CNN: Mitt Romney Pushes Back On Endless War Debate

It takes “two sides to end a war,” Jake.

As we approach the 2022 midterms, the GOP is making it clear that their side wants to resume the war with the Taliban, reinvade Afghanistan, retake Bagram Air Force Base and resettle hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees in the United States. Presumably, the GOP wants to create a new puppet government and a new fake Afghan army and repeat the experiment of the last 20 years all over again. Joe Biden and the Democrats support ending the war in Afghanistan.

Note: Isn’t this a beautiful illustration of the disconnect between Republican politicians and Republican voters and the tendency of the former to embrace and cling to wildly unpopular establishment policy positions? There are plenty of Republican voters who are thrilled that we are out of Afghanistan.

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  1. Likud, I mean the GOP, has revealed itself as far more monstrous than today’s Democrat Party. No small feat! They aren’t going to just breathe oxygen. Just listen to them!

    So I’ve changed my mind. I’ll be voting straight Democrat during the midterms. Foreign policy realism is a much higher priority than rolling back wokeness. The GOP damages us at a generational if not biblical scale when we look at treasure and lives lost. War, health care, offshoring, outsourcing — Reaganism offers us nothing but pain and suffering. At least the Democrats occasionally deliver on something for their voters.

    • @Some Dude – Many in the Democrat power structure want the same thing the republicans want on Afghanistan — to go back in. No real differences in foreign policy positions, overall, between the two parties. Both are ZOG.

  2. Republicucks politicians, and the Demonrats … 40+ years later and just a bad imitation of the Soviet Politburo in the late 1980’s. What we as dissidents need is to prepare for is the collapse and breakup of the Jew$A, and what political entities arise from its corpse. The utah mormons are welcome to keep Bombney.

  3. Mitt Romney only came out of retirement and grabbed that Senate seat due to jealousy and resentment of Trump. Nothing he says can be trusted.

    These weak, White Republicans do the same thing all the time. They encourage mass migration and are average at best on illegals. The states they represent consistently change demographically but they don’t care because people like Romney will be retired, too old to care or deceased by the time the state flips Democrat.

    The do nothing Republicans who once ran California and now can’t win dog catcher there are a prime example. Sure, the state went Mexican and Asian. Throw in Jews and blacks and it’s Democrat forever right down to its destruction. It’s what most of them do and vote for. Just a fact. Comically, black conservative Larry Elder is called a White Supremacist. Lol.

    There is no hope. Just the way most of these people like it. Diversity and mostly Jews running the media is the key to Democrats forever. People like Romney and Graham and the Bush clan help them get there with a happy Republican grin.

  4. No conservative thinks a twenty year war should go, that these ridiculous occupations should be entitled to endless funding, or some other clueless kids should be hurt or killed. These people aren’t conservative, they are war mongers that have taken over the Republican party, and the only reason people vote for them is the Democrats have been so extreme about civil rights,(blacks), and pushing insane social views like homosexual marriage, or trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

    • Most conservatives are left of center now. They are pro-amnesty, pro-immigration, anti-white, and promote race mixing and adoptions in their own families. They probably don’t even know their ancestral makeup, or even care to.

  5. I used to wonder why no one could stop illegals from coming in. Now I know they (both parties) are bringing them in.

    • @Pilot – Yes; and when we had a large White majority, both parties felt pressured to lie that they were opposed to illegal immigration. It would have led to a much less clueless population if the political class had been honest with us, back before White people lost the willpower to do anything about their own destruction.

  6. There’s your typical ‘Conservative’ right there folks. All they really conserve nowadays are endless wars.
    In the space of about a minute, he said he wants to both keep America safe, and also flood it with future terrorists, gangsters and welfare recipients.
    Yeah……… that’ll help us stay safe.
    All that troops ever really achieve these days is generating more refugees for the West…….and get killed or disfigured in the process.
    I’m just beyond discusted.

  7. The Republicans are far, far worse than the Democrats, who are atrocious. The Democrats are like an enemy army; they fly their own flag, have their own uniforms and patches and let the whole world know what scumbags and lunatics they are.

    The Republicans are always, always traitors. The Republicans are worse than the Democrats because they fly our flag, wear our uniforms and patches and make the hapless and hopeless “conservatives” believe in their cause.

    The Democrats support their own always, right down the line, through victory and the occasional defeat, never giving up. The Democrat Party and Democrat voter are on the same page, their disputes are more about tactics and pacing than anything else. There are no fundamental objections within the “Coalition of the Fringes” (H/T Steve Sailer) to pursuing the long term goal of White destruction, it’s their unifying principle.

    The Republicans always claim to be the Party conserving the U.S., rejecting the lunatic and destructive policies of the Democrats and implicitly (never explicitly) representing White interests.

    As soon as the opportunity presents itself the Republicans betray their White voters for the mythical hispanic/black vote, money and ephemeral promises of “reaching across the aisle” and “bipartisanship” in the looting and destruction of White America. The Republicans are the Party always chasing that thirty pieces of silver but they never have Judas’ remorse and fling the money into the temple then hang themselves from a tree.

    There is no more political salvation in the Republican Party than there is eternal salvation with Judas’ kind.

  8. @ On the contrary, ” some dude ” a southern nationalist, who voted for either of those two parties, really needs too find more productive use of his time.

    • @ Any southern nationalist, who desires death by a thousand cuts, vote for the party of and J.brown , the”republic sucks”party, Black republicanism as practised by and mr.brown murdered our righteous republic, now on the other hand, any southern nationalist who feels inclined to vote for the democratic party, after you have done so, don’t forget too give satan a lap dance, like “Lil Nas’ did, might as well, your on the same page as your brother “Nas'”, neither party is relevant, or quite frankly, good enough……

  9. > find more productive use of his time

    You’re right! I’ve been in denial about it — white populism just isn’t in the cards. It isn’t fair to others to stick around and blackpill about the Republicans. peace

  10. I had a 15 year close friendship with a cousin of Mitt Romney, with the Romney last name. Like Mitt Romney my friend was LDS Church of Latter Day Saints – very nice guy.

    I tried to bite my tongue, but Mitt Romneys stupid comments about “The Russians being our #1 enemy” (those were the worst of Mitt’s Neo Conservative Jewish foreign police expert Max Boot) and Romney’s leading role of being the #1 RINO, voting to impeach President Trump Twice of the ridiculous Russian collusion hoax (another Jew Lib Neo Con program) and for Mitt Romney taking the knee to “submit” to BLM martyr hard drug dealer, death by his own opioids and meth drugs George Floyd – that was just too much.

    I gave my Romney friend that this Mitt Romney was the worst RINO, a literal Cuckservative that would allow his wife to be gang raped by Black thugs like George Floyd just to virtue signal that

    “They’re not Racist”.

    And of course Romney wants to reinvade Afghanistan and occupy the place… forever.

    And of course Mitt Romney and pretty much all Cuck LDS Latter Saints pols want to bring in the entire populations of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Nigerian, Central America and maybe convert them to their formerly all White LDS Church. Is this in the Book of Mormon? I didn’t see it. More like these LDS Cucks want to Virtue Signal that:

    “See we’re not White Racists anymore. We hate White Racists. So let us in to Harvard and Yale and let us get on CNN, MSNBC.”

    Don’t ever try to use reason with these types.

    What’s needed is to pelt them with rotted vegetables, water balloons filled with piss, bong water, tabacoo spit. Don’t have gun fantasies, nobody on our side will ever take a shot at Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake, that 95 years young LDS Prophet who’s never had a beer or a hot cup of caffein coffee, but he’s OK with BLM hard heroin and meth drug dealers like George Floyd.

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