Brian Stelter: “Journalism” Could Become a Black Hole In Afghanistan

What will happen to “journalists” in Afghanistan?

Who will tell us the truth and keep us informed about what is happening there?

Note: The “journalists” ignored Afghanistan right up until the moment that it became clear that we would actually be leaving. They assumed that the military-industrial complex would get its way as usual with Joe Biden and that we would never leave.

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  1. Who cares what Afghanistan’s story is? It’s all bad first because of the now defunct USSR’s meddling in Afghanistan then the U.S. Government’s meddling there. Mr. Potato Head and his Afghan girlfriend, Miss Argon are preaching to the choir, their own choir of fools. The vast majority of people in the U.S. want to wash our hands of the whole filthy mess and be done with Afghanistan and all the other Third World shitholes like it.

    Prediction: Miss Argon from TOLO news will end up in Washington with a lucrative spot at some horrible “think tank” like The Brookings Institution. From that lofty perch she will castigate the horrible White supremacists who “abandoned” her country. She will figure out the mighty grift that is the life blood of Washington and play it like a fiddle.

    The grift will not end until the dollar dies, a crisis the regime in Washington will not recover from. Until then it’s bidness as usual for these scumbags. The economy will be pushing aside the Afghanistan story shortly as the financial system and economy come under tremendous stress from raging inflation that will focus people’s attention where it should be, at home.

    That is what will probably save the miserable Republicans next year during the mid-term elections, raging inflation. Dementia Joe and his party will get the blame and rightly so too although the portion of the blame the Republicans also deserve will be forgotten about. Once again, in spite of themselves the Republicans will profit off of Democrat failure not any virtue the Republicans have.

  2. The best thing that anyone can do is to see Afghanistan in its proper context. Ignore what the main stream media wants you to believe and see the truth about it. Also see the truth about 9-11. Those who see the truth about 9-11 are certainly not going to be deceived about the Afghanistan B.S. being shown on the Jewish main stream media today. Open your eyes

  3. Our political leadership in the US reminds me of a bunch of spoiled rich kids who have a death wish to die on some exotic mountain halfway around the world.

  4. I walked down the sidewalk on a typically hot Texas summer day. We all know the sidewalk is intersected by a street every block in your average neighborhood, and this was your average neighborhood. Average for many reasons, including for the fact many blacks live here in peace, including the one who was riding down the sidewalk on his bike. Now I was walking in his direction and he was riding in my direction on the sidewalk, and we were separated only by the street which interposed perpendicularly between us.

    In the street a car was idling at the stop sign. I saw the driver was staring down at her phone, probably pulling up directions. It occurred to me that she might be so preoccupied with her directions that she might start pulling out into the intersection before looking up again. So
    I crossed with a wide berth behind her vehicle.

    Now the black rider saw something different. Instead of seeing the driver, he saw me. He saw me going out of my way to avoid something. He thought that something was him. Of course I mind my business when out, so he initiated contact by yelling “Yeah! Go all the way around the black man!”

    As he said this he rode into street at the same time the car pulled out, just as I had feared would happen. I yelled back “look out!” but it was too late. The driver pulled out and tossed the rider from his bike.

    He struck his head on the pavement and it opened a fountain through the freakishly large gash. I rushed to his side and tore off every article of clothing decency could allow to cushion, comfort, and stanch the rush of blood. As we waited for the ambulance, he told me something I’ll never forget.

    “All my life I have looked for white racism everywhere I have gone. Now that today has come, my life will end because of it. I regret that I looked for racism instead of the threat which was really confronting me. Don’t let my death be a waste too. Tell my people that the lies we tell our children are killing us. Tell them Black Lies Matter.”

    That boy died out there on the street that day. While he may be gone, the lesson isn’t.

    Seeing white racism where it doesn’t exist is not just innocent fun, it has deadly consequences.

    • @leaf – Your story reads like click-bait for Neo-Con boomers. It also reads like total fiction.

    • @ georgeredleaf, wow, what a story, thank you for sharing that with us, sounds just like the olde fable, ” the boy who cried wolf”…….so many of them, cut their own nose, too spite their face…….

  5. That female Afghan “journalist” is probably a CIA or MI-6 trained spy. I hope the Talibros are offering a big reward for her capture and return!

    Who will tell Afghanistan’s story from now on? It sure as hell won’t be the lying jew serpents at CNN!

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