Gen. Mark Milley Delivers Speech On 9/11 Anniversary

I experienced 9/11 as a bolt out of the blue.

I was 20 years old at the time, a normie and a sophomore at Auburn University. I was just beginning to develop my political views. I had voted for the first time in the 2000 election for Al Gore. It was only later that I came to understand that 9/11 was the ultimate example of blowback to American imperialism in the Middle East. The event was covered by the “journalists” who ignored the context.

In reality, the CIA had anticipated the attack all summer. They knew it was coming. It was the culmination of a long train of events going back over 20 years into my childhood and adolescence. The Pentagon and the CIA had been meddling in the region for decades. They had literally gestated and created the jihadists who attacked us on 9/11 with the assistance and support of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The attack on the World Trade Center in New York City overshadowed the attack on the Pentagon. The horror and shock of that day and the rage that followed also completely overshadowed why the World Trade Center was targeted in the first place. The targets were all chosen as symbols of American power.

The reason that 9/11 happened and everything that followed in its wake like the Iraq War and ISIS is because of people like Gen. Mark Milley and the “intelligence community” who are committed to ruling the world. They were ones who created the resentments that exploded that day.

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  1. After Oliver Cromwell became the Trojan Horse to allow back the jews into Britain
    which resulted in the jews Bank of England.
    Rothschild sent his 5 sons to the capitals of Europe to ferment and agitate for war then loan the money at huge interest to do so.
    America was a slightly different nut to crack, all those high flyers opposed to Rothschild setting up the Federal Reserve, were given free tickets for a luxury cruise liners first departure, to give them time to think about opposing the jews plans.
    A few smelt a rat and backed out at the last minute, but a lot went off merrily
    on the maiden voyage of the Titanic.
    We are told the Titanic hit an iceberg, but this is not so, it was driven at full speed into one, and over 1500 lives were lost, but Rothschild got his federal Reserve
    and to pay for Rothchilds first world war, a new tax, temporary they were told was being imposed called Income tax.
    No one really knew what the war was about and codswallop stores about an Archduke being shot by a jewish nut job was blamed
    No one knew where sarajevo was or why they were going to war over some jewboy shooting this guy.
    W W 2 often called by experts Rothschilds war, when they are all Rothschild wars
    was over Germany taking control of its own finances and becoming prosperous
    so again the news papers did the sabre rattling and more millions died
    but Rothschild became the richest man ever through the interest on the interest to the war loans.
    So the jews 9/11 is nothing new, its just what the jews have always done

  2. The first thing to realize is that the “War on Terror” was fake. The end of the Cold War in 1990 presented a serious problem for the American empire. The threat of communism could no longer justify massive wartime military budgets and a worldwide system of military bases. It could no longer justify American military intervention to protect corporate interests whenever a nation’s political establishment threatened change. The easy profits from military contracts decreased as peace spread throughout the world. The solution was an extensive propaganda campaign to replace the threat of communism with the threat of terrorism.

    • Keeping an institution going is the primary goal of an institution. The reason an institution came into being is secondary or doesn’t matter at all. I remember when the March of Dimes was raising money to find a cure for polio. The cure got found in the mid Fifties but March of Dimes didn’t disband. I believe they got into birth defects and have been there ever since.

  3. jews and the jewed out jew controlled CIA did 911…not brown idiots who worship allah in their moon cult of pedophilia.

    • Hunter please delete this comment – violates OD sensible comment guidelines against unsubstantiated conspiracy theory lunatic stuff.

      Yes, Muhammad Ata and his nasty, ugly Islamic terrorists did this horrible 9-11-01 same as they have done so many similar/same mass suicide murder bombings in France, Belgium, Manchester England.

      Was the sack of Constantinople, Battle of Algiers complete with the total ethnic cleansing of all White Europeans from formerly French Algeria in 1962 when French Algeria was turned over to Arab Muslim majority rule?

      Jews are of course heavily involved in 9-11-01 and most, all Islamic attacks, sexually grooming our girls because the Jews always ALWAYS open the immigration, migrant Muslim invasions of Europe, White societies.

      Just look at how all the anti White Jews went nuts when newly president Trump said he would curtail Muslim immigration. That bitch former Secretary of State Jewess Madeline Albright said she would convert to Islam to protest this racist act.

      Sorry folks 9-11-01 weird conspiracy theory is horrible for us.

      It should be the obvious propaganda event that gets us to end all bad Muslim and just 3rd world Immigration, student visas.

      The Swiss Peoples’ Party uses 9/11 as a main propaganda issue and the Swiss People’s Party is the #1 party in Switzerland.

      Hunter please delete this comment.

      • It’s more than obvious that most Middle Eastern nations are being set up as enemies of the US, due to our policies based on being controlled by one other nation.
        It’s obvious when we have gone into almost every Middle Eastern nation for one reason or another.
        I don’t want them here…but they are not what is destroying white civilization.
        You call it “a conspiracy theory”, but then strike back with your own.

  4. You did not experience 9/11 at all. You simply watched TV. Just like you didn’t experience the Bali bombings or the Madrid subway attacks. Ten years ago, you were explicit that you didn’t care because “nobody from around here died.” Besides, you don’t consider “America” your nation, so it was just something that happened a thousand miles away to a different people in a different country.

    • Yeah, pretty much.

      It was something that I watched on television. I was horrified by it at the time though. I was a normie. I’m pretty sure there are still posts that I made at the time on the internet, shortly after I discovered Stormfront, about how we should bomb the hell out of them. I think that is in my SPLC profile. But yeah, no one from around here died until the wars began in Iraq and Afghanistan

      • @Hunter Wallace
        I was a horrified normie watching it on TV too. I followed your trajectory almost exactly, though joined places like Stormfront years later.

        I later outgrew all that stuff and follow Southerners almost exclusively, because you guys have hundreds of years living under the heal of the US Empire, and have learned from it, and are the most rational. The other groups follow ideologies that appeared and failed, or were annihilated by the US Empire less than 100 years ago. Experience matters.

        “Besides, you don’t consider “America” your nation”

        America was never a nation, it was a collection of settler nations from the UK and Europe. Some of of these nations were lunatic religious cults that burned witches in America and started fracticidal wars in Europe and the UK. Later these nations were forced into a liberal empire by the tyrant Abraham Lincoln. “America” is now an entity controlled by jews and their upper class white liberal muscle, ever punching down on the white right wing conservative working class.

        You should move back North to be with your own people, and stop hectoring Southerners. Like all your kind, you think you own other people, but you are wrong. Go home, Yankee!

        • @John

          I was born and raised in the South, my ancestors fought against the tyrant Lincoln. The South you LARP about doesn’t exist anymore. More real Southerners care about watching blacks play college football than anything to do with old Dixie.

          Besides I moved out of America long ago. So you are barking up the wrong tree. I wouldn’t live in Alabama if you paid me – too many blacks, thanks to our Southern ancestors.

      • I was at the LOS meeting in Pine Level this afternoon, HW. Standing no more than 5 feet away from you at one point. But you were busy talking with Pastor Edwards. They say you should never try to meet your heroes. *sniff*

          • I was there, HW! I paid the $25 entrance fee and have the receipt to prove it! But I saw you were busy and didn’t wish to interrupt. I was hoping you might autograph my complimentary issue of The Free Magnolia, though.

  5. Huh? The CIA and Pentagon anticipated 9/11 because they helped coordinate it. Even Ron Unz is onboard now. Hunter needs to review James Corbett on this one. I was a holdout until maybe 2015. Now I’m embarrassed I ever believed the lies of our occupational government. Why would Al Quada target the Pentagon’s budget office obliterating all evidence of the missing $23 trillion? Such chutzpah.

    • There’s a case to be made that Al Qaeda was acting in concert with the CIA and Mossad. ISIS is obviously an instrument of Mossad for example. Why not AQ? Their action only benefitted Israel. Did no good for ordinary Arabs in Arabia. It’s impossible not to notice the long term beneficiaries of the Attack.

  6. Nobody wants to tell how a bunch of Muslims with box cutters brought down building seven, nor why so many many Jews were arrested immediately after the attack and so few Muslims. I mean a Muslim terror attack must have had Muslims ground support, no? Where were they and why such a heavy Jew involvement? Don’t count on those Irish General to give you any answers, they put out for Moshiach.

  7. 9/11 gave us the Patriot Act, the Dept. of Homeland Security, and government officials defending torture, not to mention another undeclared, unconstitutional war.

  8. My first impression on 9-11 of buildings falling was that it looked like demolitions. I didn’t think that because I believed they were demolitions (I didn’t). At the time there was a reality program on demolitions showing on TDC, and what happened on 9-11 looked to me like what happened on every episode that I had watched.

    Later that night or week (I don’t remember the timeline) I saw coverage of the Israeli art students, dancing Israelis and the Israeli movers on Fox News (Mike Von Fremd, if I remember correctly) which raised suspicions, as did the convenient passport of a highjacker that was found on the still smoking ruins of the towers. It didn’t give me the warm and fuzzies for Muslims, but I didn’t want to kill them all, either. I had just enough information to keep my mistrust in the people running America, whatever happened.

    • I thought the same thing. They look like demolitions. It seemed very odd that some Muslims could just hijack a plane out of the airport like that and fly it right into a building.

    • I think it was Brit Hume who covered the massive Israeli intelligence operation in the US during 2001. It was scrubbed from FOX News sometime afterward.

      I was surprised the towers fell. I remember reading about a WW2 bomber that accidentally struck the Empire State building in 1945 and that building was restored.

      I used to think “Why bother with the planes if you’ve planted explosives? Why go through the risk of hijacking planes?” Immediately, it occurred to me that if the planes couldn’t be relied on to bring the towers down, you would use explosives and the planes would serve as an excellent distractor.

      I think 9/11 was really jewish lightning on a grand scale.

      If you’re going to do a conspiracy, might as well go big so no one will believe it and dismiss anyone pushing conspiracy as a nutcase or unpatriotic.

      • The force of a B-17 hitting a building isn’t anywhere close to those jet airliners. I don’t think it was a demolition. I think it’s fine to debate the true planners of the event, though.

  9. The best reading for 9/11 is this essay by Gabriel García Márquez titled “Why Allende had to Die” – on the U.S. and fascist destruction of Chilean socialism and the barbaric assassination of democratically-elected President Allende that took place on September 11th 1974:

    Also don’t forget 34 years ago today U.S. proxies carried out a massacre in Haiti while trying to assassinate the socialist priest Jean Bertrand Aristide, who survived to be elected president, the best president Haiti ever had, but was overthrown and removed by the U.S.

    • I don’t have much sympathy for Allende but Pinochet was Shlomo’s right hand man in Chile. Hugo Chavez is another. On the right side of history but I wouldn’t want him as my leader.

    • Most of the world regards September 11 as the day in 1973 when the CIA staged a coup to overthrow Salvador Allende.

  10. Just before WTC7 came down, a BBC bitch reported that the decision had been made to “PULL IT”. Then it collapsed straight down into itz basement, just like the Twin Towers did.

    As for the towers, the official boilerplate explaining their neat & orderly fall is that the weight of the floors above the planes crashing into those below caused a domino effect; this by itself seems plausible – but it does not account for the huge core of massive steel beams that were the backbones of the buildings: common sense indicates that they should have remained standing hundreds of feet in the sky as the concrete floors pancaked around them.

    They of course didn’t.

    Molten metal continued to burn at very high temperatures long after the collapse.

    No one with any sense needs more than that to schmell a huge kike rat – but there’s a shit-ton more.

  11. Sorry, Hunter, but you are clueless when it comes to 9-11. Did too watch building 7 fall? Hope you were watching BBC, they announced the fall 30 minutes before it happened.

    And the 5 dancing Saudis on the Jersey side. Who said later on Saudi tv they were there “to document the event.”

    Or were they little hats, not Saudis? And was it Israeli tv? Yes, I believe so.

    And why did about two thousand Jews not show up for work that day in those buildings? It was a regular work day. A Jew who worked there and was later a Federal Senator said he got “the Jewish call” (from Mossad) warning him not to go to work that day.

    It’s a little late to be following the ZOG script on this.

    NORAD stood down, completely. Bin Laden ordered NORAD to stand down from a cave in Afghanistan? Look a little closer to home on that one.

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