Nigel Farage: Joe Biden Has Taken America Back To Total Isolationism

My disgust with these people is growing by the day.

Nigel Farage is correct about Donald Trump. As president, Donald Trump deferred to the Pentagon, showered corrupt defense contractors with record military spending, empowered neocons like John Bolton, “Mad Dog” Mattis and Mike Pompeo, gave MIGA and Israel everything it ever wanted, escalated all our wars, escalated tensions with Russia, China and Iran, expanded NATO, tried and failed to overthrow the governments of Iran and Venezuela and ultimately failed to follow through on his own campaign promises. He outsourced his foreign policy to Lindsey Graham, Sheldon Adelson and Senate Republicans. The bar was so low with Trump that his greatest accomplishment was that he didn’t start a new war in his first term. Apparently, he now regrets that and wants to reinvade Afghanistan to own the libs. He now says that he never would have pulled troops out of Bagram Air Force Base. He never would have left Afghanistan.

Donald Trump campaigned in 2016 on getting out of these stupid wars and rebuilding this country which is why we supported him in the first place. Has anyone noticed that he did the exact opposite of what he said he would do? He passed a mega corporate tax cut and cranked up defense spending. He failed to pass an infrastructure bill which went nowhere in the Republican Senate and became a running joke. He didn’t withdraw American troops from anywhere. He ordered it and the Pentagon said no to him.

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  1. Please define ‘isolationist’ to me. Why is the onus on America to NOT be isolationist? Why can’t they just fix problems on home soil?
    If the Taliban is legitimised, it should incentivize them to lift their game.
    I always knew Blair was a warmongering shitlib bitch, but expected better from Farage. He is generally anti refugee. So why support more war that creates push factors for would be refugees?
    Fact is:- Taliban fought for THEIR country, so they deserve to control it. A winner is a winner. Deal with it.

  2. Bagram ought to have been the final position for the evacuation, but it had to be vacated. Trump is bonkers.

  3. “Total isolationism”? Highly doubtful. I don’t see our troops leaving Europe any time soon. And remember that Trump was the one who negotiated withdrawal with the Taliban.

    Corporation tax was a good thing: didn’t go far enough. US business taxes are already too high and a disincentive to domestic investment. Such taxes needed to be lowered in tandem with increased import tariffs on Chinese manufactures.

  4. I WANT ANGLO ISOLATIONISM! God commands racial purity, and moral purity as well.

    Thanks, Nigel, but do you seriously think we WANT what you and your multiculti partners (including the House of Windsor) have done to England, you scum from hell?

    Anathema sit. “Come out of her, and be ye separate, saith the Lord.” II Cor. 6:17

  5. >Nigel Farage: Joe Biden Has Taken America Back To Total Isolationism

    He says that like it’s a bad thing.

    Farage was good at helping convince people in the UK to leave the EU — but on many other political issues, including important ones, he’s very conventional and therefore useless — a prime example: while Brexit means EU nationals can no longer easily move to and live/work in the UK, legal/regular migration from outside the EU, including from some of the worst non-white shitholes in the world (like Bangladesh), continues as before — but he says nothing about that.

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