Breaking Points: Matt Taibbi Calls For Third Party To End Forever Wars

Now that the war in Afghanistan is over, there will be an insatiable push to start a new war somewhere else to keep the grift going. The American Empire will need to demonstrate its “credibility.”

Note: Media Matters of all places has a story on how the architects of the war and the people who ran the war are on cable television framing the coverage of the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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  1. We don’t need a CONTROLLED ‘Third’ Party. We need to Secede, and ban all Jews, Sodomites, Usurers, and N-words, and Moslems. ORION – Our Race Is Our Nation. Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.

    • Why Muslims? I don’t see Muslims going on and on about white supremacy the way the Irish do. Who made you the authority on what and who is good and no good? Moshiach?

      • Robert

        Are you not familiar with the Muslim sexual grooming scandals in North
        England ?

        Are you not familiar with the Muslim no go zones throughout Europe?

        Are you unfamiliar with the Muslim sack of Constantinople? The Battle of Algiers ?


        Seems like you re not paying attention there mate.

        • The Holy Irish Roman Catholic Biden is so loopy he forgets he was Vice President during 8 years of the Afghan war, and a US Senator during the 8 of the Afghan war before that. I don’t ever remember him speaking out during those 16 years!

          Does ISIS-K stand for ISIS-Kosher, ISIS-Katholic or ISIS-Kike?

          • Robert’s a donkey’s behind, who impugns the Celts every chance he gets, for no other reason than he can. He’s a fool, too boot. Who gave me the right to return to what the USA was founded as? History and the Christian religion, and not some god-damned ‘moshiach’ of the Accursed Juden. Jews and Israel (all Talmudics) have been disenfranchised from ANY consideration by the Almighty, for 2000 years. What’s your problem?

          • Krappy- as you damned know, neither Bergoglio nor Abortin’ Joe are true Catholics.
            You just like to bash anything that might call you to repentance and honesty…..

      • So Robert Browning you don’t want a White Christian nation anywhere?Why would we want the dumbass Mohammedans here?They always get along quite well with the Satanic Jews when opposing Whites.Don’t see them offing any Jews but they sure target White girls.Robert Browning you sound like a hasbara Jew because any normal White man wants a totally White Christian country.And any White that would convert to Islam is filth.

      • @Robert Browning – Muslims can, willl, and DO, use the “White Supremacy” meme when it becomes useful for them to do so.

  2. China is the target. And Russia, to a lesser extent. The USA actually seems to have a harder time agitating against Russia because Americans view Russia as White and Christian. American conservatives like Russia for this reason, while American progressives also view Russia as White and Christian and hate them for it. With China, they are just completely foreign, so it’s very easy to agitate against them. The state easily succeeded in turning both conservatives and progressives against China with almost no effort.

    Luckily, both Russia and China are run by more intelligent and competent people than the USA is, so they have the advantage there. The USA decided to ditch even the pretense of merit-based advancement, and openly went with nepotism and affirmative action instead, so the American elite class is just a complete joke. China has possibly the most merit-based elite selection procedure in the history of the world, so their elite is world class.

    • The meritocratic system was used more or less throughout Europe based upon standardized testing for advancement through the educational system and civil service throughout Europe, even the USSR. There was always somewhat of an ideological element to the system of advancing elites, particularly in the USSR (it was a proposition nation on the surface, communism being the proposition) but the system worked reasonably well. The civil service, such as foreign & defence ministries were usually staffed by competent, reliable professionals unlike the hacks who now make up the U.S. Government.

      Unfortunately, the long term results were not that good with the elites in the USSR not being able to run their decrepit economy successfully long term and the governments of Europe becoming autotoxic just like in the U.S. Apparently, meritocracy is not enough. It brings its own problems such as an inward looking elite caste resistant to truth when it would diminish its standing and an inability to remove those who fail miserably.

      In contrast the U.S. and to a limited extent Europe have an anti-meritocratic system that selects for gross incompetence based upon racial characteristics of which the hideous AA system in the U.S. simultaneously denies and affirms. With Whites on the outside looking in the only strategy for us is to separate from the system that is working towards our destruction. Lay low and become self supporting as much as possible and build reserves to survive for the day the evil system collapses just like the USSR. It’s best to neither confront nor participate in the system, let it fall from its internal contradictions, don’t help it survive but don’t attack it either.

  3. This is a truly Epic defeat. Not far short of the expulsion of the Black Feet French from Algeria. The shockwaves will sink domestic US unity, such as it exists today at all. It might truly be time for a third party. But it will mean destroying one of the existing party groups over a decade long contest. How many men cycled through Afghanistan tours? Must be in the million range.

  4. Speaking of the French withdrawal from Algeria reminds me of Charles DeGaulle, who withstood the military that wanted to stay in Algeria and “win.” DeGaulle favored complete withdrawal, and wanted to lighten the burdens of other French colonies, and opposed U.S. efforts to “unite” (bind) European countries in NATO and the EU. He denounced U.S. imperialism, and led France in a socialistic, and independent/”sovereign”-tist direction, and France became the fourth nuclear power.

    • An excellent insight however over the long term miserable bastards like Macron have sold their countries down the river. France probably has a better long term chance of recovery than the U.S. if it can find another de Gaulle and can kick out the wogs.

  5. The jew Ass Oy Vey, with itz whore politicians & generals who get their 7-figure do-nothing sinecures after their years of “public service” to the MIC & (((Wall Street))), is 100% LEGALLY corrupt: as long as the bribes are taken openly rather than under the table, there’s not a peep.

    We exist not in a nation, but in a gigantic seedy strip mall; a filthy anti-White shithole created by organized kikery, globalist billionaires & their legion of sellout race traitor bitches.

  6. Ohh gee a third party? like thats never been done a hundred fricking thousand times before who’s this bald headed shill Wasn’t the green party essentially an escape from the two party system?! because they were tired of liberals of hijacking the environmental concern votes for election time this is basically the same thing but for war

  7. Voting machines. And a two party system, two machines acting as one, RNC and DNC, ensuring third party and independent votes don’t get counted. Third Party is impossible.

    The Democrats just ended a war, while the Republicans strongly opposed ending it. Probably we should just vote Democrat.

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