The Domestic War on Terror Begins

The 9/11 era is over in Washington.

We’re now in the “era of great power competition” with Russia and China. The War on Terror is also being rebranded by the political establishment into the War on Domestic Terror. White men have replaced “Muslims” as the domestic boogeyman. Nationalists are now the “evil doers.”

As some of you likely remember, the Pentagon and “intelligence community” and various Washington think tanks came up with the wars in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. They relentlessly meddled in the region for decades to destabilize various countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya and so forth. They’ve unsuccessfully tried to overthrow the Iranian government. The role of the “journalists” in those conflicts was to manufacture consent and uncritically spread war propaganda like the lie that Saddam Hussein possessed WMD or that Assad was gassing his own people in Syria. Those who opposed the Evil Empire and exposed its lies like Julian Assange were severely punished.

They’re running with the same script all over again. Lets bring on this FBI agent or CIA spook or retired Pentagon general who sits on the board of a defense contractor to explain the “threat.”

Note: Clint Watts compares Sen. Josh Hawley to Anwar al-Awlaki in the video below.

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  1. …and these people are going to do the same things in the same ways they did to Muslims. False flags atrocities are going to be done and are going to be blamed on whites. Muslims did not do 911, PNAC and necon Jews did it. Muslims got blamed and were then attacked, and it was all a Jew scheme to wage war on the innocent.

    Why did the Jews kill Christ? Why did the Jews kill an innocent man who did no wrong? Because they are human or because they are Goddamned animals?

    • The Muslims did 9/11 and the 1993 Twin Tower attack in 1993 you jackass……..The 9/11 Truther Movement is a cult to justify importing Muslims LEGALLY into America…started by Alex Jones and Infowars…………A Pakistani Muslim Legal Immigrant Judge has sentenced 601 Trump Voters to solitary confinement in a Federal Prison where they are beaten by black prison guards. Alex Jones right hand man was sentenced to Federal Prison last week by this Muslim Federal Judge making it 601 Trump Voters sentenced to Federal Prison. Don’t be shocked if this Muslim Federal Judge sentences Alex Jones to solitary confinement in a Federal Prison…Fuck Alex Jones……What a jackass you are…

      • Alex Jones’s right hand man infowarrior who was sentenced to solitary confinement in Federal Prison by a Pakistani Muslim LEGAL Immigrant Federal Judge is of course Owen Shoyer…

        Alex Jones:”‘as long as they come in legally…obey the Constitution…and pay their taxes….it’s kosher for me….”

      • How did the Muslims take down building seven professor? That was a demolition. Building seven fell at free fall speed. You are a Goddamned Christ killer you know that Mick? You wage war in the innocent without cause or reason and you Mick are going to hell. Mark my words.

      • Most of those terror cells that were “disrupted” turned out to be FBI infiltration/entrapment operations. Just like we see with the Whitmer kidnapping plot.

        Even the 1993 WTC bombing plot was infiltrated and somehow the FBI screwed up.

        Go back to reading your MEMRI articles.

        • I said early in the 1990s to the pastor of the church I was going to (as a layman at the time), “Why do we have an FBI agent going to our church?” Not only that, but he was a biracial/part black- in a church that would never have encouraged this miscegenated one, 15 years earlier… I think he was sent there as a mole.

          I now believe it totally. No one who is in the FBI, CIA or any government “intelligence” office, can be a Christian, with all these stories coming to light.

          Just as the ancient Church would not believe a Roman Legionnaire could be a Christian, (movies like “the Robe,“ notwithstanding) so too, anyone who is above an enlisted private in any branch of government, now is utterly suspect.

          End of story.

  2. Does this mean that over the next 20 years my people are going to re-embrace our traditional religion and culture, and rid our land of all foreigners?

    The US MIC: once a loser always a loser! Bring it on, losers. Did I mention that you’re losers? Losers.

    • Mostly but probably not how you are thinking. Whites and some mexicans are the only groups that can survive without government. Maybe a few Asians.

      • Do I ever agree with this. Religion has been telling whites that everyone is their brother. Whites allowing their nation to be taken over, by chosen ones, because they worship every single one of them.
        Whites giving millions, no…trillions to nonwhites, because they are charitable. It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire.
        Until people see that the universe is a cold place, and if you don’t protect your own kind, you’re going to be gone, and that there are parasites who will take from you and upset your bloodline and resources.

        • @Pilot-yep…this.

          “Don’t think demographically,” people like Owen Benjamin say.

          In other words, there are good people in every group, jews and blacks included. We’ve got to make room for everybody.
          Well, we already have, and it’s a total disaster.

          Anyplace run by blacks is a cesspool, they’re predisposed to violent crime at an alarming rate, and actually brag this up as their “virtuous” nigger “cultcha”..

          Jews look for ways to undermine and pervert the dominant culture wherever they’re welcomed.

          They’re internal saboteurs. As are any other minority group, looking out for their own over others through any means necessary.

          “Good whites” cooperate with this societal destruction and descent into barbarism.
          They’re happy to see our way of life disappear, if they can get praise for it from those that hate them.
          Feeling good about themselves now matters more than doing good for others in the long-term to those empty headed traitors.

          We need to think ONLY demographically, like our enemies.

          They probably laugh at our self-destructive generosity.
          The world is made up of tribes, and we need to understand that modern technology and deeply-reasoned philosophy is a thin veneer covering up the eternal nature of humankind.
          Look out for your own, or get wiped out by those that do.”

          • Yep, they get blinded by ” a good one”, and we can find a good one in any group. But as a group, nonwhites move against us. Even the few who think like we do, have little or no effect on the whole group, or as you called it, “tribes”.
            It seems that early man understood this very well. But now, when people have plenty of food, medicine, and luxuries, they want everyone to come to the big party.

        • Europe is the faith, and the faith is Europe. We cannot survive without the blessings of our Lord.

          The Christian Bible encourages believers to be kind and generous, not to turn over their nations to evil enemies. That warped doctrine came to us through Jews and their shabbos goyim. It is perfectly right, just, and Christ-like for us to reclaim our nation by the sword.

      • HW, When are you ever going to banish Theo atheist bastards from this site? Every single idiot that comes on that says “religion is the opiate of the masses,” or somesuch bloviating Marxist bullshit, is not doing our cause, or white people any service.

        Christendom is Europe/Europe is Christendom
        The Christian faith is Christendom. End of story.

        Pagans should be killed. Romans 1:32

        • Whites were best as pagans, and history proves this. Christianity worships the tribe, and insists they can do no wrong.

          Christianity claims you have to accept Jesus as God and Savior, yet the tribe is allowed to hate him, and that’s just fine with Christians. We are told they are going to heaven through “dispensationalism”, because they are “chosen”.

          Thinking all men are equal and God’s children, does nothing for us.

  3. “Domestic terrorist” means any White person who takes exception to any part or all of Political Correctness, our state imposed, Anti-White religion.

  4. Who won the “War On Terror”? Looks like the trad Taliban won in Afghanistan, while arch-terrorists ISIS (US/UK/Israel/Turkey/Saudi/Qatar project) would be winning in Iraq and Syria now if it weren’t for those meddling Russians.

  5. The Bush Family made the jump from high church yankees to Southern Methodists over night. Fooled a lot of people too.

    Henry and Elsie Hillman, who were Bizzilionaires and somewhere to the right of the late Richard Mellon Scafie, are relatives of the Bush family. I wonder what they thought of their Bush relatives after things turned sour?

  6. The Left will usually stop their anti-gun “sermons” when you show them some images of the anarchist left-wing UNC professor Dwayne Dixon standing on a car during a Durham or Charlottesville protest/riot waving his AR-15.

    But somehow the Federal government can’t seem to locate this domestic terrorist — this same one who admitted on social media and in the video below that he waved James Fields off with his AR-15 and Fields eventually accelerated and a block away plowed into Leftists who were violating an order by the Commonwealth of VA to disperse and who were tragically blocking the streets of the route James Fields was attempting to leave Charlottesville.

    Dwayne Dixon admits to waving a rifle at James Fields

    • Commie scum never pay the price because they they commit the violence against pro-Whites the kikes & their fed whores want done but can’t do themselves.

  7. That’s why this cringe woke shit recruitment video was aimed at the blue haired “non-binary” high-on-entidepressant crowd. They are eager to drone the sexist/homophobic/transphobis/racist white supremacist fascist chuds. It makes perfect sense.

  8. Those Jew media bosses, with their womyn and
    Nigra talking heads, along with the street shitters, think they have us down. The Jew will hold us down whilst the nigra ***** us in the ***. And they think it’s funny.

    Obviously, it’s leading up to a false flag situation. Then they can scoop up all the fedposters and put them in the camps. That’s just a start.

    Let it roll. I will pop some popcorn and watch it play out. No matter how it plays out, the Jew loses this time. He is making millions of new enemies, and what that means for him in the long run he hasn’t a clue.

    And by the way, GOD STILL HATES FAGS. (psalm 5:5).

    He hates all workers of sinfulness, and especially Trump with his rainbow flags and faggotries, the first one to mainstream faggotry in the Republican Party.

    God hates Donald Trump (psalm 5:5).

    He hates all of them. A little leaven leavens the whole loaf. The whole loaf is rotten (ZOG).

    I was looking at a picture of DeSantis tonight, with his little hat on, at the wailing wall praying to Satan with his friends. It’s enough to make me vomit. They’re all rotten.

    • @Tim – What makes you think you will have the luxury of sitting and watching anything while you stuff your gob with popcorn?? Wake up !!

  9. If whites speak out for their interests just for a change, that makes us ‘domestic terrowists’. If blacks,etc speak out for theirs………. they’re ‘activists’ or ‘progressives’.
    We’re expected to be quiet as our race and culture is under attack daily.
    Remember this:- what we want is no more extreme than what other races or nations expect for their people. It’s just that……… we’re white.

  10. @Goose – Yes. A state-sanctioned one. Apparently, this is what is called a “hero” by the anti-Whites.

  11. The insanity of the anti-Jewish who comment, esp on a site that claims not to push “conspiracy theories” (which we know is actually CIA-is for anyone that disagrees) is obvious.

    We have a threat from globalism. It is dire. Those leading it are of all backgrounds. Certainly some Jewish people are involved. But when one takes the low-common-denomiator attitude of “it’s the Jews” —
    what one is doing is blaming the nice family down the street that detests the current regime and the so-called “great reset” (Yes, I know the number one guy behind it)–

    Causing grief for patriotic Americans who are on our side—.

    …white letting off scot-free guilty parties such as Macron, Trudeau, Cuomo, Wolfe, Pelosi, Newsome, Hanks, DeCaprio, Wray, Barr, Dunham, Bush,Clinton, obama, and countless others who are doing this damage to our country in their attempt to destroy American sovereignty.

    It’s like swatting at your neighbor, who is helping guard your house because you don’t like his shoes while ignoring the hordes at your front gate, as well as those paying them. And it shows a lack of pattern recognition, one of the most important weapons we have in this proganda/other war against us.

    I wish people would get serious. Yeah, Schwab is behind it, but so are too many others who are not of his heritage. While many on our side are Jewish. It’s depressing as hell when people can’t see who the real enemy is..

    It’s not the heritage. It’s the ideology and the supremacy of those who think they are entitled to rule the world.

  12. Have not been here in awhile. I fit the ideology of everything listed under your masthead. I enjoy and learn from your articles, as well as many intelligent comments after them.

    But there is such an element of hate based not on evil ideology (and God knows, it’s overtaking the world) which we need to band together to fight, but on heritage, which disgusts most intelligent people who are aware of the extreme threat looming and why.

    People tend to come and go, and like others, I will return here to see what’s up. But it is not a regularly-visited, bookmarked site because some of the unfortunate comments are too similar to the bile and hatred in the corporatatist, left-winger media — and who needs more of that right now?

    Perhaps that will change. One can hope. If there were no bylaws printed, I would understand, but there are, and they seem to be ignored. For your consideration…

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