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  1. Does the average Afghan know what a urinal is? If not, they should fit in well with life in a lot of modern American cities. Perhaps they should hold these classes on the streets of San Francisco.

    • Why hold any classes at all? As Miles W. Mathis said recently, this is just one more example that he describes:

      “The basic problem, as I see it, is that we are living in a time utterly devoid of real art. By that I mean art of beauty, subtlety and elevation. Sure, it still exists in museums, but almost nobody alive is now creating it. If they are, nobody cares. What is more, it didn’t just die out naturally. It has been killed with malice aforethought by the very people Steve Outtrim is outing: by the billionaires and trillionaires and their hirelings in the military, government, big tech, media, and academia. The death of real art and the rise of Modernism was not an organic fall and rise. It was planned and staged for various reasons which I have enumerated in hundreds of papers over three decades. “- http://mileswmathis.com/burn.pdf

    • Indeed. That is the Empire’s Achille’s Heel, the USD. One of the many paradoxes of the Empire is that it is dead in the water without an endless supply of USD yet the Empire, at the same time as it’s waging its merciless, stupid wars is wrecking the USD, its lifeline! Apparently they can’t help themselves, sort of like a heroin addict or an alcoholic.

      This is like the crew and survivors manning the lifeboats from the Titanic drilling holes in the lifeboats while waiting for rescue, perhaps because it’s ‘unfair’ that most people drowned but they didn’t. That is the level of thinking of the urban, cosmopolitan thinking class of geniuses who have graced us with one clusterfuck after another. They cannot improve, get better, change, repent or learn, they are as thick as a brick ultimately and they have been the anchor dragging us down to Hell for the last 75 years.

        • Maybe that’s what the U.S. Government will put in the water supply when things bad. There is probably some genius somewhere in the U.S. Government or one of its numerous “think tanks” (ha!) planning such a move now.

  2. And how many Afghans is Israel taking? The Jews and Israel had a major role in starting the war, so they should take their share. After all, having lots of aliens is a ‘source of security’ I’ve been told. I’d hate to see Israel miss out on that positive strength. 😉

  3. Teaching Duchamp in Kabul…I don’t think he would approved as the idea of the Fountain was itself a joke played on the pretentious. Or maybe he would have. That look on her face though. “Are these bints buying this bullshit, are they hell!” Priceless. I’d guess she was an Oxford or Cambridge graduate. What a nihilistic woman.

  4. Dreher probably encountered that clip watch Adam Curtis Bitterlake. Bitterlake is probably Curtis most solid documentary. The footage he dug up is alarming and it was done in 2010. Have you ever considered documentary production? It’s easy enough as you write in an essay format and have good takes on current events. They don’t even need to take on a WN or Confederate character.

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