RT: Biden and Trump Flip Flop On Afghanistan

Now that Joe Biden has changed his position on Afghanistan, Trump has changed his position to own the libs. The difference seems to be that Joe Biden learned something from experience.

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  1. Yes, U.S. troops should be withdrawn from every square yard of the Near East: Syria, Saudi, Israel, Iraq etc. and all sanctions ended and all foreign aid ended too. Let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the good here though. Pulling troops out of Afghanistan is all good and is a body blow to the Deep State and struck by a Democrat, too! Dementia Joe deserves credit here, he delivered a solid for the country and completely unexpected, too.

    The Republicans would have never done such a thing, witness their weeping and gnashing of teeth over the Afghan pullout. Trump could have done the same thing and redeemed himself to people on the Right but he lacked the courage to do the right thing. The guy was a fraud and never would have left Afghanistan, he had four years to do it.

  2. Don the Draft-Dodging Warrior could have had a fairly easy time to reelection- withdrawn from Afghanistan in early 2020, kept mailing out stimulus checks up until the election, not pandered to jews, nibbas and Messicans, etc – but he blew it by taking the advice of his small coterie of kikes. Trump needs to go away.

    • Yes, Yes and Yes again. Hopefully it’s goodbye Trump soon and don’t forget to take the rest of the miserable Republicans with you onto the trash heap of history.

  3. Here also you see the intellectual dishonesty of the Elite and parts of the pundit class, e.g. Tracey: most of the genuine criticism (as opposed to the infantile ‘own the libs’ variety) directed at Biden is due to the chaos surrounding the final withdrawal, which was in turn due to 1) obvious poor planning (if it was planned at all, rather than deadline driven), and 2) the fact the Afghan army, which the US spent 2 decades trying to create, immediately collapsed, effectively putting up zero resistance to the Taliban and thereby exposing what a huge and tragic fraud the whole thing was from the beginning.

    The latter has not gotten nearly as much attention as it deserves.

  4. There is a danger here, it’s very likely that Biden will double down on the Anti white domestic policy. Sadly, Trump didn’t have the guts to pull the plug himself in term one. Should have happened in 2017.

  5. Don’t be fooled. They ended the Afgan war just to battle the claimed greatest threat for “their” democracy, namely “domestic terrorism” and “white supremacist extremism”.

  6. It makes no sense to invade a nation full of people we know nothing about, bomb them, then ‘nation build’ their country………and then accept all their refugees/best minds! This achieves absolutely nothing positive for average Americans……..the only people an elected American President should be serving.
    US administrations weren’t elected by Afghans or Syrians, so they have no business in their countries.
    America has domestic issues galore to sort out. So the government ought to begin fucking doing it!

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