President Blumpf Calls For Reinvading Afghanistan

The Taliban inherited most of this equipment from the fake puppet government and its fake army which was a glorified make work jobs program which collapsed in two weeks. The equipment was left behind because the puppet government wasn’t supposed to collapse.

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  1. I live in rural central Utah, and all the local Whites have still got their 2020 Drumpf signs and banners up. Despite being pissed on for 4 years by the orange baboon….if he grabs the Republiscam nomination again they’ll vote for him yet again.

    the only cure for this level of White stupidity is death.

    • @Haxo – I live in what was definitely Trump country, small town in the heartland. The Trump flags and signs here all went down on January 7th, the day after the betrayal of January 6.

  2. Thankfully Trump is no longer relevant. A loud-mouthed buffoon who accomplished absolutely nothing as “president”.

  3. The guy learned nothing from being President for four years. Unfuckingbelieveable. Does this idiot really think even his supporters want to invade Afghanistan because the withdrawal was mishandled and the Taliban have billion$ in new weapons courtesy of the U.S. Government?

    The war is over now, let it go, move on, there will be plenty of new troubles ahead.

  4. With his first election, he got $100 million in campaign money from Sheldon Adelson. Had to have a big price tag attached.

  5. The equipment will become old, worn out and superceded by newer stuff over time. Like your average Cubans 50’s Ford or Chevy, these tanks and artillery will fall behind and be outdated soon enough.
    The Taliban has this stuff, but doesn’t manufacture it………and you can be sure America won’t be supplying new equipment when required.

  6. The equipment is overblown, they are going to need maintenance and parts which they will not be able to get. Maybe they can keep a Humvee running, but aviation equipment will quickly break down and even with the parts they would need the expertise to build it. It was a very ugly, bumbled, exit thanks to senile old Joe. But we managed to get out of that hornets nest with only a few stings, no point in going back in.

    • They will have plenty of money and alternative clients/suppliers. I think that the abandoned gear won’t be used much anyway. A Hilux is better for most tasks and they may switch back to ak47s. The point is there’s lots on injured pride in the US forces. That’s were the war will be.

  7. >But he’s so incredibly stupid they don’t need to try.

    Fact check: true — but I have just as much contempt, if not more, for his Trumptard supporters and sycophants.

    >$85 billion

    Estimated nominal annual GDP of Afghanistan is approx $20 billion.

    • Those people want to live the lie. They think Trump was on their side, after all, he said he was…it was the Make America Great Again that convinced them.

      It must be easy to be a used car salesman.

  8. Here is is the end of August and die hard Trump supporters assured us Biden would be deposed and Trump would be in the White House by August. They better hurry. They have only today left to meet that deadline!

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