Mark Levin: Can You Hear The Screams of Afghans, America?

Normally, I don’t watch Hannity’s insufferable show.

I’ve recently changed that. We have to pay attention to Hannity, not Tucker Carlson, because obviously it is Hannity’s show that reflects where the GOP is actually at and where it is going in the Biden era.

Mark Levin was on Hannity last night comparing the withdrawal from Afghanistan to the Holocaust and the Afghans who weren’t evacuated to Anne Frank. Even for FOX Boomers, the cringe is off the charts. Mark Levin goes on an epic rant about the Afghan refugees we left behind and who should come here. We need to back into Afghanistan like George Patton and get them.

Note: Tucker Carlson said last night that Lindsey Graham refuses to come on his show. He only goes on Hannity.

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  1. Biden abandoned white population in South Africa as we saw in those clips of his Senate career. Much worse than abandoning some dual citizens in Kabul. He’s a very formidable if ruthless asshole. A hard as nails bastard.

  2. Do not join the Marines, do not comply with the mask, dig in, survive, carry on, empires come and go and do not be the fool who gets caught in the gears of empire building.

    A Marine is an underpaid pawn in Jewish global conquest. Stop pretending that being a soldier is patriotic. Soldiers are part of the system of conquest and illegal and immoral activity of the Jew bankers. Stop thinking that wearing some uniform makes you special or a good person when in fact you are a pawn who carries out orders of criminals.

    • Excellent point, I’ve been trying to say something like this on here for months, but never quite put it that way.

    • “you are a pawn who carries out orders of criminals.”

      Those who would kill God, deserve to die. Just sayin’… but then, so too did St. John Chrysostom, Martin Luther, Cornelius Codreanu, etc.

  3. Man with time machine meme: “Yes Guy” Says to Dutch Gestapo “She’s in the attic!” In all fairness you do have to sympathise with the people in Kabul. They were sold a bill of goods and then abandoned. There’s an element of shame in any defeat and evacuation.

    • “you do have to sympathise with the people in Kabul”:

      Those “aid”-spoiled, capitalist-minded Kabul residents out of touch with their roots need to be marched out of the city to work on the farms (livestock, grain, fruits and vegetables now, not poppies) for a generation – an Afghan people’s cultural revolution. Then they will be primed for rapid advance as a nation.

      • @anonymous,

        Mao’s bff (((Sidney Rittenberg))) did such a bang up job on the ” Cultural Revolution ” in China. Maybe, the Taliban can hire Sidney Rittenberg III to work that diabolical talmudic and pernicious scheme in Afghanistan.

  4. MAGA, Make Afghanistan Great Again. Leave the Afghans in Afghanistan, they will just wreck any country they go to.

  5. Peak Boomer Cringe – Boomer Mick and Boomer Kike
    droning on about Anne Frank and “Death Camps”. These fucking bastards and their lies nauseate me.

    • >lies

      It’s also the overtly effeminate way they use the lies to promulgate emotion-laden propaganda about events in Afghanistan — to whom is that kind of rhetoric supposed to appeal? — reminds me of the widely circulated foto of the drowned Syrian kid on the beach a few years ago: that’s too bad, but no, Syrians cannot emigrate en masse to the West.

    • Anne Frank died from typhus two weeks before her camp was liberated by Americans. Obviously there were no plans to exterminate her.

      • >liberated by Americans

        The British captured/liberated Bergen-Belsen after the Germans offered a local truce because of the presence of typhus in the area, particularly the camp — the Germans specifically alerted the British to the typhus problem.

        It was also the British who put on the Belsen Trial, where the last commandant of Bergen-Belsen, Josef Kramer (along with others), was sentenced to death and quickly executed.

        To this day, film of British soldiers operating bulldozers to push piles of emaciated corpses (mostly typhus victims) into open pits is shown as ‘proof’ of the ‘Holocaust’ — the same film was also shown at the IMT — of course the scenes are shocking; the German defendants were also shocked — but at the time people were not prepared to differentiate between deaths due to poor late war conditions at the camps (Germany had basically collapsed), and deaths as a result of deliberate ‘extermination’, which is what the ‘Holocaust’ refers to — there is no excuse for the same dishonest propaganda today.

  6. Okay, Levin. Anne Frank was one of yours, not one of mine. If there are Anne Franks in Afghanistan, then you head over there to rescue them. You, Shapiro, Kristol, Frum and countless other neocons have done immeasurable damage to this country already.

    Please do the United States a favor by taking your dirty neocon rear ends to your criminal ethno-state in the Levant. This twenty year war was fought for your kind.

    P.S. Until Israel starts taking refugees created by the US in wars waged for its benefit, you and your co-ethnics, respectfully, keep your bagel-holes shut.

    • I agree, let them leave their easy jobs in Washington and New York as well a paid loud mouth, and let them fight it out in Afghanistan if this is so damn important to them. Send their kids over for seven or eight tours of duty.

    • @Koyla – Excellent post ! Mark Levin is an absolutely insufferable subversive manipulator.

      “How many Anne Franks are there tonight?” Is anyone surprised the completely irrelevant so-called “holocaust” is being dredged up, featuring none other than Anne Frank herself? This is laughably lame; yet, I fear his audience of “Levinites” are eagerly swallowing it whole.

  7. How many Christian Protestant Fundamentalist whites of any generation think Mark Levin is the best thing since floating soap? There is none so blind as he who will not see!

    • There’s Mark Levin the “Idea” and Mark Levin the “Actual Person.” Mark Levin the actual person is another vicious Jew. Mark Levin the idea was heroin for anti-racist Right Wingers, which all of us were until we took the Red Pill on race. I was going to write in Levin for President in 2008 until he got wind of it through a mutual contact, emailed me personally, and told me to vote for McCain. I was 19 at the time, it was my first election, and I really didn’t want Obama to win, as the Jeremiah Wright tapes scared me.

      What I’m saying is, its easy to dump on conservatives for liking Mark Levin, and to the extent they take his Anne Frank/Pro Refugee crap seriously, yeah, they are idiots. But I listened to Levin for seven years (2005-2012) before joining the Pro-White Movement, and he was a big influence on turning me against Liberalism. His 2009 book, “Liberty and Tyranny,” had an excellent chapter on immigration that even Vdare praised.

      At the end of the day, yes, he’s a conniving Jew who exists as false opposition. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he has a few Epstein skeletons in his closest. I’m just saying he’s way more convincing, and therefore, way more dangerous, than an obvious dork like Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro.

  8. The Republican Party obviously has a problem with the whole America First thing. It says that but still embraces a Neocon…Zionist foreign policy. Can’t have it both ways. We should stay the heck out of the Middle East forever. Who cares! Stay out of the Middle East and deport the Jews and Islamists from America…problem solved! WPWW! Deo Vindice!

  9. Is Ann Coulter still on Faux News naughty list?

    Ann and trump boot locker hannity used to be quite friendly back in 2016, but Ann turned on the lying 45th potus in her columns, and poof, she became persona non-grata in MIGAtard circles.

  10. Of course he compares it to the holocaust cause why wouldn’t he not throw away that opportunity because Afghanistan war is exactly like WW2

    Then again he is a american Marxist afterall or would Bolshevik American be a more accurate term for him?! Too dirty of word from all the blood spilled slavic wars from Bolshevik communism I assume

    American Marxism his new book?! I can’t wait to not read it…

  11. Hannity——“I got tons of friends in law enforcement (FBI, CIA, DIA). Tons!)

    ….and they are all Irish right Sean? Mr Diversity and inclusion only associates with blacks and foreigners for show. It is his own kind he schemes and connives with though. And Irish scheming and conniving is being done to further the goals of Jews and big money to the detriment the common man. Put that in your pipe and smoke Sean.

    There are no Father Coughlins when the Irish are on top only Cardinal McCarricks.

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