Moving Forward

I spent the first seven months of the year covering the news and critiquing the Biden administration. This was easy enough to do because there was no shortage of material to work with. Everything that could possibly go wrong whether it was illegal immigration, crime, censorship, civil liberties, political correctness, “trans,” monument destruction, inflation, gas prices, homelessness went wrong.

Looking back on it, I was grateful that the Trump Show was over, which was an utterly demoralizing black cloud that seemed to overshadow everything for four years. There was some good news coming out of the Republican base. White racial attitudes seemed to have stiffened. There was growing support for secession. The Trump base had soured on corporations. Everything from sports to shopping was becoming deeply politicized and polarized. All of this remains true. We’re better off in some ways.

The thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the Republican leadership and their policy agenda. Donald Trump is gone for now, but Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are still around. Lindsey Graham is still around. The rest of the gang like Marjorie Taylor Greene are still around owning the libs. Joe Biden has plunged in the polls and it appears the Democrats will almost certainly lose power in the 2022 midterms. It is hard to see at this point how they turn it around. Maybe something will happen that will change this dynamic like a bold Supreme Court ruling that overturns Roe.

What does that mean though? Assuming the GOP returns to power in Congress, what will it do with that power? What can we expect from having Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy in power again in Washington? What will they do about anything? It is also becoming increasingly clear that Donald Trump intends to run again in 2024. Blumpf: Season Two will be reinvading Afghanistan to own the libs.

It has been sickening to watch these people for the last three weeks because it has revealed that they have no intention of changing anything. It will be back to corporate tax cuts and deregulation. It will be back to surges and troop deployments and warmongering to restore the “credibility” of the American Empire. It will be back to “rebuilding our military” which sees us as its “domestic enemy.” They will carry water for the “intelligence community” and shill for its agenda to own the libs. Above all else, we will return to endless grifting and cycles of backlash politics and giving these people power so that they can explain to us that there is nothing that they can do about anything for deep philosophical reasons like Gov. Kristi Noem.

It is vexing to think about the futility of all of it. I’m not sure what I am going to do, but the thought of Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy in power and the return of Trump is discouraging me from wanting to write about politics. Maybe I will do something else and return to writing about history for a while.

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  1. Nancy Reagan was right about one thing: JUST SAY NO. No more cooperation with the Empire of Evil. Act in any way you can individually to change the environment we live in. Do cooperate with like-minded people on the local level to place people who do not hate as a basis for power into formal positions of authority that can positively impact your life, such as a county sheriff, prosecutor, school board and county commission members, etc.
    At the state and national level, withhold your vote and your spending from candidates and organizations that project hate as their ticket to power. And by all means organize here as well to act as one against TPTB. History shows that those who want to win will win. It takes a willingness to fight forever and with those who are equally insecure. We have the numbers advantage. Time to march back into the institutions we abandoned to the selfish ones among us.

  2. Hopefully the Yellowstone Cauldera will erupt ending it all…

    The pickup trucks with massive Trump Flags are back….driven by young White Guys….with zero military experience….calling for Afghanistan to be bombed and re-occupied. White Republican War Hawk Chickenhawk “Manhood” at its finest!!!!

    • And don’t forget the pot-bellied boomers in Florida and their flotillas of noisy, oversized motorboats festooned with TRUMP/DESANTIS 2024 banners.

  3. @ I think the host of this site, has a peach of and idea, school is in session, history lessons and more history lessons, I find our history, inspiring, reinvigorating and comforting, in spite of what mr.”666 is my new york address”kirchner say’s, we do have options, for us and our kind, neither party offers anything, neither party brings anything to the table, thats not good enough for who and what we love, we wait and keep watch, hopefully when this is all over and we are once again, masters of our own house, the host of this site, could perhaps apply his teaching skills in history, at one of our southern institution’s of higher learning, piss on the politicians, they get off on us talking about the their sorry ass’es all the time.

  4. Big tech will keep Trump off Twitter and throttle any traffic to his campaign and he won’t do anything except make jackass press releases.

    No really, screencap this because I’ll bet my life that will happen.

  5. The Empire is falling apart before our eyes, and is grasping at totalitarianism because lf its flagging legitimacy and the growing undercurrent of mass dissent.

    When ZOG falls, its going to leave a tremendous vacuum. Unless you are planning on just going extinct, you could consider writing about what comes next, and even looking at the regional politics that all of a sudden will become incredibly important as states find themselves increasingly on their own.

    Ours isn’t the first civilization to undergo this process.

    National politics are poison. Start looking at States.

    Anything but going back to talking about Modernism cause, I can’t even.

    Its gonna be alright Brad.

    • We’ve already discussed modernism and explained why these people are the way that they are. The destruction of monuments and hatred of the past is inseparable from modernism and inspired by it, but we have already covered it

  6. Even if the GOP takes power back in 2022, nothing will change for the better. It will just be the GOP’s turn to loot the coffers.

  7. The worst thing for Whites is if Trump runs again. Everyone needs to agitate against Trump as an anti-White billionaire zionist stooge. Relentlessly attacked the grift-right like Fuentes. More Trump would be even more devastating to Whites than his first term.

  8. We should be campaigning to stop the GOP from winning anything. We want to be publicly anti-GOP. If white nationalism is going to ever succeed, we must make a hard break with the GOP. Nothing would be better than a high profile alt-right effort to sabotage the GOP’s plans to take back the House.

  9. I understand the disgust with Trump and the GOP. Obviously the midterms flipping in their favor won’t do anything positive, but Trump attempting to run for re-election will undoubtedly further accelerate the end of the empire.

    Every opportunity to further demask the “cloud people” and expose them for what they are is a good thing. They won’t allow Trump to win. He will not be allowed to buy campaign ads. He will be completely muted, but the Red State base will know what is going on, and it will piss then off even more.

    We don’t need to see any of this as legitimate. It is the illegitimacy of it all that matters, and will ultimately be the demise of the empire. Bring on the illegitimacy!!

  10. White boycott of the military would end all this. Gonna happen anyway, the military will be majority non-white and led by non-whites in a couple of decades or less. AOC, or someone like her will be President and a Stacey Abrams will be Secretary of Defense. The military and the economy will both collapse. Why fight for a dying system? It reminds me of soldiers in Vietnam dying for Vietnamization in 1970 or 71.

  11. We need to go state and local.

    Make critical race theory in public schools, opposition to BLM riots, opposing open anti White affirmative action the issues.

    There will/must be local heroes like David Duke out there in places like Tennessee and Alabama.

    The fake, wife the flag, support the Neo Con Zog wars distractions aren’t really there anymore.

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