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    • Her very large nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc does…and this is the fundamental point the “‘Democrats stole the election’’ Trump Voters don’t understand….the election was rigged back in 1965…Hillary won the election demographically….with Biden it was the demographic line that was really crossed no turning back..

    • We don´t true, but the enemy does she is one of theirs

      The massive military and intelligence complex is to decend on the South and Fly-over country
      Now the evil deeds and horror the US caused overseas is coming home to roost

  1. As always, my advice to all dissidents is to fight back against the cultural leftist power nodes by via economic warfare.

    Boycott Hollywood-
    Cancel cable TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.
    Don’t go to the movies
    Don’t rent movies
    Sell any DVDs or Hollywood merchandise currently in your possession
    Stop using Hollywood points of reference in casual conversations

    Boycott Wall Street-
    Never pay interest. Save and buy with cash.
    Never pay insurance. Live a safe and healthy lifestyle, and you won’t need insurance.
    Never pay rent. Young adults, live with your parents until you’ve saved enough to buy your own place with cash.

    Boycott the federal government-
    Stop buying luxuries subject to federal excise tax (alcohol, tobacco)
    Minimize purchase of necessities subject to federal excise tax (gasoline, firearms, ammunition, fishing gear)
    Don’t visit any National parks that charge an entrance fee
    Give to rightwing or Christian charities to increase your itemized deductions and thus reduce your federal income tax liability
    Minimize your use of the post office.

    Boycott blue state governments-
    If you liven a blue state:
    minimize your purchase of goods subject to state sales tax
    don’t spend money on any home improvements which would increase your property tax liability

    Never pay your bills early. Don’t give any hostile institutions a penny more than you absolutely need to, and don’t give it to them a day before you need to.

    Boycott liberal academia-
    Tell your sons to use college strictly as vocational training, to be obtained as cheaply as possible (a classic liberal arts education is unfortunately no longer available)
    Tell your daughters to get married.
    Don’t donate to your alma mater
    Don’t pay admission for college football games (or pro for that matter, and sell any sports cuck merchandise currently in your possession)

  2. Natalie Merchant pole danced for Bill Clinton at the inaugural….and licked Hillary’s wart infested twat afterwards…..Democratic Party Family Values and Mass Culture…

    It’s a suicide cult……

  3. The conditioning has begun. A false flag, a big one, is being planned on a target inside the USA to be blamed on a white guy. You can see how this is being coordinated and disseminated. It does not seem to be selling though. Do you why? It is because whites are not the kind of people who hurt the innocent. It is not in the DNA. Others know this and see this. The Irish are a different story altogether though.

    • Yes, and whenever I begin to believe evil is only a fairy tale, a few moments of listening to croaking Hillary spewing her bile reminds me that hell is real.

  4. These corrupt and treasonous politicians are like a broken record. Everything is Jan 6 but never a word about the violent leftists. I guess when you support them you wont name them.

  5. We aren’t a threat to anything. Seems most people on our side have come to the conclusion that we only have to sit back and watch America destroy itself. Hillary Clinton and her ilk are accomplishing our goals for us, through their own hubris and incompetence. There’s nothing we could possibly do that could even compare to what her people are doing to irreversibly damage America’s position in the world.

  6. It’s the deplorables who staff the military, repair things, invent things, do the real work that keeps the lights on and are ultimately responsible for miserable bitches like Hillary’s daily bread. Hillary and her ilk are cutting their own throats by waging war against Whites although the upper echelon of the ruling class, people like Hillary will never lose anything because of their policies, they are insulated. Those on the lower rungs of the ladder, the suburban liberal types are in for a series of shocks as the wheels come off of society and their diverse pets come calling.

  7. According to the great Q-oracle, this witch was arrested a long time ago. What is she doing out of Gitmo? I also keep on hearing that any day now the AZ election fraud will be exposed for all to see. …. and the grift goes on … Are we tired of winning yet?

  8. The political and social hatred against whites is astounding…and its going to continue in its current trajectory until things are out of control and we are finally forced to physically fight back.
    There seems to be no other possibility or outcome.
    Nothing is attained or kept in this life without a fight.
    This , obviously, is how they will garner public support to openly commit genocide against “racists”, as we see the beginnings of our demise in its early steps.

    This has been planned for centuries.

  9. Although a complete, unmitigated, degenerate scumbag it’s understandable why Bill wouldn’t tap that thing, Hillary. The story goes that it was Webster Hubbell who poked Hillary and out came Chelsea nine months later. It would be interesting to see the results of a DNA test there.

  10. I think the comments all agree that Hillary should be tasked to be removed from this plane of existence.

    Of course, it’s the priest that has to say so:
    “Thou shout not suffer a witch to live.” Ex. 22:18
    Just sayin’……

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