Taliban Gives Free Helicopter Rides To Traitors

Oh no …

ZOG has been humiliated.

This is so terrible. We must go back now and fight to defend its honor. We have to fight them over there for a regime that despises us to bring them over here.

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  1. Did the Talibros get the idea of giving free helicopter rides to traitors from watching Scarface or from the General Pepe Pinochet internet meme? Either way they are friggin’ BASED.

    • @Powell scary but true although I dont think your average Latinx and African will be able to figure out the physics of flight or the controls

    • @ powell, nothing that the ghouls that war against us, would do, would I find surprising, but I really hope, our side, we regulate our own behavior, in war and peace, torture is creepy, death dramatics is even creepier, I would suggest to the taliban, for optics sake and image issues, they should liquidate their prisoners, if that’s their program, with the covid vaccine and in the process, they might make themselves, some friends in very high places, if they haven’t already……….just a thought.

  2. Are we absolutely sure that is a hanging? For all we know that could be Tom Cruise doing a stunt for ‘Mission Impossible 9 – Back to Afghanistan’.

    • It’s not a hanging – it’s a guy dangling from a Fast Line – soldiers hang off of them in order to be inserted/extracted from engagements – they’re used when there is rough terrain/urban areas/etc – basically when there is no LZ. This is Fake News from our Lügenpresse.

      • I don’t think that was Tom Cruise in the next Mission: Impossible movie because isn’t Tom Cruise supposed to smash into the building head first?

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