Gov. Kristi Noem Defends True Conservatism

Give us power.

We promise that we can’t do anything for you. It is a matter of principle. If we took any action on your behalf to promote your interest like keeping “trans women” out of women’s sports in South Dakota, it would open up Pandora’s Box. Crazy things would happen!

It would threaten “limited government” which is a principle that we care deeply about. The government should be “limited” in the sense that it ought to do nothing for you.

Washington Times:

“You can’t be a constitutional conservative only when it suits you. 

We are now seeing a battle in the Republican Party between the populist wing and traditional limited government conservatism. Some so-called conservatives want to regulate businesses to prevent them from requiring a COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of employment. Still, my beliefs do not allow me to waive the constitution because I disagree with a private business. 

It is human nature to want to wield power, and a crisis adds to that impulse. As an emergency unfolds, many will insist that “somebody should do something,” and governments, eager to pass laws and hire people with weapons to enforce them, step in. It’s up to pro-liberty conservatives to stand on principle and to stand up to government mandates. …

Once we, as a people, open the door to increased government power to put mandates on businesses, expect a Pandora’s Box of liberal mandates to hit in the future that touch on faith, the right to keep and bear arms, and the expanding list of genders the left has invented.  …”

Sorry, it’s a private company.

There’s nothing we can do EXCEPT wield power to cut their taxes and deregulate them and always defer to them because that is what our donors and business lobbyists want from us.

Big Government doesn’t work in the United States. It only works in Afghanistan where South Dakotans can proudly say that they died to set an inspiring example for Afghan feminism. There are no constitutional limits to what we can and ought to do in Afghanistan to remold Afghan society in our own image.

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  1. The South Dakotans who died in Afghanistan died on the basis of a very big lie:We had to invade Afghanistan or ISIS will come to America and harm us in terrorist attacks.

    Norm accepts the ideology of the Bush Family Empire:‘we can’t keep Muslims out of America…for to do so means Muslims won’t be able vote Native White Christians into a violently persecuted White racial minority within the borders of America….”

  2. This alleged governor doesn’t bother explaining how all those lives thrown away in Afghanistan was “worth it”. Yet another political and intellectual lightweight.

    • >This alleged governor doesn’t bother explaining

      Exactly, they never do; it’s the same shopworn, bullshit platitudes over and over again — and too few question them, including in the media — it’s a real life ‘theater of the absurd’.

      Combat troops and casualties are disproportionately white — what are these white guys fighting for? — for a regime that hates them, is determined to marginalize and dispossess them, one that psychologically browbeats their children by teaching them about their ‘privilege’ while promoting sexual degeneracy?

      I have never understood and will never understand the ‘thank you for your service’ types — anyone who serves and adds legitimacy to the regime is part of the problem.

      One obvious caveat: most of the white troops are working class white guys whose economic future is pretty grim — and it’s grim thanks to the regime they’re serving, which is at the same time creating multi-generational debt slaves out of them and their kids.

      • This is going to result in an OAS (Organisation Armee Secret) style thing the French had after leaving Algeria. These men who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan are likely to go ballistic at home. The self righteous fury will only be matched by the misdirected lethality. There must be over a million guys who’ve been cycled in and out of these wars now. All they have to show is damaged bodies and ruined national prestige. You can see the wounded look on mid rank officers in the UK and The same expression will show up in the US soon.

      • “‘thank you for your service’ types — anyone who serves and adds legitimacy to the regime is part of the problem”:

        Small towns in this area have “hometown heroes” signs on all the street lampposts with the pictures and names of hometown men who fought to destroy Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, etc. “Desert Storm” is still being celebrated at summer festivals and other community events. Militarism, along with football and Nascar, drugs and alcohol, is the religion of this northern end of Appalachia.

        • @anonymous – We have those signs/banners here. Small town America is then supposed to welcome with open arms the “refugees” from whatever area where we were supposedly fighting an enemy so dangerous our military “had” to go there and slaughter them. What??!!
          It literally boggles the mind that this brand of patriotism is still alive.

      • This is the mindless patriotism I’ve complained about, many people don’t seem to be able to see behind the propaganda bullshit of these wars. They want to root for the U.S. Army like it was the local football team. Football is a game, the military are armed killers, this is so stupid that it’s hard to believe, but that’s what it looks like.

        • Yes, “Support the Troops”, even when they aren’t defending their own nation. It falls into the whole “Positive Thinking” thing.

  3. The Retarded Right needs to recognize it is no longer big goverment verses small govermemt. It is now “Our” goverment versues “Their” goverment and the U.S has not been our goverment in quite some time.

  4. Some women are just natural whores. Noem doesn’t even know who the puppet masters in the Shlomo High Command are but somehow knows exactly what to say.

  5. American “Manhood” 2021

    Tiny Nicole Gee…USMC SEARGENT…blown to pieces in Afghanistan


    6’6” Trevor Lawrence’s….making 100 thousand a year…freedom

    Deep American South “Manhood”…

    • Sergeantess Gee became a ZOG merc because she wanted to. How is Trevor Lawrence responsible for that? What’s more, from the way another female talked about Gee after the latter’s passing, it seemed Gee was a lesbian. If so, double good riddance.

  6. These freaks disgust me. I can’t believe I used to be a conservative. They spout nothing but lies and are spineless cucks.

  7. She thinks that liberals will use the government to further their interests if they see TruCons do it? How stupid is that argument? The TruCons have no issue using government to help out their rich friends with endless tax cuts or gigantic bailouts or invading some foreign country to massacre its citizens in the name of some insane utopia like turning the tribal Pashtuns into intersectional Swedes. They just don’t want to push for anything that would actually help out the suckers that continue to vote for these scumbags. I can’t think of something more loathsome than a fiscal conservative and social liberal. You get the worst of all possible worlds. Austerity economics that nobody wants and the mentally diseased woke social agenda.

  8. The whole antivax thing from “populist conservatives” is basically lolbert shit itself, why should they be shielded from other forms of lolbertism. Is it the “real right wing” position to force hospitals to accept antivax employees?

    The trans sports thing from her was cringe though, I’ll give you that

  9. We are getting a wave of Covid in the Northwest. I was skeptical of reports of hospitals filling up but it does appear to be true. Dehydration would seem to be the biggest problem. If you are sick and don’t drink water for 5 days you will be in trouble.

    • I hear the same thing from Florida and the Northeast, too. However, some of the hospital overcrowding is definitely due to hospital administrators laying off staff about a year ago as the caseload decreased.

      Now they don’t have enough staff including support staff, not just doctors and nurses to take care of patients. There appears to be enough hospital beds and adequate facilities available but like everything else in FUSA, it was mismanaged because of money, money, money. The hospital administrators did preserve their big salaries though so there is that.

      • A lot of managers get to pocket whatever they don’t spend on their department via less supplies, no raises, short staffing, and being cheap. They really think they’re special. There’s a lot of Elizabeth Holmes types running around.

    • “Covid” is a hoax. When normies get a cold, they now panic and go to the emergency room. There they get the 90 percent inaccurate PCR test (according to the NYT, but in reality 100 percent inaccurate) and are told they are positive. Then they are told their oxygen saturation level is dangerously low and that, even if they don’t feel short of breath, they need to go on a ventilator. Now in the full throes of panic, the normies sign their life away. The ventilator provokes an inflammatory response and causes them to get seriously ill or die. That’s how “covid” cases are manufactured. And, no, doctors and nurses are not evil, at least not the vast majority of them. They are told that’s the “standard of care” for “covid”, so they believe they are doing the best they can for their patients. However, if the people who end up going on ventilators would simply do nothing, not even get tested for “covid”, they would be fine. If they took some Ivermectin, they might be fine faster.

      “Covid” is nothing more than panicking trusting people who get a cold or the flu into getting harmful treatment. The numbers are then bolstered by reclassifying deaths from heart disease, cancer, stroke, or even accidents as ZOG’s favorite illness.

      There is no more convincing evidence that America is lost than the fact not a single elected official has stepped up and said, “Covid is a Jew hoax” or even “Covid is a globalist hoax”.

  10. This broad couldn’t run a Dollar General yet she is being considered as a contender by the Repubes for the White House in 2024.

    • Same with Nikki Haley of SC — and don’t forget the mentally ill cross-dressing freak who wants to be governor of CA.

      But at this point nothing about conservacucks should surprise you.

  11. Repuglicucks like that whore are worse than worthless, they’re Pied Piper scum leading dumbass patriotard Whites to their doom with their highly-selective “principles” gobbage that allows kikes & shitlib-run corporations to tyrannize & financially destroy any who dare not to submissively toe the mark.

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