Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

I haven’t had the time to sit down and respond to this.

I’ve been busy working on my speech and with the League of the South conference this weekend. Joe Biden announced his vaccine mandate the night before the conference when I was focused on summing my thoughts on American imperialism and the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Here are my thoughts on this:

  1. The vaccine mandate is driven by politics and specifically by Joe’s declining poll numbers on COVID with Independents. COVID was the issue that got Joe Biden elected president. For months, the Biden administration led the public to believe that “hot vax summer” was coming and pitched July the 4th as “Independence Day” from COVID and the public is angry and frustrated over how there seems to be no end to the pandemic because of the Delta variant.
  2. The polls show that the people who have been vaccinated blame the unvaccinated for prolonging the pandemic. Joe Biden is responding to the mounting political pressure from his own side to take it out on the unvaccinated and impose mandates.
  3. As with the CDC’s new eviction moratorium, this will be immediately challenged in court. Joe Biden himself has said that he doesn’t have the power to do it, but that he went ahead and did it anyway. My guess is that the mandate will be swiftly challenged and go down in court.
  4. Major corporations and lots of small businesses have been given the green light and will go ahead with their own mandates anyway.
  5. COVID has become an endemic virus in the United States and will probably never go away. It will still be circulating a century from now like H1N1. HIV is an endemic virus that has killed millions.
  6. The vaccine mandate is a culture war issue for both sides. Both the Democrats and Republicans would prefer to fight a fake battle over vaccine mandates or wearing masks than issues they would prefer to ignore. As long as people are focused on vaccines, they are not focused on other things which are going on like millions of illegal aliens crossing the border.
  7. The politicians love these issues which generate enormous heat and division. They love to posture on these issues and fundraise off them and DO NOTHING about them. It is like when Trump sends you texts about how you need to join the Diamond Club and DONATE NOW to stop Antifa.
  8. Ordinary people are deeply invested in the issue. The issue is ultimately about people who don’t feel like they have any control over events or representation in politics insisting on their right to control their own health and their own bodies. It is a real line in the sand for them. The other side of the debate insists that they know better and on their right to exert power over those people in the name of public health and science. COVID isn’t the real issue. It is a flashpoint in a larger divide.
  9. COVID is an endemic virus which is never going away. The fight over the vaccine mandate is as pointless as fighting over annual flu shots. In my view, it will just stir up more bitterness and polarization which is pointless because the virus is never going to be eradicated. It is really a futile gesture. Even if everyone complied with the vaccine mandate, COVID is not going away.
  10. At some point, the public will just lose interest in the issue and come to grips with reality which is living with COVID. We live with the HIV pandemic which never went away. We just lost interest.

Politicians are using the vaccine mandate to stoke and capitalize on division. They are continuing to rip apart the social fabric. If your hope is that ZOG or the American Empire will fall apart due to its own internal loss of cohesion, you can’t help but be pleased with this.

Note: Lately, I have been in the strange position of criticizing the politicians and the government for their authoritarianism, militarism and imperialism. I don’t support vaccine mandates because I don’t relish bullying people into doing something that they don’t want to do. I don’t like wielding power over people like that at home or abroad. I also don’t spy on people. I don’t want to lord it over foreigners. The people who actually have these impulses and goals are projecting their values on me.

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    • Re: “the covid lie”: The vrus is real, and Hunter’s statement on the mandate is almost perfect. I agree with it and would add only that I think it is POSSIBLE to eradicate this disease, and other endemic diseases if we had a better system that did what government should do, a government really of the people that people could trust. (Unfortunately the U.S.’s mixed and atomized “homeland” population is not really a people.)

      • America is the world’s first “Anti-Nation” in that it makes war on all expressions of true nationalism both at home and abroad.

        • @HS – “Anti-Nation” is brilliance, first time seeing that description, t/y for it.
          I’m using it forward – will credit source, “an intelligent commenter I read at an intelligent internet blog.”

          USAY2K: An, “anti-nation; a land that tried, and succeeded, in destroying everything that had made it a nation in the first place.

      • @anonymous Biden said he would not force illegals to get the vaccine. They aren’t even testing them, just letting them walk right in. So this vaccine is for whites. Think about that one.

  1. This very much looks like act of desperation. The question is what their goal is ? Let’s say they get their wish and people get injected. Then what ?

    This thing looks like our coup 1991. Our commies brought tanks to the street in hope to launch pro communist revolution. When nobody showed up then they had no ideas what to do next.

    Now your commies hope to launch war between vaxx and notvaxx. If this does not happen, then what ?
    If war does happen, how they can keep economy and USD afloat and keep their power ?

    • Ultimately it is about control.Vaccine passports give government greater control and when you combine vaccine passports with digital currency, the control extends to your buying and selling. Obey or go forage in the woods for food.

      It is all in preparation for the Moshiach, the anti-Christ, the son of perdition, the Jew messiah, what ever you want to call him. And it is all being done out of the Jew hatred for Christ, his teachings, and Gods laws. The Jews are rebelling against God and we will see what God has in store for the kyke people.

      • According to the bible and most Christians, the Jews are God’s Chosen People. I don’t find that god worthy of any worship or praise. He obviously hates us.

  2. Putting aside all the 9/11 crying, our borders are more wide open today than they were 20 years ago, or even last year.

  3. You have to fight back on this. Every kid that gets a bad reaction to the vaccine is being murdered. This frightened old man deserves no sympathy. Throw the bum out and crush his party.

  4. Map of USA states, now 26 of 50, declared to oppose Biden national vax mandate

    Visibly the heartland versus elite-dominated northeast and west coast … the lines of national break-up

    Tho these states are mostly so far just ‘going to court’ and perhaps will accept whatever the black-robed courthouse gang decides

    It’s funny that in his Zero Hedge article ‘Say No to Joe Biden’s Call for Civil War’ … Tom Luongo yet urged that:
    “If the Federales comes to Tallahassee, Gov. DeSantis should quietly meet them with force and arrest them.”

    Which is exactly a popular scenario of how the next civil war would start … A state arrests some feds, more feds are sent in, other states support, national guard units called out, militias are deputised, national troops start to defect, lone wolf vets take out the power grid etc

    There’s enough anti-vax sentiment out there thinking mRNA Pfizer Moderna etc vax is a ‘kill shot’ with much death in a 2-to-10 year time frame – with some truly big-wig scientists showing data toward this view (Nobel Prize winner Dr Luc Montagnier, mRNA co-developer Dr Robert W Malone) … people are truly ready to shoot over the issue of forced vaxing

    God help us all

  5. If Trump had won the election, the Democrats would be the anti-vaxers.


    It is going to be *painful* watching the anti-vaxers campaign for Trump, while he calls himself ‘The Father of the Vaccine, who saved 100 million lives!’. Almost as *painful* as it was watching ‘those who warn us about Jews’, campaign for Trump, ‘the most Zionist president in history!’

    I would not take the vax regardless of who is in the White House. I won’t take ivermectin as a preventative either. I have practiced natural health for decades, and it has served me very well thus far, so I’m not changing.

  6. Biden here has clean smart politics. If the mandate sticks, he can take credit for wrapping up the pandemic. If not, he can blame the GOP death cult if the unvaccinated keep getting infected. It is also Trumpian in the way it changes the subject, and a twofer, since lolbert kooks damage the GOP’s reputation with swing voters on health care.

    • The idea of Covid19 vaccines injected into children is evil. They’ve no vulnerability to the disease unless already diabetic, obese and downssyndrome. Mass childhood vaccines for this are stupid as fuck. Don’t let this old cunt do it.

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