Jim Jordan: Trump Is Running For President In 2024

Of course.

What else is he going to do? I still get texts from him a dozen times a day asking for money.

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    • >The Sacklers should have fried for this.

      From a story on USA Today:

      “FDA’s Janet Woodcock failed to stop the opioid epidemic”

      [When the Biden administration tapped Janet Woodcock as the acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, it seemed a good pick. Woodcock had spent 23 years as chief of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, a unit the FDA describes as its “consumer watchdog” in America’s health care system. The CEDR is tasked with making certain that drugs are “safe and effective,” and “that the health benefits outweigh known risks.” …

      Woodcock’s appointment, however, is a potential land mine for the new administration. The possibility she could be nominated as the permanent commissioner has sparked a firestorm among anti-opioid advocacy groups and victims of the opioid crisis. They charge that she was a central figure responsible for the FDA’s failure over a quarter-century to adequately control the opioid epidemic.]

      There will be *zero* government/regulatory accountability for this — in fact the bureaucrats are probably very happy to have the Sacklers take the all the heat.

  1. Fucking hell — that dumb narcissist is never going to stfu and go away.

    Or maybe he wants to up his impeachment record — first/only president (so far) to be impeached 3x, 4x, who knows how many times.

    But assuming the Republicans nominate him, if the Democrats are stupid enough to run a ‘woman of color’ against him (or maybe just a woman), he might have a chance as the lesser of two evils, at least among white voters — unfortunately Whites will be less than 60% of the population in 2024, albeit likely a larger share of those who bother to vote (despite how polarized the 2016 election was, turnout was less than 60%) — still he will need a sizable majority of white votes.

    And on inauguration day he would be the oldest president — a few months older than Biden was.

    • I wonder how many millions he will cough up this time, to have rappers endorse him again. He sure doesn’t care about our “votes”.

    • It’s early days. Trump’s probably just bloviating and fund-raising. This may not even happen.

  2. It’s obvious he’s positioning himself to run again.

    It will be a very funny election because Biden has taken Trump’s “America first” platform from him, so Trump will just be running on the unpopular true con platform and he will get destroyed. Hail Biden! Hail our people! Hail victory!

  3. It’s like the movie Ground Hog Day crossed with Idiocracy – except worse. Dart has a point, but I rather doubt those who manufacture and count the votes are going to allow the veggie-in-chief to finish his term. If Cheetohead lives, it will be Heels-up Harris vs Zion Don in a total kayfabe WWA match-up so see who can grovel the most before the (((Masters of the Universe))).

  4. Trump is a New York City Liberal Republican—he’s only going to push it so far. Jordan is going to have to lead, and hopefully Trump will follow. Now the question is can Jordan lead?

    • The real question is: Why do White people still believe in this farce?

      There’s something called the definition of insanity, doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result…

    • Shill, did you forget what site you are posting on? That one sounds like it was meant for Breitbart. We here don’t care about “New York City Liberal Republicans” because the Southern Red State Conservative Republicans are just as bad. That you would talk as if there is a real difference between them today on a site like this is laughable. It shows how fake your “WASP reactionary racist” persona is.

      No ones can read this comment and think “Krafty Wurker/Tom Watson” is really one of us.

  5. We need to get out in front of this and make it clear now that the alt-right thinks Trump is a fraud and that we will be campaigning against him. We have to get our respect back and get revenge on this J-Op that is Trump. The worst thing for us will be to send mixed messages and be a little sympathetic to Trump but also trying to be aloof from MAGA, ie, what most of the alt right did in 2020. That’s a worst of both worlds strategy. We want to take Trump out and then claim credit. That gives us power and makes us the topic of conversation. “Trump hopelessly behind in the polls, the alt-right turned against him, they call him a Jew lover” is what we want to being seeing in the media in 2024.

  6. While I commend Trump for standing up to the leftist corruption of America and starting the ball rolling and he has earned a place in history for his courage in this respect. Things are getting really bad and we need someone more serious to pass the torch on to. Trump is simply too divisive and thinks he has the smarts by himself to go up against the entire media apparatus brainstorming against him by responding with impulsive statements. It’s clear that all these dimwitted females, foolishly allowed to vote by the suicide pact that the constitution has ended up interpreted as, don’t like the guy and will slavishly vote for whoever Hollywood tells them.

  7. MAGA doesn’t mean what the Magatards think it does. As we’ve seen from several bleats emanating from the Kushner Crime Family’s chief clown – the God-Emperor or Grift – it really stands for Make Afghanistan Gay Again. As for any Magatards who might have served in the Invincible Banana Legion over there in the poppy-fields of Pashtoonistan, the Sacklers thank you for your service.

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