The Realignment: Welcome To the Era of Great Power Conflict

Here is a short list of major blindspots in this podcast:

  • In the interview, there is a historical analogy that is made between China and Germany after Bismarck. Isn’t the obvious parallel between China and Taiwan the claim that Hitler’s Germany made to Danzig and Neville Chamberlain’s guarantee of Poland?
  • German reunification was an issue of far greater importance to Germans. Is the American foreign policy establishment not suffering from the same kind of blindspot on this issue? Isn’t it fair to say that the Taiwan Question is of far less importance to Americans?
  • Isn’t the lesson of Poland and Danzig that Neville Chamberlain’s guarantee of Poland was the mistake that brought on World War II? Didn’t that war guarantee embolden the Poles and infuriate the Germans and made a war more likely that ended Polish independence?
  • Britain was unable to save Danzig from Germany. It was able to transform a regional conflict and border dispute into World War II. It was able to bankrupt itself and lose its own empire in the process. Even if it wanted to do so, does America have the air and naval power to save Taiwan from China or would attempting to do so just ignite a war in the Western Pacific?
  • Could Americans live with a Taiwan that has gone the route of Hong Kong? Is World War III a preferable outcome for Americans?
  • Don’t we already have a One China policy?
  • Are Americans willing to fight and die in a war with China for the sake of Taiwan?
  • Is the lesson of our defeats in Afghanistan and Vietnam, not to mention the draw in Korea back in the 1950s, that we can win a war with China in the Pacific?
  • The Domestic War on Terror (DWOT) which is being launched by the American establishment wasn’t mentioned in the interview, but doesn’t this raise an important question about the willingness of Americans to fight for a regime in Taiwan which is fighting them at home?
  • Isn’t it ZOG that is censoring the internet? Isn’t it ZOG that is rounding up dissidents and incarcerating them in gulags? If China was able to set the ground rules of the world economy by dominating Eurasia, would that be better or worse than our current system when our people can lose their jobs for expressing opinions in public that offend our Bobo elites?
  • Amazingly, the possibility of a round of biological warfare went unmentioned. Why couldn’t China simply release another even more devastating genetically modified SARS virus given how much this one has already cost us and the amount of division it has created at home?
  • Would a hot war with China even be necessary for China to emerge victorious in the conflict? Doesn’t China already have the power to tank the U.S. economy given the amount of treasury bonds it owns? Why couldn’t China just pull the plug on the dollar?
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  1. Chinese have warm weather ports that are far more bustling than the US ports. They don’t need more people especially and need not possess more land. They are in a good spot. If they treat Russia well they’ve got energy, lumber, copper, uranium, water, tin, graphite…They don’t even need a conflict with the US to get Taiwan. It’ll just unify when it feels a benefit.

  2. If we go to war with the PRC, won’t that stop the supply of widescreen TVs to the US? How will we watch our favorite sportsball heroes?

  3. Re: “couldn’t China simply release another even more devastating genetically modified SARS virus given how much this one has already cost us and the amount of division it has created at home?”

    I hope you are joking. I do not believe Covid is a bioweapon or even a lab creation. It is a natural virus that passed to a human from bats, directly or indirectly through some intermediate host, just like MERS (through camels) and the “classic” SARS.

    Of course the U.S. has been studying beta coronaviruses since the first SARS epidemic, using mostly foreign lab facilities to evade the letter (but not the spirit) of legal resrictions on biological weapons “research.” But despite all the circumstantial “evidence” that SARS Co-V2 is a U.S. bioweapon covertly released against or China, and the fact that the U.S. would if it could, it is still not engineered; it is a natural virus of natural origin according to legitimate virologists who have examined it.

    • A disease does not need to be bio-engineered or gain-of-function selected to be deadly. There are even worse natural zoonotic diseases emerging elsewhere: Nipah bat virus that was first noted in Malaysia and has spead to India, kills over 50% of the infected regardless of age, and an unnamed new virus emerging in the jungles of the Congo that has symptoms similar to Ebola, and is as deadly as Ebola, but is not Ebola. If either of these diseases reaches a large urban area with international airline connections, it would certainly come to the U.S.

    • Half joking.

      I mean … even it was completely natural and wasn’t modified in a lab, why couldn’t something like that be turned into a devastating bioweapon in light of how successful this virus has been?

    • It could well be a completely natural virus, but why Wuhan? Why didn’t it pop up in the southern jungles where those bats and villagers interact? Isn’t it also quite possible that a natural virus stored in a test tube in one of the Wuhan labs got out due to typical Mainland Chinese carelessness. Yes, I know lots of Mainland Chinese personally and they have little regard for standard safety protocols.

  4. Danzig was ethnically cleansed of Germans anyway after the war. Any Brit that pretended to care about Germans there is a lying sack of shit. Genocide is obviously OK if it’s just Germans.

  5. ( I posted this on a previous thread but it seems more relevant here )

    What does the Chinese military threat to Taiwan actually amount to ?

    Is it still possible to carry out opposed seaborne landings on the territory of missile-armed opponents ? The Normandy landings were touch and go and that was with air supremacy. With current missile technology it seems obvious that anything on the surface would end up on the seabed in short order and then you wouldn’t have a supply line for your invasion force.

    Missiles and air strikes alone haven’t forced a country to capitulate with the exception of a small country like Serbia. So the only other option China would have would be to attack Taiwan’s merchant shipping from its home waters, and given America’s blue water supremacy and China’s own economic dependence on oceanic shipping lanes they would certainly come off worst.

    Given all this I can’t see that any credible military threat to Taiwan actually exists.

  6. Yeah I don’t think China is bullying Taiwan thats just a ghey op by mainstream media same with hong kong. They won’t recognize Taiwan as its own independent country?!. Fine whatever not our problem

  7. China is being baited just like whites are. There is no way Chinese is going to fight a war over Taiwan. And if China ever needed a fight, or to respond to a serious provocation they would just have North Korea lob missiles at Japan to provoke a very costly land invasion. Last time in Korea, Mao’s army, was weak and worn, had just finished fighting a war of independence, and still fought to a draw.

  8. What would we, meaning the white working lose if China did take over the United States? The ruling class here has done everything they can to destroy us. They’re incredibly hostile to Christianity and traditional society. They’re ready to wreck somebody’s life if anyone questions one of their mantras about sex changes or the sainted africans. I’m not sure how they could be more unbalanced.

    • @Copperhead,
      A choice between the nose and the Ching Chong’s? Thing is, why should we have either? They can have their nations, and we should fight for ours. Other than fair trade that benefits both parties, I don’t want anything from other races. I just wanna be left alone. They need us more than we’ll ever want them.

    • The “ruling class” here is probably on China’s payroll and would be set up as puppets as a reward for facilitating opening the gates to them in the middle of the night. They would then be set up with the full force of the CCP control machine to keep them in power without any blogs, talk radio, or a single drop of public dissent allowed. On the other hand I don’t think the cookie cutter Chinese soul could tolerate all the disorderly crap going on in the cities with drugs, crime, homelessness, tattoos and piercings, transvestites, etc. Would they tolerate that as cultural idiosyncrasies of their hosts or would they put a stop to it?

  9. I don’t think the US will fare well with a conflict with China, not just because of the woke military but the Chinese have a 10-1 advantage in manpower and are par with conventional weapons and nukes.

  10. If Chinese troops entered Australia, seized part of the country and ended all mask mandates, arrests for not wearing one, and abolished the mad curfews the Aussie government has invoked upon its own people and went along with peaceful demonstrations, can you really say it would be a terrible thing? Even if China controlled the economy or established a mandate, the people would be freer than their own government is treating them.

    I see all of this oppression and corporate tyranny, and understand how many Russians must have felt when the Germans entered. It was said most Jews were killed, not by the SS, but by Russians getting even. SS and German troops found stacks of dead jews in barns, etc.

    China, despite the propaganda, is not an expansionist power and historically has maintained its own area, but not invaded other states. Compare that with the US. Also, in the 19th century, a weak China was almost carved up by the western powers like Africa. If we collapse, what’s to say we won’t be carved up in a case of what goes around, comes around.
    As a Mexican friend of mine said (note: Cristina!), ‘in the 19th century, you gringos invaded the third world and were everywhere. Now, it’s their turn to do it to you. You can thank you goddamn capitalists for this.’

    • We’re talking two different types of invasions here. One (The Gringo’s) was of money, superior technology and military power; The other, of muddy vultures, mostly consists of shear numbers of surplus fecund peasants in search of a tricked out F-250 Crew Cab and social services.

  11. We should not be fighting a war over Taiwan but you guys sound like gay communist tankies who think China will save you from your problems

    • Even in the worst case scenario of imperial collapse, China isn’t going to start running things here in North America. There is no scenario where China saves us from our problems. The question is whether we are willing to get into a war with China, which we will certainly lose for a variety of reasons, over Taiwan. It is the same kind of decision that faced Britain over Poland and Danzig.

      • It is very possible that White Americans could seek patronage from China in the future. They will not be irrelevant players in north America in the case of US decline. Especially considering there is a good chance they will have de facto control over Canada by then.

  12. @ there is a Imperial collapse coming, I refer you too Revelation 18:2, when it happens and it will ,as gods word says it will, china nor russia or any other world power, or tribe will rule, whatever is left, the confederacy lives and breathe’s again, someone posted, ” neither help nor hurt the empire,” sound advice too me, let’s wait and watch and be ready, the empire is falling before our very eyes, we must be ready to stand up and assume control, for the sake of our women and children and our elders, we must protect our own, with gods help we shall, this government doesn’t care about us, I doubt they even care about their useful idiots, the people will be lost without direction, our God is a God of structure and order, before the dust even settles from the fall of the empire, we stand up, we sound off, we lead and direct, we rule this land of our fathers once again, God willing…

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