Poll: Most Americans Support Afghanistan Withdrawal

I would like to see these numbers a year from now.

Staying in Afghanistan is a losing argument now at the height on the media onslaught and in the wake of the worst optics of the withdrawal.

Pew Research Center:

Note: MAGA now supports occupying Afghanistan forever to own the libs.

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  1. MAGA never meant anything except for glorifying Trump.

    If Trump had done the Afghanistan pull out (not that he would have the balls in a million years) and gave the same exact speech that Biden did, the MAGApedes would be saying it was the greatest speech of all time and that Trump is a 5D chess genius.

  2. When a presidential candidate promises to do something, he must do it in his FIRST term, not delay it it, then claim he may do it if he’s re elected for a second term. If he doesn’t do it in his first term, then he lied and deceived you.
    Trump had no integrity or principles. He drew negative attention to our side……… without ever achieving a single thing on its behalf.

  3. This is the professional veterans, we must honor the sacrifice made by our brave solders in protecting us, by getting more people killed. These crazoids have made a mockery of patriotism.

    There’s never any limit to the guys they’re willing to get hurt or killed, or money wasted, all for some dumb ass damn country most of us don’t even care about.

  4. That’s an over 15% drop in support for leaving. What I am seeing online and in real life is the interventionist mask dropping off of some Trump supporters, including several who are race realist and critical of Jews.

    We need to celebrate right now and get our moral up. Afghanistan is a victory for us. We played a leading role in turning enough conservatives against the war for long enough to make a difference. We won this battle. That needs to be the message coming from alt-right content creators now. We did it.

  5. >Public backs Afghanistan troop pullout, give Biden low marks for handling situation

    Of course this is the only reasonable view of it — as I said: the getting out and how it was done are two different things.

    Many are making a big deal about the equipment ‘left behind’ — actually it’s probably true that most if not nearly all of it was meant to equip the Afghan army — the US spent a LOT of money trying to create an Afghan army to oppose the Taliban: recruiting, training, equipping — clearly all of that was a farce, from start to finish — a financial grift — and this must have long been obvious to many who were directly involved, including those in the US military overseeing it — yet it went on and on, year after year, costing who knows how many billions of dollars, as well as many lives, e.g. via suicide attacks by Afghans who feigned interest in joining the Afghan army, only to turn their weapons on Americans training them — this is the real scandal.

  6. I must admit, I’m rather disappointed that it’s ONLY 54%. Had you reported it as 90%, I would have believed it.
    The human race never fails to depress and bother me.

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