Historic Monuments Anchor Us To The Past

Sam Dickson had an interesting take at the League of the South conference about historic monuments and the energy that we have invested in defending these symbols.

The existence of Confederate monuments legitimize and anchor us to lots of places like Charlottesville and Richmond which are long gone. Maybe it is better for us that the monuments are coming down. Silent Sam once stood on the campus of University of North Carolina. The monument angered some students and university professors, but it also kept other people invested in a leftwing institution.

Should Confederate monuments stand in the public square outside of communist courts or universities dominated by anarchist mobs? Would it be better in the long run to erect communist or anarchist monuments in these public places instead? Perhaps idols of George Floyd? If the public monuments matched what was going on inside these institutions, would they be seen by the public in a better light? Should we pretend that communist courts and their show trials and Two Minute Hates and their verdicts based on social justice bear any resemblance to what we used to call justice?

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  1. They are down, but not out. The Confederate memorials will one day be reconstituted. Maybe in privately owned Confederate parks. Lee and others should never have fallen- they were taken down because they were white resistors. https://bethemonument.com/

  2. @ In a sane world, the monuments wouldn’t be an issue, this clearly demonstrates that we are not masters of our own house, at the moment, but that can change and change quickly, soon we will have new monuments too new heroes, going along side, new monuments to our old hero’s, our flesh and blood folk, our priority number one, don’t play their game, concerning the monuments now, we will straighten things out in due time, stay at your post, stay ready.

    • There’s a lot of distance between us and our Confederate ancestors, I think that’s the main problem. If I were in my 20’s I would find it hard to relate to the struggles of a g-g-g-g-g-great grandfather. How many even have a clue who there g-g-g-g-g-great grandfather was, or even if he was a Confederate? Many are lucky to know who their father is today. LOL.

      Then there are the Roman Catholics and Jews who have little or no skin in the game so to speak. Because their ancestors were still in old Europe at the time of the Civil War/WBTS. Most of whom didn’t see America until well after 1900. I’m sure there were exceptions that Catholics and Jews will raise—but—exceptions don’t make the rule. Particularly, when the exceptions are a couple of tenths of one percent.

      • @Krafty – It is truly tragic and self-destructive to be so ignorant of the past; especially your own. This is why people, particularly people, are so unmoored from reality, and so easily corrupted.
        If you don’t know who your people are, you don”t know what you have to loose.

        Look into the subject of genealogy. Willful ignorance is inexcusable.

        • This is so true. Our ancestors go back to prehistoric times, struggling to survive the four seasons in Europe. Their fight is still our fight, although people today consider themselves way above early man. But early Europeans were probably stronger and smarter than us, because they were able to survive by their wits. When you look at modern people going camping, versus how the Cro-Magnons lived, it’s quite apparent. The early Greeks, the Hellenics, also were highly intelligent.
          As you said, we are tied by the genetic thread among us, and it’s the only bond that is not artificial or made up.

  3. It would be interesting to hear his speech, will it be available somewhere? I think back to the beginning of this removal effort throughout the South and what took place in Kentucky. Rather than fight for these monuments to remain where they were, it would have been better to have supported their relocation to areas where they would have been appreciated. When the University of Louisville wanted the Confederate monument gone the nearby town of Brandenburg was happy to have it, no need to go into what separates Louisville from Brandenburg that should be obvious to OD readers.

  4. Most important is that people remember where the memorials are. Or their pieces. So memorials will be not completely lost.

    After WW II when commies blew up Eastern Europe memorials , people hide pieces or at least remembered their locations. Commies used blown up memorial of fallen anti communist schoolboys as filling under airport. After collapse of Soviet Union, our guys dug up almost 500 meters of airport runaway because one guy remembered were the pieces were buried and sculptors restored memorial by original photos.

    It is completely possible to recover destroyed history when people believe that communism will not last forever and act accordingly,

  5. If we are going to insist outer image reflect inner substance then the canton of the United States flag should contain a single red star under a gold hammer and sickle since cultural Marxism is now the domiant ideology of the United States. It is as if the U.S. won the Cold War economocally but lost its culturally and then politically because when you lose the culture you lose the politics.

  6. At this point in time I totally support the removal of Confederate names from U.S. Army bases. Why should our brave and noble commanders be tarnished by associated with the Globohomo’s mercs?

  7. This is exactly what I have been saying for a few years now. I believe I even dropped a comment or two here along these lines.

    Since I believe the goal should be for Whites to develop a mindset similar to Poles in the late USSR, these monuments are only counterproductive for us. They give Whites a false sense that this is “our country,” and only serve to stoke patriotardism and loyalty to the American regime. Whites need to just fully disengage from America and any feelings of loyalty or duty to it. It’s not ours. Whites need to understand that we are conquered and occupied people. This is not “our” government or country. I don’t even use the pronouns like “we” in reference to America, because there is no collective American “we.”

    • Most people aren’t aware enough to get that. They don’t even know where their ancestors came from, nor do they care.

  8. Still defeating the South on a day to day basis after 160 years — the Republican Party.

    These South bashers/haters are no longer too timid to admit they are for taking down the monuments even though the general population is still against removing these historical markers. How many Republicans have already cast the deciding vote(s) on monument removals in the last decade? Is anyone keeping score? Silent Sam had no protection even though Republicans were in the majority of those deciding his fate.

    And sure Trump’s words sound great but they are like paper money not backed by precious metals and worthless. The best thing that could happen is that the Republicans never win another election and the Left drives the Yankee Empire into the dustbin of history never to be seen again. We at least then have a chance to survive.

    May God Save the South!

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