. All of it is protected and encouraged by Democrats while many Republican cowards say nothing.

    White America is screwed outside of a ” Hail Mary” touchdown pass. We all know it. 55 years of mass third world immigration, 70 years of huge black criminality and dysfunction with no end in sight and Moslem refugees are all the new America.

    A perfect example of White America status is the recent hate crime brutal assault on a White kid named Nick Cox playing basketball in a recreation center in Atlanta. ( Yeah, bad move letting your kid do it, White parents!) Broken jaw in three places, deep concussion and drinking through a straw. It was all recorded by black savages as they laughed and loved the cruelty of cheap shots and nearly killing a White kid.

    Only one savage was arrested despite being attacked by at least 2 or more. And the savage only gets a charge of assault as a juvenile. No hate crime of course. Not even punished by his school because of the black racist thugs and coward Whites who run the schools.

    The sad parents of the White kid can’t even say the obvious of why their kid was attacked. Just ” I don’t understand how people can record and laugh as my son was attacked.” Too many Whites are gutless cowards and because of it we are being replaced big and we all know it. The Democratic Party is literally dedicated to shit holeing our country out of existence.

    I was watching a video comparing Moscow to New York City on you tube from a site called ” Russia Plus.” It’s shocking how much better Moscow looks on every level. Little diversity and far safer and cleaner streets.

    Learn a couple of languages. It’s so obvious America is in its last days. You may be spending your years in a far better nation out of this once great land.

    We have an entire media dedicated to hating Whites and covering up vicious evil against us- particularly by blacks. We now have never ending refugees unless they are White South Africans or now Cubans. Neither gets a sniff now under these beasts that control our govt.

    Diversity is not a strength. It’s a source of friction and a tower of babel.

    Our disgusting govt spends trillions on wars but won’t lift a finger to help White working parents produce children. It’s terminal folks and we all know it. But Ben Sasse is ” proud” to make Nebraska a dumping ground for more refugees.

    The stupidity of so many White people is mind numbing. And to then actually let these refugees vote is even more astounding. They are happy with some freedom but Whitey has to go all in on total replacement as do too many Christians. Based on their refugee Bible theory, why not let in 50 million refugees? Hey, the Bible also says to take the homeless in Your homes! How many of these same promoters of never ending refugees are doing that? Few to none!

    We would be better off having a chunk of land for them to live or hold them until another Islamic nation takes them bribes and all. But the American morons have to allow Islam to flourish and to vote! America, you were once an ” A” country but now a “B” and sinking fast.

    • Bribes certainly are the only way Muslim countries will take them. They are glad the West is filling up with Allah’s minions. They are happy to reap the rewards of our self-inflicted submission. We are throwing away the sacrifices of those who came before us.

      • Absolutely, Powell. And as usual Democrat women and feminists say nothing about Islam. Suddenly women being wrapped up like a mummy brings total silence. Black Democrats love Islam too.

        Meanwhile Putin said he is concerned regarding any terrorist spread in Russia. That’s common sense as America obsesses on ” White nationalism” so called equity which means stealing from Whites, lgbt weirdness and literally bringing in the entire third world to replace Whites.

        This country is on life support. Trillions of dollars in debt and the ebt crowd literally closing stores due to so much of their robbery.

        Meanwhile racist hypocrites to the core like Colin Kapernick get rewarded with millions by Nike to basically do nothing but promote a sneaker and snarling, knee taking NFL thug, Marshawn Lynch, is literally rewarded by Lays potato chips with a Tv commercial. Gang banging admitted pimp Snoop Dogg is accepted with no problem rewarded with millions of dollars to do Tv shows, appearances and, commercials despite literally being a gang associate who escaped a murder charge, is banned in some countries from entering and did a racist, evil, misogyny video of Sarah Palin with his so called uncle speaking of having sex with her. Yet the monster and so many others are rewarded. Terminal is the word for this country.

  9. 9/11 was a massive failure of the U.S. Government in carrying out its most basic function, physical security of the nation. That security begins at U.S. borders, not thousands of miles away as the ruling class idiots disingenuously contend. The U.S. Government policy of throwing open the borders and seeing what the cat drags in, a policy pre-dating the miserable George Bushes, both of them, by decades combined with invading the world led to the 9/11 catastrophe.

    Contrary to the official narrative, the attacks on Afghanistan and later Iraq were vengeance attacks on soft targets. They were carried out to satisfy public anger, deflect attention from deliberate U.S. Government policies that made the country vulnerable to terrorism in the first place and personal animosity against Saddam Hussein from the miserable George Bushes, both of those incompetents.

    The wars waged in Afghanistan and Iraq dissipated public anger and support for closing the borders, kicking out foreigners and holding members of the ruling class, such as members of Congress accountable for their disastrous policies. Nation building came later, nation wrecking, the U.S. that is, came first.

    “Mission Accomplished” as the village idiot of Washington DC, GWB II said.

  10. The sudden embrace of that stinking dog turd by the commies proves that they’re dog shit, too. No-principles blind partisanship on all sides. All mindlessly serving the billionaires, globalist corporations & organized kikery.

  11. He’s been responsible for so much death and disfigurement at home and abroad. I think it’s fair to say his ‘broken heart’ is the least of our worries.
    He literally didn’t do a single thing to benefit regular Americans.

  12. We had to send thousands of troops to Afghanistan for twenty years at at a cost of several trillion dollars so that Afghan girls wouldn’t be afraid to go to school. Makes perfect fucking sense to me.

    • “so that Afghan girls wouldn’t be afraid to go to school”:

      Before that, we overthrew the Afghan republic where Afghan girls WERE going to school, and even to college in mixed gender classes, and were not required to wear head coverings. We supported and directed the Mujahideen and created AlQaeda to overthrow that Afghan republic with Stinger missiles and half a billion dollars a year of equipment and training. Much of the trillions of dollars that passed through Afghanistan ended up in the private bank accounts of the big capitalists of the “military industrial complex” and bankers who profit from war.

  13. Too back that stupid, arrogant prick wasn’t speaking from a prison cell on the evening before his execution.

  14. It is the same Jew carnard exploited time and again: create the problem, react to the problem, and finally provide the solution without anyone being the wiser

  15. To be honest, when you saw Bush and Clinton paling up, wasn’t that a warning sign?
    When I lived in Boston, I did part-time work at a survey group doing opinion polls, etc., and one woman who worked with me was a fairly ritzy suburban woman. We had an eclectic mix of people between jobs, actors, etc. She said she lived next to the Bushes at Kennebunkport, and always said what great neighbors they were. She offered some tut-tuning about W. “You know,” she said, they’re worried about George. He doesn’t really succeed at anything, and really isn’t that bright. They said they know they’ll have to carry him and find something useful for him to do. Now, the real smart one is Jeb. He’s got so much more on the ball than George.”
    Well, shucks! That was our mistake. We should have gone with Jeb! Just think where we’d be now.

    I voted for Bush, but really had a lot of regrets, and I started breaking with Limbaugh when he went on and on about supporting the Iraq invasion and Afghanistan.

    I always thought Bush was a bit creepy. I remember a European summit where he was seated with the usual heads of state, and went to Angela Merkel. He grabbed her by the arms, and bent down, grinning as he whispered something into her ear. She frowned and looked around, and was obviously creeped out by him. Really weird to see this on TV.

    It seemed to begin the era when the leadership dropped their public, official face, and you got to see them for what they really were. When Clinton could get away with his junk, they understood that it was open season, and Bush, then Obama did their thing.

    There is also a class in America that can be called the war party. We see them now, crying over Afghanistan, now wanting…yes, a stronger military and ‘revenge’ for them poor Marines.
    Like a local talk show host I like in Boston, calling afghanis ‘savages’, and we have to do more bombing.He’s also for bringing the refugees to America…the ones who were our allies and friends, of course.

    • “To be honest, when you saw Bush and Clinton paling up, wasn’t that a warning sign?”

      They’re all on the same team.

      “We should have gone with Jeb!” No…he’s married to a Mexican and I don’t think it would have been much better.

    • The premier moment of W’s presidency was dodging those two shoes thrown at him by an angry Iraqi reporter.

      The lowlights are too many to mention, but the two stick out for me were his inability to figure out how to open a door to exit a conference room in China, and choking on pretzels while watching a negro felon league game, and if not for his dog’s barking at the prone president, he would have suffocated, before help arrived.

  16. Image of a 12-year-old victim of a U.S. bombardment of Baghdad with no arms and burns on 35% of his body:


    Kuwaiti doctors performed plastic surgery Wednesday on a 12-year-old boy who suffered severe burns and lost both his arms during the U.S. bombardment of Baghdad, becoming a symbol of Iraqi suffering during the war.

    Ali Ismaeel Abbas moaned in pain and begged his nurses for water after the 75-minute operation in which doctors scraped away infected and dead tissue and replaced it with temporary grafts of skin from a donor.

    “Pain. I’m in pain,” the boy cried, wrapped from his neck down in dressings. Pushing aside an oxygen mask with his teeth and tongue so he could be heard, he begged: “Water. Water.”

    Ali was given painkillers and sips of water. Doctors said the temporary grafts could be replaced permanently with skin from the boy’s back and buttocks next Monday.

    “His prognosis is good,” said Dr. Imad Najada, the plastic surgeon who performed the operation at the Saud A. Albabtain Center for Burns and Plastic Surgery. “About 35 percent of his body is burned. We have treated patients with up to 85 and 90 percent with good survival.”

    Ali was home in Baghdad with his family one night when a bomb blew apart his life, killing his pregnant mother, his father, brother and aunt. Ten family members in all, were killed. Ali lost both his arms and his torso was badly burned. He is now in the hands of strangers who will try to give him his life back.

    CBS News reports one reporter heard Ali ask, “Can you help me get my arms back? Do you think the doctors can give me another pair of hands?”

    — CBS: “Armless Boy Becomes Symbol Of War”, Jaime Holguin, 04/21/2003

    Shelling of Atlanta

    On July 20, 1864, Battery H, First Illinois Light Artillery commanded by Capt. Francis De Gress, came into battery near the Troup Hurt Home. De Gress opened fire on downtown Atlanta from this point. He reported that:

    Advanced on the 20th, taking up position several times during the day and engaging rebel batteries. At 1 o’clock fired three shells into Atlanta at a distance of two miles and a half, the first ones of the war.
    —?Capt. Francis De Gress, O.R. Series 1, Volume 38, Part 3, OR# 486, page 265

    The shelling of Atlanta continued from July 20 until August 25. In addition to the cannons the Union forces had with them, four 4?1/2-inch siege cannons were brought by rail from Chattanooga. These four cannons began firing on the city on August 10. In total, these four cannons fired over 4,500 rounds on Atlanta. On August 9, 1864, General Sherman reported that:

    Maj. Gen. II. W. HALLECK,

    Washington, D. C.:

    Schofield developed the enemy’s position to below East Point. His line is well fortified, embracing Atlanta and East Point, and his re-doubts and lines seem well filled. Cavalry is on his flanks. Our forces, too, are spread for ten miles. So Hood intends to stand his ground. I threw into Atlanta about 3,000 solid shot and shell to-day, and have got from Chattanooga four 4-1/2 Inch rifled guns, and will try their effect. Our right is below Utoy Creek. I will intrench it and the flanks and study time ground a little more before adopting a new plan. We have had considerable rain, but on the whole the weather is healthy. Colonel Capron, of Stoneman’s command, with several squads of men are in at Marietta, and will reduce his loss below 1,000.

    W. T. SHERMAN,

    —?W. T. Sherman, O.R. Series 1, Volume 38, Part 5 – Union and Confederate Correspondence, etc., p 434

    There are no official records of the number of people killed by the bombardment of Atlanta.

    — Wikipedia: “Atlanta in the American Civil War”

    Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, U.S. Army, stands accused of four counts of war crimes. By his own admission, he is guilty.

    After World War II, the Nuremberg Charter defined war crimes as violations of the laws or customs of war. It lists several categories of offenses. Let us see how Sherman, on his own authority and under no orders from his superiors, violated the laws and customs of war.

    Murder or ill-treatment of civilians: Union artillery had barely gotten into range of Atlanta when, on July 19, 1864, Sherman ordered a bombardment of the city’s buildings: “No consideration must be paid to the fact they are occupied by families, but the place must be cannonaded.” The Yankee guns fired their first shells on July 20, and within a few days, Confederate newspapers began reporting casualties. One shell wounded a woman and killed the child she was carrying in her arms. In my book, I have concluded that the victims were the wife and child of John M. Weaver, an engineer who lived on Walton Street.

    Sherman maintained a perverse determination to shell Atlanta, denying that innocent civilians still lived there. “You may fire from 10 to 15 shots from every gun you have in position into Atlanta that will reach any of its houses,” he ordered his artillery on Aug. 1. “Fire slowly and with deliberation between 4 p.m. and dark.”

    Three weeks later, the bombardment ceased only because Sherman gave up on his semi-siege of Atlanta and led most of his army toward Jonesboro to break the Rebels’ railroad supply line (this he did on Aug. 31, forcing Confederate evacuation of the city the next day). Civilian casualties of Sherman’s 37-day bombardment are hard to count, but I estimate about 25 dead, and two or three times more wounded…
    — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Sherman convicted by his own words”, Stephen Davis, 06/12/2014

    Think of all the civilians around the world whose lives have been devastated by this war-mongering Yankee Empire for the last 160 years:from their first victim of war, the American South, to their latest victim. How many civilians have been killed by this Empire of total war fanatics which is the only nation so far callous enough to drop nukes on civilians and pat themselves on the back for terrorizing a nation into stop fighting and saving lives by shortening the war? Maybe when the Yankee Empire finally gets its brains nuked out the whole world will offer up similar praises and justifications.

    The Dems are just as evil but the Repubs were the ones who actually created this Yankee Empire monster. The world would have been/would be a better place if the Republicans never existed/ceased to exist. The Republicans now force the abominable godless practices of homosexuality, abortion, gender confusion, perversion of marriage, etc on their conquered territories. When the Repubs win, Satan wins. Don’t ever vote for a member of the party of Lincoln again for any office no matter how bad his/her opponent is.

    • It may surprise you to know that Sherman was Chancellor of Louisana State University before the war.

    • Looking back, those emotional young men of Charleston should have been restrained from reacting to the provocation of Fort Sumter, initiating the war with the industrialising, wealthier and more populous northern states (remainder of the Union) that the seceding southern states were bound to lose – just like Japan should have resisted the temptation (bait) of Pearl Harbor, and Hitler should not have imagined that Russia “will collapse like a house of cards.”

      • Still waiting for you to produce those Scriptures from the Holy Bible that prohibit slavery and promote abolition, you liar.

        The South was Right! There was absolutely no prohibition against secession or slavery in the original Constitution. There is absolutely no prohibition against secession or slavery in the Holy Bible.

        May God Save the South!

  17. I hated Bush the Elder and Bush the Lesser. Go to a book store and look up W’s new book entitled Faces of America. It is filled with with paintings of non-whites done by W himself!

    • Have you read Dubya’s autobiographical “Decision Points”? Like it was written by Hollywood Voiceover Man.
      “Saddam’s ass needed to be kicked. And there was only one man in the world who could do it. The President. Of the. United States. Me.”
      Hard to believe this dumbo was leader of the West for eight years.

  18. Jorge Boosh has always been an uncouth privileged punk: putting his hands on people, even heads of state; giving insulting nicknames to underlings he knows wouldn’t dare to object. On his own merits, he’d never have been heard of. Fucking scum.

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