Kevin McCarthy: Make The Empire Great Again

This is why we are against imperialism:

  • Working class soldiers from the Heartland absorb the costs of imperialism and pay with their lives on distant battlefields in places that they would have otherwise never visited
  • The pudgy hawkish technocratic dorks in the Beltway who come up with these ruinous policies are never held accountable and never shoulder the costs of their wars themselves
  • Relentless meddling in foreign countries like Afghanistan and Iraq by the Pentagon and “intelligence community” created terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS in the first place
  • In many cases, interventions are based on false intelligence like Saddam Hussein possessing WMD or dubious theories like the domino theory and Vietnam and sold to the public by incompetent pundits with delusions of grandeur
  • Interventions have unintended consequences. These unintended consequences are invoked to justify new interventions. The Iraq War empowered Iran in the Middle East which became the excuse for meddling in and destabilizing Syria
  • 20 years of occupying Afghanistan did not eliminate al-Qaeda or the Taliban from the country which was the excuse that was used to justify going in. The policy didn’t even work
  • Imperialism leads to blowback and resentment in the countries which are dominated which leads to terrorism which is used to justify more interventions
  • Imperialism only made the Taliban more popular in Afghanistan and led to the creation of new terrorist groups like ISIS-K
  • Imperialism inexorably leads to mission creep and new excuses for meddling and staying in foreign countries to promote causes like feminism
  • Following the American invasion, opium production soared in Afghanistan. The CIA got in on the opium trade.
  • In many cases, imperialism has simply infantilized countries like Germany and Japan or South Korea which are more than capable of defending themselves
  • Imperialism had led a situation where Americans now guarantee the security of countries all over the world like the British Empire. Countless trip wires have been set up which can instantly embroil us in a hot war on every continent with the exception of Antarctica
  • Imperialism led directly to the offshoring of America’s industrial base because foreign policy considerations and alliances are prioritized by the State Department
  • This has led to consumerism and the accumulation of a massive national debt
  • This hollowing out of the Heartland because investment is systematically redirected overseas has stunted economic opportunity for the White working class who serve as cannon fodder for imperialism
  • The sheer opportunity cost of these wars is unfathomable with $2 trillion dollars being squandered on Afghanistan for nothing
  • The medical bills of veterans and interest on the debt will cost trillions more over the next several decades
  • The military-industrial complex that was built up by imperialism has corrupted our political system. It is a self-interested racket
  • The war and occupation of Afghanistan ultimately became a means to transfer wealth from the Heartland to enrich the Beltway which is where most of the money was spent
  • Imperialism is sustained by elites because it disproportionately benefits elites. It heightens class divisions and creates a cosmopolitan and transnational outlook among imperial elites
  • Imperialism inexorably leads to demographic replacement and immigration from the conquered countries and disrupts our culture
  • Imperialism creates refugees in distant countries which are resettled at home which in turns leads to a host a new problems among alienated, second generation immigrants
  • Imperialism has culturally degenerated Western Europe
  • Imperialism always leads to a military which becomes aloof and detached from its own citizens and self-interested and unaccountable. The final stage of imperialism is reached when the military is drawn from the same families or barbarians like in the late Roman Empire
  • The Pentagon and the “intelligence community” in alliance with the “journalists” now try to run the White House and intimidate presidents into doing their bidding
  • The Pentagon and “intelligence community” have finally turned on the people as one might expect given how imperialism has been known for centuries to lead to this result
  • Imperialism has DIMINISHED civil liberties at home
  • Imperialism always leads to attachments and war brides and people from the conquered territories are always brought back here
  • Terrorist attacks can be planned anywhere. The 9/11 terrorist attack was planned in Germany. The 9/11 terrorists also easily got into this country because it is so easy to travel here.
  • It is nearly impossible to end the wars that are created by imperialism because so many interests are built up around occupations
  • Finally, there is the humanitarian cost that is inflicted on all the countries around the world which impacted by imperialism. Foreigners who are dominated are the losers of imperialism, but so are the people here who shoulder the costs of imperialism

In sum, imperialism diminishes liberty here at home, corrupts our politics, threatens our independence, distorts our economy, leads to demographic replacement and endangers Americans by tying us to every conflict in the world and the cost is borne by the working class.

20 years of imperialism in Afghanistan hasn’t made us safer. It hasn’t succeeded in its own stated objectives. Osama bin Laden himself left and went to Pakistan in late 2001. Islamic terrorists who seek to harm Americans can operate anywhere and just go to another country without a massive American military presence. We would be better off without all of these fat old generals and their war machine. Far more people died in Afghanistan than would have died here a a result of terrorist attacks and we spent a fortune to create a fake puppet government and deluded ourselves into believing it was something other than a jobs program.

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  1. Read Bill Kaufman’s book AMERICA FIRST….and of course the classic:WAR IS A RACKET by two time Congressional Medal winner General Smedley Butler….Ramsey Clark’s books are excellent…..and all of Ron Paul’s commentary on US Foreign Policy…

    Larger point:‘if you voted for GE Spokesman and Hollywood Homosexual Pederast Ronnie Reagan….you voted for the DEATH OF THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS HISTORIC MAJORITY…..

    Peter Brimelow still defends Ronnie Reagan and the US Miltary’s destruction of Vietnam…dirty old man…

    • >Peter Brimelow

      He sued the NYT for calling him a white nationalist — if not to preserve a white majority in America, I have no idea what the purpose of Vdare is — these days I have little use for Brimelow, and rarely read Vdare (although I used to donate and they published a couple of my letters).

  2. “Imperialism only made the Taliban more popular in Afghanistan and led to the creation of new terrorist groups like ISIS-K”

    Pretty sure ISIS-KIKEL are “our guys”.

  3. @ I would really like too compliment the host of this site, this article concerning afghanistan, is in my opinion the most honest, clear and precise work , I have seen or heard yet, on this issue, very well done sir.

  4. The closest this Mick has ever come to actual fighting is a drunken brawl with a few other Irish bastards at O’Douls Pub.

  5. @ bill richards, the host of this, has more than enough qualifications and intelligence, too not only speak too congress, but too sit in it and dominate it, if it wasn’t for the fact, that BABYLON will soon fall, as gods word says it will, i would hope that the u.s.congresd, would be a first step for our host too take, on his way too bigger things, but it’s my hope the host of this site will continue on as he does, as a good family man, as a watchman and a leader of our cause, stay alive good sir, for babylon will fall and fall quick as our lord says it will, he will be a leader as he is now for our cause and he will be a leader in the rebirth of our southern confederacy and the survival of our people.

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