Post 9/11 Wars: A Defeat of Western Values

You won’t hear any of this on cable television which has quite literally become nothing but a mouthpiece for Pentagon and CIA imperialist propaganda. Far more veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have committed suicide since the conflict than died on either 9/11 or in combat. This is the most damning indictment of all of the “strategy” and “mission” over there.

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    And it’s Irish cockroach Sean Hannity’s racket

    Sean Hannity a Chickenhawk Warhawk Fart Joke Coward…..

    The gruesome consequences of Sean Hannity’s racket are those Wounded Warrior Project Infomercials where Native Born White American White Men who were de-limbed in Afghanistan-Iraq…some missing parts of their faces and brain….beg for money……

    That other Warhawk Chickenhawk Coward Bill O’Rielly….I almost got into a fist-fight with O’Rielly in the Book Review one night when I called him a Chickenhawk Warhawk Coward(The Book Review has sadly sold its last book yesterday)…

    • Racket for us. Germans bravely defended their people and Europe until they were bombed and raped into submission by our heroes The Greatest Generation.

  2. Brad

    Two interesting books for you:

    Keynes book on the terms of the peace…

    And a book by Bertrand Russell on WW1 where Russell made the case for Britain to stay out of WW1…I think it was Russell’s book on German Social Democracy…

    • Who is going to fight to save this monster? It has to die and if the corpse sporulates the spores need to be tracked down and sterilized. It wasn’t our generation that got to go to Mars but maybe we can set this right for future generations.

  3. Secession is our only choice. ORION is our only Hope. Christ is our only Ethnarch.

    And, for those rebellious sons of Adam, STFU.
    Jesus was not a Jew

    • But He was (in the flesh) one of the “REAL Israelites,” I presume.

      That is confusion, and moreover, it is heretical.

      You could say Jesus was not a Pharisee, but Paul the chief apostle and human author of most of the NT was a Pharisee.

      • Do you mean like once you were a thinking human being, and then actually came to believe your bulls*it? I don’t think so.

    • Father John, thank you for some of these links. I am reading “Jesus was not a J” right now. It is incredibly interesting

  4. This phenomena predates 9/11. I lost a cousin who served for a polonged period in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 90’s. Killed himself with an intentional OD of painpills.

    My father never fully recovered from Vietnam, in which he served not in theater but as communications and signals intelligence stationed in the pacific relaying information about what was really going on. Needless to say it wasn’t easy listening to a war through a headset helpless to do anything but report. His lifelong depression led him to self destruct. He had his first stroke when I was about 12, and was never the same man again, slowly let himself die over 7 more years.

    For those of you that ridicule me as a warhawk for not being opposed to all wars or violent conquests, understand I know the price. Vietnam and Bosnia in the 90’s were quagmires. There was no path to victory. Victory is the salve that heals wounds of war that afflict the soul, give closure. We didn’t have a pandemic of suicides after WW2 even though its clear now we probably were the bad guys.

    The Vikings never navel gazed about conquest. Or the Saxons even after being forcefully converted to Christianity. Or the Celts. Our people weren’t gay pacifists at any point in history. They are and have always been fighters.

    War is hell. The difference is the leadership. The soldier is always the same, through all the ages.

    • There is no substitute for victory. Same time, who was victorious in the San Fran earthquake?

    • Bombing White Christian Serbs to save some sorry Muslims was yet another clear sign that the West had lost any sense of self-preservation.

  5. Jim Bob……… lost an eye, a leg and your hearing. You feel guilty over people you were obligated to kill. You lost your marriage………but Israel and the Pentagon thanks you for your sacrifice. You helped to spread feminism and LGTBQ rights……….one body at a time.

  6. Global Times is much too kind and moderate. The official death toll it states here for all the wars combined is grossly inaccurate.

  7. Value number one is no harm shall come to the innocent. Guilt is what drives a moral man to kill himself. Guilt in harming those who meant him no harm, because of some Irish general needs another star on his shoulder.

  8. I was hoping that the beginning of a third party movement might come out of this, where the alt right and the anti war people would finally detach themselves from these damn flag wavers pretending that they are conservatives in the Republican Party.

  9. Every year we are gong to have to hear about 9-11 on every channel but what you wont hear on all the propaganda networks and shows is the truth and who was really behind it. Instead, the prostitutes will drone on and on about irrelevant BS.

  10. “Western” values are feminism, faggotry, and negro-worship under Jewish supremacy. The defeat of such “values” is not only a good thing, it’s ultimately inevitable.

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