The Grayzone: How Elite U.S. Groups Created Afghanistan’s Neoliberal President Ashraf Ghani

We keep hearing on FOX News that the United States should not recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. The Taliban are nothing but “terrorists.”

Who is the “legitimate” government of Afghanistan then? Whose government were we supposed to stay in Afghanistan to prop up indefinitely? Whose government lost so swiftly to the Taliban and mostly without a fight? Whose government were we spending billions of dollars to sustain?

Note: Imagine sitting across from Ashraf Ghani and going through the motions of this charade because you have internalized your own Washington neoliberal bullshit.

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  1. With no US military to babysit you, if you can’t fight for your country, then you really shouldn’t be running it.
    The Taliban fought for it…….so they can run it.
    Even if they run it badly, I really don’t care. It’s theirs to run badly or otherwise. All I ask is:- please don’t create push factors for citizens, and refrain from begging for endless wads of foreign aid. Show us you can run your own country without us mothering you.
    Over to you…

  2. >$100k a month
    >protected for 20 years by NATO security

    Surely it was known for many years to a great many people that the ‘democratization’ of Afghanistan was a paper thin (re money pun not intended) farce, a fraud that would quickly collapse — yet they played along, never saying or doing anything to expose it.

    • Interestingly enough, the word used for “opium” in Afghanistan is Greek:

      “Another sign that the opium poppy came late to Afghanistan is that there does not seem to be an original Persian name for the plant. In Afghanistan, a Turkic word – koknar – is used; kok mean [sic] ‘green’ and nar means ‘pomegranate’ (anar in Persian), which may be an allusion to the poppy pod’s shape. Opium is locally called taryak, which comes from the old Greek word theriac (7); in the Middle East and south Asia, this word is used more widely than just for opium. It denotes a substance or mixture used to treat pain, wounds and snakebites, and could refer to any number of various of plant and mineral origin including opium. In Sa’adi’s 13th century Golestan, one of the most outstanding works of classical Persian literature, for example, there is the line:

      “Before theriac arrives from Persia, the one bitten by the snake has already died.”

      (Footnote 7: The pomegranate and the poppy pod were often used as symbols of fertility in ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Turkey etc, because of the many seeds they contain. An opium pod contains up to 2000 seeds and more.

      The word “opium” itself might have travelled from east to west, with opium poppy being called apiphena in old Sanskrit scriptures … which later became afyun in Greek.)

      (“On the Cultural History of Opium – and how poppy came to Afghanistan” —Afghanistan Analysts Network)

      “Theriac” also appears—maybe a bit archaically—in English:

  3. Basically the masculine men in Afghanistan didn’t want the government the east coast college professors in the US imposed on them. They may seem thuggish to us but this is basically how human societies are supposed to operate, the masculine men come to a consensus and impose a civilization. Shows how anti natural our so called “democracy” is—we are subject to the disgusting whims of females. Even our Jewish influence is far, far worse under so called “democracy” than it would be in a parallel universe where 20th century America had a King. In previous civilizations all the Jews would do is bribe the aristocracy to keep them safe. But in this disgusting degeneration of human civilization they instead need to control the election outcomes by bribing the female voter, our unnatural boss. So we get this perverse culture intended to appease female sensibilities. Customized to the Utopianism in Anglo female culture, tinged with maternal protectionism for all the helpless blacks the barren, twenty something white woman substitutes with (along with cats) for the family the don’t have. Ad to that of course all the welfare give me for blacks and 3rd world immigrants and that bribe to the Duke to let them run a few seemingly usurious banks seems like a delightful alternative.

    • Re: “masculine men come to a consensus and impose a civilization. Shows how anti natural our so called ‘democracy’ is—we are subject to the disgusting whims of females (…) in this disgusting degeneration of human civilization they instead need to control the election outcomes by bribing the female voter, our unnatural boss. So we get this perverse culture intended to appease female sensibilities”:

      Reminds me of some verses of this Owain Glyndwr Day (16 September) nationalist song (translated): “When I think of my Wales, an ache comes to my heart, that the (Welsh) people aren’t man enough to demand freedom” and “A happiness comes to my heart, that if the people aren’t man enough, we must become men.”

    • (((They))) figured out in the second half of the 1700s that instead of continuing the Aristocratic/Monarchical system that you described, they’d be better off just creating a system in their own image, run by them, controlled by them, but fueled by Aryan productivity, work ethic…and greed.

      The American Revolution and French Revolution were ostensibly Aryan uprisings, but considering that Chaim Soloman financed George Washington, and considering the myriad theories about secret societies organizing the French Revolution, its obvious that Jewish families like the Rothschilds knew where their bread was gonna be buttered after the blood stopped running through the streets of Paris and the frozen wasteland of Valley Forge.

      I personally don’t think our race should “retvrn” to aristocracy, as that was a system that unfairly privileged elitist assholes who got off on lording it over their “natural inferiors,” but at the same time, every single Aryan society since 1789 has been run by Jews, for the benefit of Jews. For decades, they begrudgingly let the goyim benefit from their system in the form of longer life expectancy and more creature comforts, but ever since they vanquished their final foe in WW2, they’ve been slowly but surely taking away those comforts. Each new generation is now worse off then their parents.

      To me, the worst part of it all isn’t that Jews accomplished world domination – they are a clever, sublime race; always have been – but that Aryans went along with it. Such “Noble Ones” we are! Specifically, the Midwits went along with it. Happily, gleefully. SWPLs and Cuckservatives alike. Hate to say it, but many of “our people” unironically deserve to be replaced by non-whites. I have nothing in common with SWPLs, and cuckservatives are hopelessly unable to connect the dots. This world would be a better place if the Taliban was running it. Whites are indeed unworthy of ruling.

    • “Nightowl” – Another weak White male (MINO – male in name only) blaming all the problems on White women. PATHETIC.

  4. The coup that took place in resource-rich Guinea today, like nearly all recent coups in resource-rich African neo-colonies, is directly linked to the Empire’s “Operation Flintlock” and AFRICOM:,violent%20extremist%20activity%20inside%20the%20partner%20nations%E2%80%99%20borders. Guinea has the world’s largest bauxite (aluminum ore) reserves, and one of the largest reserves of high quality iron ore. A railway for shipping from the mines to the coast has recently been built. Guinea will continue to have a corporate-friendly puppet government, approved by France and the U.S. Neighboring Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) with much less natural wealth was not allowed to have a real socialist government. Thomas Sankara, who rejected foreign “aid” and brought national independence, peace and new prosperity, was soon removed.

    • I’ve been following the Guinea coup and it is proving to be just as I predicted. the U.S.-trained military regime will protect the interests (profits) of the global (Western) corporations, especially the bauxite mining interests. World aluminum prices jumped yesterday but will settle down now. The corporate-controlled “labour unions” in Guinea, which have connections to U.S.’s so-called labour unions, are on the side of the corporations (not the workers) and support the military takeover. The former president made some populist promises, but did nothing to help the people. Now he serves as scapegoat for the double-digit inflation and pandemic lack-of-healthcare disaster. Guinea under military rule will continue to contribute troops to the decades-long U.S. and French neocolonial war against Islamic “rebels” in Mali. Guinea is a paradigm of imperialism in Africa. Operation Flintlock excercises were held most recently in Burkina Faso, which had briefly acheived socialism and independence from “aid” but was overthrown and pushed back into French and U.S. “protection.”

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