Ric Grenell: America Has To Fight To Change Washington

Ric Grenell was invited on FOX News by the lesbian Tammy Bruce as another guest to bash Joe Biden over Afghanistan. Grenell was Trump’s acting director of national intelligence.

Some of you might recall how Grenell used his position in the Trump administration to do two things: to go after Julian Assange and to launch a global crusade to legalize homosexuality around the world. Aside from that, Grenell mostly made videos boasting about how Trump was the most pro-gay president in history. The Jews, fags and feminists on FOX News are sore about their defeat in Afghanistan.

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  1. Don’t worry, mobs of mongrel Afghan scum are coming to England, USA, Australia, Germany etc..But don’t do anything about it; just like no resistance was mobilized against the invasion of millions of African animals into Europe after the ‘Arab Spring’ in 2010, thanks to the ethics of Christianity & oxytocin the Judeo-Communist State puts in the dairy products..

    This could have all been avoided but you obliterated the Wehrmacht/SS in WWII, thus eliminating the only national/continental force capable of protecting Europe from being invaded/conquered by throngs of simian Afro-Asians & the Mongrel Horde..You’ve heard of the Mongol Horde of Genghis Khan right? Well, now you have the Mongrel Horde pouring in…

  2. Maybe we should let the Muslims, Chinese, etc just take over the West. External enemies can sort out some internal ones……and there are many!
    I truly believe that Islam and the Left deserve each other.
    I’m no longer a defender of the West. I’m a defender of whites who are awake to the threats, and trying to repel them.
    My hatred of the noses is real, but most of all, I hate my own race for just letting them destroy us. The schoolyard should have taught us……..the enemy, or bully, is only as bad as YOU let them be.
    Our cowardice is our downfall.

    • I agree. I hate the people who care only about their lawns, their vacations, their golf game, and “love everyone” crap.
      This Grinnell guy is another one.

  3. This is how these kykes like to play and the California recall election is an excellent example. In your current and future election politics, you are going to get a choice between an Irish Mick controlled by Jews (Newsom), a queer or a tranny candidate controlled by Jews (Jenner) or a right wing neo-nazi white supremacist black guy controlled by Jews (Elder). You gotta laugh at these retarded Christ killers.

  4. “mobs of mongrel Afghan scum are coming”;

    It is ironic that these “scum” might have been mostly good and productive if they stayed in Afghanistan, where they belong and are needed. But here they come to the imperial homeland (melting pot) with a chip on their shoulder (more than a chip, really more of a log) and yet another foreign culture that blends in like oil with water. The logic and nature of empire is senseless and unnatural.

    • They would have been unproductive in Afghanistan that is why the Taliban let them leave. The women pushing for feminism and the gay rights activists would try and sabotage the government so instead we get them in America where they can lecture us about how this is now their country and white people are evil

    • Anonymous,
      It’s a similar story with Indian doctors in Australia and possibly throughout the West. Their talents would be in much greater demand where they originate from. Instead, they’re over here competing with whites for positions, putting downward pressure on salaries, upward pressure on real estate values and generally changing our demographics. Everyone loses.
      It’s ironic how we’re NOT made to feel white guilt for stealing the third worlds best and brightest, yet made to feel guilty over slavery, colonialism and the holohoax……….which all concluded before my parents were born.

      • Afghanistan needs to close its borders, and stop the brain drain and talent drain. Some socialist countries have made it very difficult for skilled professionals to leave their countries for “better opportunities” in the West (capitalism). It is unnatural and immoral to abandon one’s responsibilities to one’s family, community, and people for “better opportunities,” “freedom,” etc. – which come down to: selfishness.

  5. The US Military

    A Global Force

    Of Global Homosexual Pederasty!!!

    See your Military Recruiter’s sphincter today….

  6. ” . . . The logic and nature of empire is senseless and unnatural.” Except for the ruling class which is following a traditional divide and conquer strategy domestically by bringing in wogs from all over the world. This dilutes White Christianity to the point where the ruling class of the Empire can get away with whatever crimes they want not just overseas but also at home.

  7. It normalizes and legitimizes this pathology of transgressive autism when anybody accepts their nomenclature.

    These are queers. Its unimportant to know what flavor of queer. Feminists, transsexuals, transvestites, voyeurs, pederasts, pedophiles, fags, lesbians. Its all a product of the same pathology.

    The term queer is apt and fully understood. Its time ro rehab it.

    The convolutued nonsense of their identity should be their burden to try to explain. Just calling them queers necessitates them explaining their bullshit for themselves, or suffer obscurity, which is the anathema of this attention seeking group.

  8. Make Afghanistan Gay Again. An excellent summary of what the Magatards truly stand for – along with importing them by the thousands to settle in the mid-west.

  9. I can see why Jonah Goldberg is furious at the voter bases of both political parties. The Jews, homos, and trannies took a big L here. The Jewish-Anal agenda was humiliated by the Taliban. Seethe harder, Satanists.

  10. In the Taliban’s favor, ain’t gonna be any Drag Queen Story Hours in Kabul or Kandahar.

    Additionally, (and this should make fans of diversity happy), traditional Americans could bond with the incoming Afghan refugees over a shared opposition to the American left’s degeneracy, (including Drag Queen Srory Hour).

    • “traditional Americans could bond with the incoming Afghan refugees”:

      These “refugees” are mostly collaborators. Some will have a huge chip on their shoulder, but mostly they love money hence they sold out their nation to collaborate with the U.S. invaders. How could you bond with that?

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