Dan Crenshaw: The War In Afghanistan Isn’t Over

This is brilliant messaging.

Give us control of Congress. Unlike Joe Biden, we won’t “cut and run” from Afghanistan. We will stay there forever to own the libs. We’re ready to die to protect Afghan feminism for the CIA.

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  1. What a POS is Crenshaw. His soul is as blind as the eye he foolishly lost, pretending to be a ‘patriot.’
    Whatever the heck that means….

  2. Zioclops is nothing but John McCain 2.0 and is on track to become another loser career politician who sells out Whites.

  3. Not only did zioclops lose his right eye and lose half of the site in his left in Afghanistan, he damaged the part of the brain that controls cognitive abilities.

    • @ I don’t agree with mr.crenshaws political views, but he has served and been under fire and wounded, I think we have the right too denigrate his politics, but I think, it is not the tradition of a southern gentleman or fighting man, too heap insult on him and mentioning his war wound, please let’s not go there, it’s wrong, disrespectful and the type of ignorance that our enemies excel at, if you don’t like him or his politics, fine, that’s your perogative, but I feel very uncomfortable , with this referencing of his war wound, as I am sure that other veterans are also.

      • @Terry,
        You make a valid point. The issue for me is this wound of his has not made him wary of yet more wars, and the fact that more young military service men could wind up with similar injuries down the track off the back of what he pushes for. He’s a visual advertisement of why war should be avoided.
        That he’s placed himself in the public arena means he’s likely prepared for the occasional insult. He asked for the attention.

        • @ michael, when you enlist in the military, for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter, you take an oath, you sign your constitutional rights away, you are now government property, you live/exist under the uniform code of military justice, lesson # 1, the military instructs you in, follow orders , if you don’t/won’t follow orders, you usually have one of two options, sometimes both, dishonorable discharge or military jail time, no faggotry in military jails, from what I have heard, these days it’s out in the open in the barracks, any way mr.crenshaw was.a navy seal, that speaks for it’s self, babylon hasn’t had a declared war, since the second world war, being under fire, whether it’s a declared war or not, it’s still being under fire, a great many warriors have no interest in politics at all, they just do what they are told and follow their orders, a normal society, if I may take that liberty, with the use of the word ” normal ” doesn’t insult it’s wounded veterans, they salute and decorate their wounded veterans, whether they have dumbass political views or not.

  4. Why this guy has an American Flag I’ll never know. He obviously loves Jews and stupid for profit foreign Wars more than he could ever love White America! Deo Vindice!

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