Mitch McConnell: Afghanistan Isn’t An Endless War

As we approach the 2022 midterms, Mitch McConnell was on FOX News Sunday this morning to discuss the GOP policy on Afghanistan which is supporting imperialism and endless war.

George W. Bush’s policy was working in Afghanistan. It wasn’t an endless war. Everything was under control. Terrorism was under control in Afghanistan in spite of emergence of new terrorist groups like ISIS-K during the occupation. Staying in Afghanistan and breaking the peace deal with the Taliban WOULD NOT have plunged American troops into the middle of civil war in Afghanistan.

Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Kevin McCarthy, Dan Crenshaw, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton and Ben Sasse have all made the rounds on cable television to make the conservative case for an endless occupation of Afghanistan. The end of the war in Afghanistan is worse than the end of the Vietnam War. They’ve chosen to make that the defining issue of the 2022 midterms.

Note: As we have said all year, these old conservative politicians were going to find some way to blow it. They’ve finally found the issue that will sink their plans to retake Congress.

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    • @georgeredleaf- Goog grief! Your post reminds me of the time I was required to read “The Color Purple”, and other works by that odious untalented Alice Walker. What a bloody tortuous slog, reading through that gibberish manifested illiteracy!!

  2. Even Tucker Carlson is using Neocon messaging on his show regarding the Afghanistan situation

    It’s mindless partisanship

    • “Even Tucker Carlson is using Neocon messaging”:

      EVEN? Of COURSE Carlson uses Neocon messaging. He usually does it in a less obvious way – like he uses very subtle Anti-vaxx messaging (although he’s vaccinated himself and so are Ingraham and Hannity) to play to his Republican, Trumpist, QAnonist, and My-Pillow-buying Fox News target audience. I say don’t give ANY views to Fox News, or to the four or five other news corporations that monopolize media in the U.S.

    • Republicans always default to imperialism when it actually matters, just like they always default to libertarian economics when it actually matters.

      Guys like Tucker will talk like anti-imperialists and populists when nothing is at stake, but as soon as it comes time to do something, they will go back to the standard Republican line every time. Tucker did this with the stimulus checks, too. He was talking about UBI and so on, but when covid hit and it mattered he flipped back to “small government” mode.

  3. Take a look at a map of Iran and surrounding countries with US bases on it, and you will understand why Republicans and the Jewish controlled media are so obessed with Afganistan. With the US occupation of Afganistan they had Iran surrounded. Israel wants America to destroy Iran for them, Afganistan is part of that plan.

  4. Puppet mouth McConnell should be confined to an asylum for the criminally insane with Bush Jr, the Clintons, Obama,Trump, and all the others who push ((((neoconservatism))) policies both domestic and foreign.

  5. Didn’t take long for the new “party of the working class” to return to the Bush era platform (now with even more trannies and homos!).

  6. These evil, old, sclerotic bastards, both Republicans and democrats need to go away but especially the traitorous Republicans.

  7. It wouldn’t matter how smoothly the withdrawal played out or how good the timing, these warlords would have bitched about it anyway. NOTHING would have pleased them. They just want to stay forever…… your expense.
    Fight them in Afghanistan to keep America safe? No…………stay in America to keep America safe.
    While your taxes go towards these follies……. endlessly………these warmongers remain multimillionaires totally uneffected financially.

  8. I am reminded of the much-maligned and ridiculed British Labour Party MP Michael Foot (“the worst Labour Party leader Britain ever had”) , a real leftist, who fought against arch-capitalist Margaret Thatcher, Edward Heath, Common Market involvement, colonialism and WAR. One of his statements on war: “Even the victor in a just cause is susceptible to the passions which war arouses. Every inhuman feeling is at once exacerbated. Truth, decency, morality, justice are the first casualties in any war. The accumulated effect makes a just settlement impossible. The pacifist treasures justice, liberty; but he believes that they can only be lastingly secured by peaceable means and that the use of force will only contaminate them. Armaments themselves provide an independent cause of war owing to the suspicion and fear which they breed. Unilateral disarmament offers the only way to escape once the policy of collateral disarmament has failed.“

    He said “I am a socialist because socialism is the system that provides the maximum of freedom for all.” Real socialism is peaceful and national, looks inward, serving the people
    (it is truly of, by and for the people) and does not invade, destroy and exploit the rest of the world:

    “Socialism with its ideal of the national control of consumption and production, its substitution of national barter for the processes of foreign trade (…) looks inwards rather than outwards and sets up a national economy, which every true protectionist should envy.”

  9. Interesting piece in LandDestroyer blog yesterday, discussing China’s REAL reconstruction work in Afghanistan versus the U.S.’s fake reconstruction:

    “A Global Times piece titled, ‘China to offer ‘genuine’ aid in Afghanistan’s economic reconstruction amid chaotic transition’ (…) infers that the US – despite occupying Afghanistan for two decades – never genuinely sought to build up the nation (…) China’s plans for Afghanistan (which include projects already completed or underway) involve highways, factories, rail lines, and other essential infrastructure projects….

    Over the last 20 years (…) US ‘reconstruction’ funding went to building up Afghanistan’s police and military, or to corrupt contractors who worked on minor infrastructure projects with little or no concern about their outcome once the projects were completed, if they were even completed. Mention of actual infrastructure projects in SIGAR reports is sparse with a focus instead placed on keeping locals dependent on USAID handouts rather than creating any sort of sustainable economic self-sufficiency”:

    I had forgotten about the Baluchistan project: “At one point between 2011 and 2012 the US was even eagerly promoting armed separatism in Pakistan’s western Baluchistan province with retired United States Army lieutenant colonel Ralph Peters and otheres testifying before the US Congress about the possibility of giving American troops occupying Afghanistan access to the Arabian Sea by creating a US-friendly client regime in a hypothetically independent Baluchistan. A client regime controlling an independent Baluchistan, bordering Afghanistan, would mean Gwadar Port – instead of serving as the terminal destination of CPEC for China and Pakistan – would be transformed into a logistical hub for US military operations (overt and covert) across Eurasia.” Ibid.

  10. Must-read exclusive by Al Jazeera on the people who were killed by Terrorist-in-chief Biden’s drone strike (unquestionably an international war crime, although the U.S. controls the international law court) and whose good reputations were viciously slandered by the U.S. government and Western mainstream media: Excerpt: “Neighbours speaking to Al Jazeera said the house, where little boys and girls had been playing a few minutes prior, turned into a ‘horror scene.’ They described human flesh stuck to the walls. Bones fallen into the bushes. Walls stained red with blood. Shattered glass everywhere. Talking about one of the younger boys, Farzad, a neighbour said: ‘We only found his legs.’ By early Monday morning, Zemarai’s home was crowded with family, neighbours and concerned friends who had come to see the burned cars, the plastic children’s toys bent out of shape by the impact of the blast and the little girl’s slippers that were left in one of the downstairs rooms (…) Enraged neighbours said the family should have their names cleared and that a real investigation should take place.”

    I expect much more of this.

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