Live Thread: Hurricane Ida

Here we go.

Ida is coming through well to the west of where Katrina hit.

Note: The usual suspects are already screaming about climate change. In the eyes of “journalists,” every weather pattern no matter how typical is the result of climate change.

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  1. I care not if it destroys New Orleans as I hate that city and it is humid as Hell there. Heat, mosquitoes, and Negroes are not a good combination. There hasn’t been a French person in the French Quater in over 100 years! I do care about Gulfport and Bolixi as I vacation there frequently and all the charming Gulf coastal towns that most be do not know about. Ocean Springs (voted one of the best places to live in the U.S.) Long Beach, Pass Christian, Bay Saint Louis. I know and love all those towns!

    • Remember in 2005 when they showed countless helicopter shots of blacks living in shotgun houses who had retreated from the waters to the tiny attics of said houses and then got trapped there and had to have white men come and saw holes in the roof to rescue these land whales? You’re not fit to have a brain if you see floods coming and say “oh, ah jus’ go to da attic so ma feets ain’t get wet. Da water ain’t nevah get dat high cuz it ain’t nevah did befo’.” What they should have done, needless to say, is to get out of the house and on to the roof, to make it much easier for the hard-working white men to save their retarded useless fat asses.

  2. Everybody that lives in Nowheresville, USA has to pay higher insurance rates so that people can live within 100 miles of the Florida, Gulf and Mid-Atlantic coasts which have always been low-lying sea-level swamps. Uncle Sam will cough up 100s of Billions to “fix” what is a folly of man – trying to hold back the sea.

  3. Fauci has already brought Ida around to COVID too. Heaven forbid people worry about something else for a minute or two.

  4. With all the popular books about the British navy and the Caribbean, with Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey, you’d figure there would be one book where the authors would use hurricanes to their advantage. Like, that surgeon guy could pull a Ben Franklin and tell Aubrey to take his squadron out to sea because the sky looked wrong. They could ride out the storm and right after the eye passed they could swoop down on the French island nearby, capture it, and look good because they also provided humanitarian aid to slave women and their babies. This seems so obvious that maybe they did write one and I forgot.

  5. “Everybody that lives in Nowheresville, USA has to pay higher insurance rates so that people can live within 100 miles of the Florida, Gulf and Mid-Atlantic coasts which have always been low-lying sea-level swamps.”

    That seems like a valid critique until you think about aquaculture. No one in the world wants to be without fish in their diet. Dumb beach entertainment aside, someone has to live in those swamps, to run that crucial industry, which requires a decent amount of employees who have to live near their job. There are no robot fishers, are there?

  6. Wait, the NO mayor is named “LaToya Cantrell”? I bet that’s a joke, but not that funny. The mayor of my city is officially titled “KWAME, The Seeker, The Only True One.” I learned that when he left his keys and gun at a urinal in the one bar in my city’s downtown that still exists. He had that title laminated on the fob.

  7. The real question that we all want to know is whether or not Brad’s rural potatoe internet will hold out so we can get our jimmies rustled timely.

    The rural internet in my area blows up if we get any wind at all, let alone the worst hurricane in history or whatever.

    Thoughts and prayers for Alabama internet.

  8. It did not live up to the hype here is southern Arkansas. Yesterday we had dark overcast skies, the temp dropped from the high ninties to the high seventies, light ran all day and night and slight winds. Today it is bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky and back up to the ninties

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