Vladimir Putin: Afghanistan Is a “Less Than Zero Result” For the U.S.

Afghanistan was a sinkhole of American lives and treasure.

Ultimately, the occupation wasn’t so much about winning a war or counterterrorism as it was a useful means to redistribute wealth from the Heartland to the Beltway.

Note: Everyone but the GOP understands that Afghanistan was a debilitating quagmire and albatross for the United States that was impoverishing us.

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  1. RT is not perfect but better than Fox News. Note the silence of Tucker Carlson on Assange. When he had a guest on, months ago, who discussed Assange, Carlson acted as if he was surprised, unfamiliar and even skeptical. The Australian government (Assange is an Australian citizen) also ignores Assange’s imprisonment and torture in the REAL gulag.

  2. Vladimir Putin is very practical.

    What he says here seems obvious to me, but then again I’m not AOG TV addicted American dumb ass!

    And it wasn’t just 20 years of American failure in Afghanistan – this insanity went back 40 years when Reagan Boomer Conservatives armed these 8th century Mountain tribal Islamists with Stinger missiles to fight


    If you want to puke watch Rambo 3.

  3. The implication in Putin’s symposium with these nice looking students, is that Germans can’t have been so very different from the Brits, Americans and dare I say it Russians because the occupation of Germany turned out okay enough. Therefore National Socialism and Fascism isn’t wildly different from the other modern alternatives in European politics. It affirms something about Race.

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