Met Gala 2021 Showcased American Cultural Decline

We’ve spent the last month focusing on the decline of the American Empire. As I said in my League of the South speech, the stench of imperial decline is now overwhelming. The Empire no longer inspires confidence. It inspires contempt. Can you imagine fighting in the Pacific to defend Taiwan for the sake of these people? Why do you think Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in three weeks?

Note: As many have noted, Met Gala 2021 was the Capitol in the Hunger Games in real life.

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  1. I am a woman, with a woman’s simple heart. At times I find myself begging to the wind –Please, please; in the name of God, stop this nightmare of endless evil against all that is beautiful, true, natural and sacred. Let my people live free of it!!

    • Respectfully, you don’t need God for that, we can still turn our TVs and devices off, for now at least. I know this is just to show elite degeneracy but I’m a millennial and have never heard of the Met gala circle jerk nor most of the degenerate morons in attendance.

      • Not respectfully, because an anti-Christ such as yourself does not deserve to live. Romans 1:32.

        But yes. We do need God.

        We need to repent, we need to bow the knee to Jesus Christ, and we need to enshrine in a National Liturgical Act, that He alone I king.

        That’s it. Either submit or die.

        • I’m not “anti” Christian, or God, you clearly misinterpreted what I said. Do you consult the almighty before you turn off your devices? Think before going schizo and dropping “anti” such and such like someone out of the ADL.

          • It’s not even about religion. These people have a god who hates them, and rewards his special people.
            One can turn off the TV, but it’s not going to stop the destruction of Western Civilization.
            I don’t watch TV, but I’m not putting blinders on.

    • I am a man , with a man’s simple heart.

      Most of the time i find myself sickened to my stomach with my peoples apathetic outlook towards all that is beautiful , true, natural and sacred.

      I ask people all the time to take a look at whats happening to the west (not just America)-and all while we are still the majority..

      Who thinks this gets better as we become minorities in our homelands?

      We don’t have “homelands”.

      We need to think ONLY demographically, like our enemies and their wog armies they import to destroy us.

      The coloreds and muds laugh at our self-destructive generosity since deep down the smart ones know they’d never embrace such an outlook against their peoples own interests regardless of being called names.

      The world is made up of tribes..

      And it seems as if white Europeans fail to understand that modern technology and deeply-reasoned philosophy is a thin veneer covering up the eternal nature of mankind: Look out for your own, or get wiped out by those that do.

      When whites eventually become a voiceless minority ,things (obviously) will descend into utter chaos.

      Any semblance of what once was ,which took thousands of years to build, will have been dissolved by the children of the devil and their golem proxy militias.

      We will have no peace when stealing and death are a faith as they are in places like Africa and central America.

  2. American “elite” society is beginning to resemble a 1970s John Waters film. He was probably the true prophet of his age.

  3. Somehow the scene from the novel Brigade by Harold Covington comes to mind whereby they raided the Academy Awards while in progress!

    • Is that book any good? The Turner Diaries outside of the cringey sex scenes is a good read despite everyone saying how bad it is. The same with Hunter. Serpents Walk is too convoluted. But that is pretty much it in terms of white positive more conservative adventure novels. Any suggestions?

  4. How is dressing like a 1956 Playboy bunny shocking? Although to this gang, if it is an actual woman it might be. Thirty years ago I and my friends in our early twenties were telling Madonna to put it away, she was embarrassing at her age then. She’s still cosplaying Ilsa,, She-Wolf of the SS.

    • She’s copying that gay thing they had at the Blue Oyster Bar in the Police Academy movies. Turns out that whole “leather” thing really was inspired by the nazis—a Finnish queer artist called “Tom of Finland” who had sexual fantasies about being raped by nazis invented the leather genre which became a 60s gay subculture thing with S&M. Most of these leather freaks then all died in the 80s from aids, those leather bars in New York in Al Pachino’s movie “Cruising” were pretty much ground zero for the aids epidemic. That’s where Freddie Mercury got it.

      • I think she’s trying to evoke Marlene Dietrich in Der blaue Engel (1930) (The Blue Angel) perhaps along with Rudy Valentino’s women (the veil). But yes, the 1970/80s decadent NYC scene that she was part of which looked back to Wiemar Germany and Berliner cabaret.

      • Apparently that campy leather stuff only became associated with homosexuality in the mid 70s. Before that it was just Meth head bikers aping the Wehrmacht. Leather was just practical clothing in European autumn spring and winter. Puffer jackets and such replaced it.

  5. Pity they didn’t invite some Taliban to the party so some males would be present … especially now that they’re the kinder, gentler Taliban.

    • This Vogue pervert convention looks like a collection of colored people, queers and other degenerates of assorted types. It’s good that there are no normal Whites attending judging by this article. Whenever the coloreds or queers get together it’s always some degenerate spectacle, they can’t help themselves, it’s their nature.

      I was only aware of the colored hypocrite AOC with her ‘Tax the Rich’ dress because it was all over news sites as though it were something remarkable. The rich are off limits now that the 2020 election is 1,000 miles in the rearview mirror. The odious rich such as Herr Soros, Bloomberg, (Wexner, Epstein?), Gates, Ellison, Bezos and a cast of merely a few thousand thoroughly corrupt owners of most of the wealth of the country cannot be touched. Where is Pocahontas’s ‘Tax the Rich’ and debt forgiveness schemes now that the election is long over?

      They are all shameless hypocrites.

  6. Life in Bruce Springsteen’s America!!!!

    Where surgically mutilated Tranny Freaks are the new normal…

    The White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class….

    There is no more vile SCUM!!! in the whole of the Universe

  7. They is definitely a “last year’s of Rome” feel too the whole thing. People used to try to be attractive. Everything has a nasty feel to it. Let it die. Let it die.

  8. If you didn’t know Rabbi, you’re living in Jewocracy, where the same clique of Jews manage both Rep/Dem parties behind their visible Prez puppets in rigged elections. Same basic system exists in all these ‘democracies’ of the world. Now it looks like millions of white wing morons are going to vote again, believing that some phony Zionist conman is going to ‘save America’.

  9. These ghouls are completely detached from reality. Panic stricken, yet in complete denial of the walls rapidly closing in on them. No self-awareness whatsoever.

  10. It looks like brats are thinking that they are winning. Well, celebrating victory before end of the war is not good idea.

    Probably they think that after removing Joe, Queen Kamala will deliver everything to her loyal followers. One of the brats already wore the dress tax the rich. As much I know communists, they are not very interested to redistribute their own wealth so when rich are taxed then very few people can enjoy this taxed money.

    Now the problem is that every last Antifa degenerate thinks that he or she is as much entitled to the tax money as today party goers. An here lays the root of conflict. Next to the problem that rich Jews do not like idea that their wealth will be taxed to dress owner.

  11. “One of the brats already wore the dress tax the rich. As much I know communists, they are not very interested to redistribute their own wealth”:

    They are not real communists. You are correct that their so-called “socialism” does not involve redistributing their own private wealth and property, which means it is not real socialism. Almost no one in the U.S. and other first world states is inclined toward real socialism. As Nancy Pelosi said of her Neoliberal party: “Sorry we are capitalists” and “capitalist to the bone.” AOC and the Squad don’t know what it is either. The only members of the U.S. population likely to really be interested in socialism if they understood it are the most destitute of White Appalachia and some Indian reservations, and the most ghetto-ized Blacks. Working class consciousness of the class system is fundamental, and you need not worry, the elites and petty bourgeoisie will not educate them and will not revolt against their own system. When Jesus told the rich young man he must give everything to the poor, the rich young man walked away. Exceptions are so rare that they “prove the rule.”

    • This IS real socialism/real communism. In all totalitarian systems, whether these, sharia, or technocracy/auotocracy, party members and other insiders nevef follow the rules they set up for others.

  12. Ellen Page doesn’t look so happy with her transition she looks defeated. That glassey eye look from all the brainwashing perhaps?! This is like some kind of humiliation ritual for celebrities who want to keep their jobs in hollywood and their millions of dollars probably

    All the attendees not masked but the lesser valued peasants are?! Thats shocking Some Churches with 300 people capacity can’t hold services but this is alright?

  13. AOS says tax the rich while she gets donations from rich companies and corporations. She is an actor pretending to be a communist.

    • Because of that, she gets donations. Corporations try to buy her off but corporations do not know that communists want everything not a little handouts. Lenin already said that capitalists sell us rope what we use to hang them. Now your ones donate the money what brats will use to make their revolution.

    • She got immediately roled into politics after her sexy breakfast club dance went viral in 2017 if anyone remembers I dunno the tax the rich dress its definitely clever of AOC and her writers but geez 30,000 dollars to attend the elitist fashion show dinner?! I could sell everything I own and still be short of half of it

  14. It just occurred to me the press and Paparrazi are mostly likely double vaxxed while wearing their masks and I’m having a good belly laugh over it lol

    • Or, more likely, not jabbed at all and enjoying the joke of having their “servants” wear them. And they claim to be anti-imperialist?

  15. Sad to see Eugene Levy’s son like this wonder what he really thinks of this? Eugene is a pretty funny Jewish comedian as far as comedy goes

    Eugene and Catherine O Hara in their Sctv golden days anyways beats anything Snl have ever done. Watched Schitts Creek season 1 which was alright but quickly lost its laughs afterwards into season 2

    • Yes, Levy was funny back then. But I’m glad his son’s a cum-bucket: being a kike, Levy was no doubt a 100% pro-fag “progressive” in order to undermine goy society with filth. You get what you tolerate, so fuck him.

      • It is sad to see those who are here to critique the degredation of the culture joining them in vulgarities and tone-in-general. Some people think that porn and its languate is acceptable in common spaces; others are disgusted by it….and leave feeling in need of a brisk shower.

  16. Pretty gross stuff. These stupid gala events always pulled in the leftists but they used to pretend to be American in Spirit and in dress code. Now it’s freaks r us. Notice how young many of them are, too, as well as over the top diversified?

    People like ” let’s be kids forever” Jennifer Lopez at 52 years old and Ben Affleck at 49 actually appeared subdued and old. J lo did her comical model stares into the cameras while showing off her gams. She looked good. No doubt.

    Compare her to freakish demonic sensation Nas or Asap Rocky or some other stupidly named and dressed, usually black singers, and it’s a giant yuck with a ” kosher approved” stamp.

    63 year old Madonna and her pagan worship dressed in slut outfits is always disturbing. Little kid looking Aoc with her hilarious ” tax the rich” dress at a 35 thousand per plate event was ironic.

    I would say the Trump vote and Republican support at that event was between 0 and 2%. But that’s the reason so many of these cretins are rewarded. It’s all about being a weirdo, a freak, an anti American, a White hater( while leeching off White genius), a police hater, an illegal alien lover, a Blm worshipper and sex pervert. Evil is cool and being normal and even gasp!( Godly) is viewed as bad. That’s what a decaying nation does.

    A dirtbag like Gavin Newsome wins the recall. Obviously no shock. A far greater shock is seeing a black guy in Larry Elder call for normalcy and a rejection of hating White people. That is certainly not what most of those weirdos at the gala event favor- especially the black ones.

    Kim Kardashian was there. Her whole thing is she wants to be black and made her butt, skin, and yes, ever her nose, resemble black features. She apparently only goes with black guys like that whole strange family. Or nearly all. She begged the great bloviator Trump to let black criminals out and he did! She is studying law so she can fight to let the race she spreads her legs to, out of jail. Yet like all the leftist nuts, she makes a point to live in overwhelmingly White areas. Gee, Kim, you were so ” black” until then. Kind of like LeBron James and nearly all black entertainers. Shhh. We can’t let the world know whitey consistently makes great areas to live and send your kids to school! It ain’t cool, yo!

    Finally back to Newsome. His black opponent brought out the Democrats great strength and great fear. Newsome said a vote for Elder was a vote against diversity. Diversity is for sure a weakness meant to bring division and to vote Democrat. A normal and level headed black guy brought that out of a white nation wrecker like Newsome. It should scream to every Republican that only reducing immigration back to 250 k per year as it was pre 1965 and a big increase in White immigration will change things for the better.

    Once again a majority non White state voted Democrat and for more of the same from trash like Gavin Newsome. It’s simply what most non Whites do despite Republicans picking up some extra brown, Jewish or Asian votes here and there. Just like California, the diverse people at the gala event were nearly all Democrats. It’s simply who they are.

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