Rachel Maddow: With Final Exit, U.S. Joins List Of Countries Unable To Break Afghanistan’s Will

I had a good laugh watching this segment.

Aren’t conservatives supposed to study history? Aren’t conservatives supposed to be wise? Aren’t conservatives supposed to be skeptical of utopian social engineering projects and mindful of cultural differences and tradition? Isn’t conservatism supposed to be based on realism and experience?

The last two weeks have shown that American conservatism is still conservative liberalism. It is none of those things. They’ve learned nothing from a 20 year enervating defeat in Afghanistan except that it is Joe Biden’s fault. They even want to go back in and do it all over again to own the libs.

Note: Progressives aren’t supposed to know shit about history or care about experience.

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  1. Afghanistan is where mostly White led multi culture Empires go to ….


    It’s where Alexander the Great’s Empire went to die…
    It’s where the British Empire went to die, start the dominos to lose everything including Londonstan
    It’s where the Russian Soviet Empire went to overextend, die.

    It’s where the Reagan Bush I, Bush II empire went to overextend and .. yeah, die.

    Watch the dominos start to fall now – Taiwan is probably next.

    Here’s a rather fair history account of the British defeat, retreat.


    Hey Hunter – how about just doing a separate blog with this history lesson of the British Empire defeat?

    I loved the back in the day, honest British history books about, well everything. So sad to see that go 2 under the Woke PC bull sh**

    • I don’t think the British Empire unravelled in 1839 nor in the 1870s. That require the Somme 1916 and later Dunkirk 1940. However, the US has just been Dunkirked. This is nothing like the retreat from Kabul by Elphinstone. A minor but humiliating loss of men in the Khyber Pass. Half a dozen other small expeditions were beaten like in New Orleans, Boer War, Zulu War, Khartoum. No. This is more akin to the fall of Arakis in Dune. A “Jihad” like nothing we’ve seen will shudder and shock wave out from this cringing mess. I’m not kidding when I say it’s going to start a civil war in the US. It’s on an epic scale.

      • Interesting prediction. When you add to that the Delta shock-wave that will hit around October when too many schoolchildren and young people are hospitalized or dead, medical personnel are burned out and there are too few truck drivers and other essential workers to keep supply chains steady, the legitimacy of the Biden administration, the Boris Johnson government, Bolsonaro regime, and other capitalist governments that are letting the virus run free for the benefit of big business will begin to be questioned even by average folks.

  2. Maybe next time the Yoo Ess wants to invade someone, they could try an unarmed invasion, demand new laws, play the race card and pretend to be contributing something to the country.
    It seems to work for all the turd worlders who invade us. Unarmed invasions always seem far more successful….

  3. I request that we never feature that hideous lesbian Rachel Madcow Madow on OD.

    If our readers want serious, fair history on this or other subjects I will be happy to provide it.

    Madcow Maddow is spreading nonsense here again say the main issue was that the British felt Afghanistan was siding too much with Russia and that Russian influence was the main issue.


    This might as well have been taken from idiot Conservative, John Burch types from the 1960s that the horrors in post colonial Black Africa were really all about

    Russian influence and subversion in Black Africa.



    The issue is these Afghan Mountain tribal Islamic peoples and Black African tribal peoples are simple different peoples/culture than us White Western, British and European oriented people.

    We might temporarily help them or civilize them for a short while, but in the long term

    IT NEVER FU$*&#$# WORKS.

    If the Russian Soviets couldn’t do it, nobody can.

    The Russians are the only ones that now seem to be able to even operate in a Mountain or desert Muslim area like Syria – which Russia did great.

    We – with all our WOKE, LGBT, BLM, homo flag shi* haven’t a clue and even if it was just the “rah rah America”, “Make the world safe for American style Democracy of Woodrow Wilson” or save all the souls of the heathens for Jesus like the Southern Baptist and Southern Methodist now the LDS Church of Latter Day Sissies – that doesn’t work either.

    If you want to puke your lunch today, go binge watch ~ 1984 the worst ever patriotard movie “Rambo III” where Patriotard hero Johnny Rambo goes off to Afghanistan to yep, join these same Mountain Islamic tribal “Freedom Fighters” (more like 8th century Islamist savages) to fight the evil White Racist Russians and spread American ideals of freedom and democracy to these poor suffering people. (The Bush 2 regime with terrible Jew Neo Conservative speech writers like David Frum love just LOVE to use that term: “Spreading American Freedom and Democracy”.

    • “Madcow (…) spreading nonsense here again say the main issue was that the British felt Afghanistan was siding too much with Russia”:

      But Jack, that was just about the only thing she was right about. She is correct that the British Empire was trying to stop the advance of Russia into Central Asia. At the same time, the British Empire joined the Ottoman Empire in war against Russia, not only “to limit Russian influence in the Balkans and Caucasus regions” but to prevent the immanent destruction of Turkey, and Russian conquest of Istanbul (Constantinople) and the Dardenelles gateway to the Mediterranean Sea. Madcow wildly exagerates (lies about) the length of the Russian “invasion” of Afghanistan, obviously as cover for the ten-times-longer two decades of U.S. occupation. She does not mention the horrific, genocidal death tolls of the British and U.S. invasions (literally millions of Afghans) and that the death toll of the Russian “invasion” was mostly due to the U.S.’s hiring, training and arming of Mujahideen mercenaries (“rebels”) to overthrow the Russia-allied legitimate government of Afghanistan. She also does not mention that the Russian “invasion” was not really an invasion at all, but an assistance by invitation of the legitimate, recognized Afghan government, much like the Russian assistance being given to Syria at the request of the democratically-elected Syrian government. Feminist Madcow does not even mention that the Afghan government that the U.S. overthrew was a secular democratic republic that gave Afghan women the most rights in its history to this day. Madcow’s “history” lesson is TERRIBLE!

      • She would lose her show if she pointed out that the communists were basically promoting gender equality and land reform. Promoting those two things is exactly why the Soviets began to have trouble outside Kabul though.

  4. Those whom the gods would destoy they first make mad. (Mad as in insane, not anger) America is an insane nation! Perhaps we should call it the Insane States of America? Conservatism is just Liberalism Lite as what was yesterday’s liberalism is today’s conservatism. It always drifts left.

  5. You know what has gotta really piss off Miley and Austin the most? There are not going to be any gay pride parades in Afghanistan for a very very long time.

    …..but there will be a “flourishing” Afghani queer community some where in the USA.

    We gotta change that sign on lady liberty from huddled masses yearn to be free to huddle masses yearning for some queer sex.

    • Will the Afghans be entitled to bacha bazi boys in the U.S.? It’s a genuine part of their “culture” in that part of the word like female genital mutilation or throwing queers off of roofs. How can U.S. courts logically deny them this integral part of their “culture” when they set up little Afghanistans in the U.S. without violating these wogs’ precious 1st Amendment “Constitutional Rights”?

      Similar court cases were resolved in Florida over the satanic religious practices of Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean primitive religion which naturally revolted White people. Eventually, after lots of lawyering around the courthouse Santeria was declared a legitimate religion and its practitioners could carry out their animal cruelty rituals unmolested by the police. Such is the logic of “all Men are Created Equal”, (ergo all religions are created equal) and muh freedom.

  6. Afghanistan is like Arakis. It’s fucking nuts. These are the Fremen. Gotta hand it to these tough people.

  7. Little Ben is a repulsive, whiny, shill for “Our Greatest Ally”. That makes him an excellent spokesman for Conservatism, Inc.

  8. For the record, Tucker CivNat Carlson bragged about getting rachel madsow hired at msnbc when he was interviewed by Adam Carolla.

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