Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden Is Scaring The Hell Out of Me

Bill Kristol and Lindsey Graham hate Joe Biden’s foreign policy.

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  1. The Party of Reagan=Lindsay Graham’s black warts infested anus…stuffed with Ronnie Reagan’s rotting corpse…..yep…that’s about right….Dorothy:”‘Toto…I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore…”

  2. Lady G is just bent that he can’t fly into Kabul to get some Bacha bazi any more.
    Of course that’s the same reason the fags on faux news are whining .. plus the shekels.

  3. Now the Republicans are the party of war while the Democrats are the party of peace. I’ve seen it all in politics now. In the 20th century it was the Democrats who rightly got the reputation for starting wars while the Republicans got the reputation for preventing or ending wars until the miserable George Bush I was elected Mr. president in 1988.

  4. I’ve often wondered if Lindsey is being blackmailed for something having to do with his sexual preferences..

  5. ‘so is this what victory looks like?’
    Ahh yes……..those tough questions again. Rather than cross examining a war fanatic, they merely talk with him as if they’re at a family BBQ together.
    I’m still waiting to find an actual interview where these psychos are challenged and exposed.

  6. Well, Miss Lindsay – If the vegetable-in-chief is scaring you, perhaps you should consider getting on the next plane into Kabul. Be sure to take Cheetohead and his Grima Wormtongue son-in-law with you. The Taliban will no doubt quake more than California when y’all flounce in to take back the blackhawks.

    As the old Gilbert and Sullivan song says: They’d none of them be missed.

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