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  1. Dan, how did a bunch of Muslims with box cutters take down building 7, can you answer me you fxcking one eyed retard?

    • The planes were on autopilot. We are supposed to believe that a 757 scored a direct hit at full speed on the budget office 1 week after Rumsfeld announced $20+ Trillion in unaccounted funds. I’m no 9/11 expert. Were there verified passengers on the Pentagon hit? I believe the other planes had real passengers but the near impossibility of a rookie pilot scoring a direct hit makes me think there was something to the missile theory. Ground effects seem to make a plane unlikely. The FBI will fabricate anything.

    • Well they did…the 9/11 conspiracy theories are all insane and have been shot to pieces in many internet and YouTube debates over twenty years……

      Where is Barbara Olson’s body…in deep freeze on the Bush Keneebunkport estate in Maine?

      9/11 trutherism is a delusional cult…

      The muzzles did 9/11 as well as Feb 19993….White stupidity allowed it to happen…

      • One word, Paddy. BULLSH*T. 9/11 was done by jews, for jews, and only Jews benefitted from the entire charade..

        And anyone who doesn’t think that, is an ass.

        • No I don’t believe that…Neocon Jews just took advantage of Native White Stupidty…

          Now I do believe mossad was tracking the 9/11 terrorists…and this the obvious conclusion to draw about the Dancing Israeli Art students…but you can’t scale this up into a nutty 9/11 Conspiracy theory…like crazy Paul Craig Roberts does….The Neocon Jews were given a gift…and that gift was jock sniffing White Male Stupidity and cucked faggotry…There is no way to be nice about this…..20 years..plenty of time to shut down Muslim Immigration…

          White Male “Manhood” in 2021 has been reduced to tiny Nicole Gee…USMC SEARGENT….blown to chuck ground pieces in Afghanistan protecting 6’6” Trevor Lawrence’s freedom….Trevor Lawrence the Clemson U BLACK LIVES MATTER SUPPORTER making a 100 grand a year plus endorsements…..

          Now you know why 9/11 happened…White Male cucked faggotry…

      • Agree 100% Patrick. I am sick to death of conspiracy theories that the Racialist Right seem to love. Just for the record: The Earth is round, Man did indeed land on the moon, random shootings do happen, they are not false flags operations by the CIA or FBI using “crisis actors”, AIDS was not created by the CIA is a goverment lab… Hitler is indeed dead and did not escape to South America on a U-boat.I could go on and on.

        • “Conspiracy theory” is a propaganda term to silence reasonable inquiry into events. Conspiracies happen all the time. If you don’t believe that, then you must believe that our rulers are the most honorable of people who would never plot anything in secret. One example was FDR conspiring with British intelligence to get us into WW2, all the while telling Americans that he was for peace and against intervention.

          As for 9-11, there are legitimate reasons to question the official conspiracy theory that a bunch of young Arabs, all by themselves, conspired to bring about everything that happened that day. Are we to believe that some fires could cause a fifty-story structure (building 7) to collapse in free-fall neatly into its foundation? More than 1000 engineers and architects have stated that this would defy all known laws of physics.

          Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that this building was wired in advance for demolition. Obviously the persons or persons who did this knew the attack was coming and had something to gain from it. Who were they and what was their motive? It’s not unreasonable to ask.

          • The young muzzles did it by themselves because of the stupidity of Native White Males…therefore, young muzzles pulling off 9/11 is not as hard as you think..

            Remember the legendary SKYKING…0 flying training…just by watching how trained pilots operated the aircraft he later highjacked…he displayed amazing flying manouvers…..

            The 9/11 scientific experts are crackpots who overwhelmingly publish in scientific vanity journals where they quote their own research…..Go google scientific vanity journals…it’s an industry…..

          • Yes, all the thousand plus engineers and architects are “crackpots.” And no Establishment scientist is a crackpot. Take for example Dr. Fauci.

            Once again, how can a few fires evenly collapse a 50-story building into its foundation? When has that ever happened before?

  2. These no good bastards: the worthless Republicans, the Lügenpresse, the Deep State and all the other war mongers are weeping bitter tears over their war finally ending. They can barely restrain themselves from blaming the public which is sick and tired of their wars. The public is already forgetting Afghanistan, it’s now in the rear view mirror, the war mongers have to just let it go now.

    The public will forget all about Afghanistan now and move on to new troubles such as raging inflation which will impoverish many people. Economic troubles will get blamed, rightly or wrongly on Dementia Joe and may cost the Democrats the 2022 elections in spite of the Republicans doing everything they can to lose in 2022. No one but the scumbags in Washington and NYC care about Afghanistan anymore.

  3. We should have been in Afghanistan for 2 or 3 years, killed a bunch of Talibaners, declared victory and then GTFO. After that we could have spread a few Billion around in bribes to the mullahs and then we’d own those MFers. Instead we’re out probably $3T+ and the outcome is the same as the scenario I mentioned.

    • Why kill the Taliban…?…The Taliban are the good guys killing US TAX PAYER funded pederast warlords…

  4. Well, I think that all this weeping and gnashing of teeth for leaving the Taliban so well-equipped by Americans are a bunch of crocodile tears. All we have is their word that all this equipment was left in Afghanistan. All I know is that according to the average American grunt in the field over there, inventory would show that twelve trucks would be shipped to one destination while only two would arrive, necessitating the need to order more trucks.

    They also said have made payroll for several Afghani workers who now claim they never received it. So, on paper, we all all these well-equipped Afghani troops who, for some mysterious reason, gave up the fight as soon as the Taliban barreled in.

    Now you can say that ten tanks were probably sold on the black market to another country and shipped elsewhere, but what if all this equipment left behind that these jokers are yelping about only exists on paper?

    I think the Afghanistan War was abruptly wound down because John Q. Public, American was noticing that occupation only made things worse and wanted to audit the DOD and other military contractors to make sure that the expenditures went where they claimed it did. Especially since September 11 would mark the twenty year anniversary of the USA’s reason to invade Afghanistan and God only knows the need for this, to also invade Iraq.

    And I think that the Military Industrial Complex were so annoyed when none of their cajoling to stay worked for them with the Biden administration that they were determined to sabotage the withdrawal as much as possible. So, they advised closing down the bigger, saferairport while having the military to continue to guard the American embassy and quietly help anyone who wanted to, to escape from Afghanistan.

  5. What’s under the eyepatch, Dan, you traitor? I hope I have the opportunity to rip it off myself. It’s a con.

  6. We need to make America more safe……….by keeping the refugees OUT!
    Apparently, the one eyed one is happy to see more young troops lose eyes, limbs or their lives.
    How does having Afghans in charge of Afghanistan make America ‘less safe’ if you make the border authorities do their job? That would remove the problem.
    The disappointing thing is, this nonsense is coming from someone who really ought to know better.

  7. The US military is so corrupt that it left all the service dogs behind in crates in Kabul, even though lots of planes left nearly empty.

    • I would rather take the dogs out of Afghanistan than the ‘refugees’ even if it were 200,000 dogs rather than 200,000 Afghan ‘refugees’ i.e. tomorrow’s terrorists. The worst the dogs would do is bark at night, root through trash and steal food. At least they would be grateful for any help they got.

  8. Republitards demonstrating partisan stupidity — what else is new?

    [Has there ever been a more hysterical country? Hey Americans, in huge portions of your most famous cities you can’t walk around after dark, for twenty years you’ve been killing and going bankrupt over the theoretical possibility someone at the end of the earth might harm you.]

  9. Dan Crenshaw:”‘I had so much anal sex with my very good friend Lindsay Graham…that my fucking eyeball popped out…gd!!!!…talk about wounded in action…”

  10. Now, what will happen to the Heroin industry? “There is a multi-multi-billion, perhaps up to a trillion-dollar heroin trade at stake, for the US and for the US and European pharma-industry – the huge and deadly opioid-market. As reported by Michel Chossudovsky on 21 August 2021, ‘One of the key strategic objectives of the 2001 war on Afghanistan was to restore the opium trade following the Taliban government’s successful 2000-2001 drug eradication program which led to a 94% collapse in opium production. This program was supported by the United Nations (…) In the course of the last 19 years following the US-NATO October 2001 invasion, there has been a surge in Afghan opium production. In turn the number of heroin addicts in the US has increased dramatically. Is there a relationship? There were 189,000 heroin users in the US in 2001, before the US-NATO invasion of Afghanistan. By 2016 that number went up to 4,500,000 (2.5 million heroin addicts and 2 million casual users). In 2020, at the height of the covid crisis, deaths from opioids and drug addiction increased threefold. It’s Big Money for Big Pharma”: https://thesaker.is/kabul-is-not-saigon-afghanistan-drug-trade-and-belt-and-road/

    It is expected that cartel-controlled narco regions of Mexico will be growing a lot more poppies, with U.S. protection.

  11. On the Cradle.co blog today, some good news about Yemen: “Yemen’s armed forces close in on the strategic city of Marib.” The U.S.’s (and Israel’s) Saudi-UAE coalition is being hit with major losses: https://thecradle.co/Article/News/1529

    If the poor Afghan people’s very long but ultimately successful resistance to the wealthiest Empire in world history is amazing, the resistance against it of the even poorer and smaller Yemen is even more amazing.

  12. Moon of Alabama says: “The U.S. Has A Plan For What’s Next in Afghanistan – It Does Not Include Peace (…) Secretary of State Antony Blinken @SecBlinken – 1:34 UTC · Aug 31, 2021: ‘
    I want to drive home today that America’s work in Afghanistan continues. We have a plan for what’s next, and we’re putting it into action.’ The codename for the plan which Secretary Blinken is putting into action has not been officially released. It will likely be called ‘Eternal Revenge’ or something similar…

    The U.S. has already blocked Afghanistan’s Central Bank reserves, has stopped any budgeted payments to Afghanistan and ordered the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to block their Afghanistan programs. This will paralyze all functions of the Afghan state. The World Bank is for example currently responsible for paying Afghan teachers and medical personnel. Afghanistan is experiencing a drought and will need to import large amounts of food. With its foreign assets blocked it has no way to do that (…) Afghanistan will experience a human catastrophe should the U.S. continue its economic blockade.” Ibid

    Who says the war is over? It is not over, just beginning a new phase.

  13. Dan Cringeshaw is playing Billy Joels old hit “we didn’t start the fire” it seems but in ol republican fashion of turning losing for zog into a spectators sport

  14. As has been mentioned if the Taliban curtail drugs the Mexican cartels will take over production increasing their influence. The report below says they already control 20% of Mexico. The ruling party the PRI has long been considered to have a cozy relationship with the Cartels.


    The State of Durango where most of my family is from is considered so dangerous that the US government issued the following warning—

    The U.S. State Department recommends not to travel to the state of Durango because of cartel violence. Travelers here should exercise extreme caution. Durango’s traffic on highways may be very aggressive. And definitely travelers should avoid casinos as they are treated as especially dangerous. Nov 18, 2019

    U.S. government employees must adhere to the following travel restrictions: West and south of Federal Highway 45: U.S. government employees may not travel to this region of Durango. Jul 12, 2021

    For what it is worth I have always considered my family reasonably safe. Just the usual precautions. The Cartels usually leave the average Mexican alone. 97-99% of the killings of the cartels are other cartel members, police, or soldiers according to several reports I read last year.

    • From what I understand, most of the opium that is produced in Afghanistan goes elsewhere. The vast majority of the opium that comes to this country is produced in Mexico and Central America

      • Mr. Wallace,

        That is also my understanding. The Cartels get most of their firearms from the USA. They get their rockets, grenade launchers from other sources such as armories in Central America and Mexico. Your firearms kill Mexicans and the Cartels kill Americans with the drugs. I think Eastern Europe is a source of some weapons as well.

        Nothing I just wrote is an attack on the American Right To Keep and Bear Arms for that is your affair. Mexico also in theory has such a right but it is more restrictive.

        When a party other than the PRI took brief control of Mexico a few years ago there was a crackdown with police state tactics. The accomplishment? More violence with local cartels killing more people than when the Cartels had concentrated authority. Now the Cartels are back in force.

        As long as there is a demand for drugs in the USA then Mexico will provide those drugs. Or someone else will.

        The solution? It is a moral problem and a social/economic one. As long as most of the drug use is exported and the Cartels provide jobs for many Mexicans the problem will continue. Unless Mexican Federales decide to kill thousands of Cartel members by a declaration of War and use the Army it will be business as usual. Providing a decent living for some of those working for the Cartels would help.

        I am no expert on the subject but I think most Mexicans would agree with my subjective analysis of the problem.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            On another topic while studying Russian language it was mentioned that Russia officially lists the Taliban as a terrorist organization. I am not as pro-Russian as white nationalists and I currently do not believe that the Taliban is a terrorist organization. Rather I think the forces that invaded Afghanistan are the real terrorists.

            As for your comment above yes it is obviously true.

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