Newsmax Host Cuts Off Veteran For Mildly Critiquing Trump’s Afghanistan Policy

In a nutshell, this lunatic is why I have moved from “on the fence” to “no interest” in the 2022 midterms over the past month:

1. MAGA is a vacuous personality cult.

2. Trump changes his positions on major issues to “own the libs.”

3. You can’t ever take what he says for granted and expect him to do what he says. He ran against the “endless wars.” He didn’t end any wars.

4. Trump himself has said that his “conditions based withdrawal” meant permanently keeping troops at Bagram Air Force base. He had no intention whatsoever of following through on the withdrawal.

5. Ultimately, Trump always deferred to the worthless generals and the Republican senators. We got Lindsey Graham’s foreign policy.

6. The Republican congressional leadership is worse than Trump on these issues.

Note: In 2016, my top five issues were immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness and campaign finance. The fact that Trump appeared to be repudiating George W. Bush’s foreign policy was one of the major reasons that I voted for him. The Syria strike was also the moment that I permanently broke with Trump. It was a major turning point for the Alt-Right in general.

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  1. @Kevin MacDonald
    “If Trump gets reelected, his first order of business should be to exclude Kushner.
    Woodward and Costa: “‘You know,’ Trump joked in another meeting, mocking his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who was working on Middle East peace, ‘Jared’s more loyal to Israel than the US.'””

    Trump likes to complain about his boss (Jared) in private. Everyone does that. But everyone also knows you can’t fire your boss.

    ” The fact that Trump appeared to be repudiating George W. Bush’s foreign policy was one of the major reasons that I voted for him. ”

    I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, as soon as I was shown all the Jews he likes to surround himself with. With Jews you lose!

  2. There seems to be a complete institutional collapse of the GOP in general. Just the other day the Indiana GOP passed on the chance to give themselves another House seat and now in Iowa they seem willing to create two new Biden seats (Trump won all four under the current map both times). It’s amazing, it’s like they just don’t care anymore. My guess is that if they can’t be the party of wealthy suburbs they don’t want to win at all.

  3. Republicans are just Democrats driving drunk into incoming traffic. They have no redeeming qualities at all. The act of pulling out of Afghanistan has already made Biden better than every Republican president in history. The party of Lincoln, Hoover, and Bush needs to go.

  4. I know you’re a busy man HW but the comments have to be moderated and published in a more expeditious manner, lest they become irrelevant.

    • Too late, Spawn. They already are. [ Oh, why didn’t I do what Stonelifter did…? He saw the utter uselessness of this site and the American idiotic mind, years ago…. and moved to Central Europe.]

  5. Chris Ruddy the owner of Newmax is Irish.

    The son a of New York Irish cop,………

    We believe God gave each of us our own mind, with or own thoughts and our own opinions and everybody is entitled to their own opinions. And if you listen to others and give them an opportunity to be heard you might learn something. Freedom of speech is and always has been in furtherance of finding the truth and in defeating the lie. Whites love the truth. How are the Irish like us?

    Oh and the Irish Mick Chris Ruddy is a Jew worshiping Muslim hater if you had any doubt this horsesass ran to form.

    • Lol. Were you made fun of a lot by Irish kids growing up? You are the one of the very few I have noticed with truly over the top anti Irish sentiments. It’s almost hysterical.

      I agree with trashing Irish Catholic, treason politicians like the lunatic we have now. But on the other end, a state like Oklahoma is filled with Irish people and is the most Republican state in the country.

      Ps. I will take the ” Mick” owned news of newsmax over our Jewish traitor controlled media any day and so would any sane person.

      Now, Browning, go have a bite and a brew with an Irish person. Most are a jovial lot. Ya hear me lad?

      • Why do you hate Muslims Mick? WTF have Muslims ever done to the Irish? I will tell you why, you Jew masters tell you to hate Muslims and you obey and do as you are told. And every Goddamned Irish is the exactly same way and you are all going to hell for the persecution and torment of the innocent. A Christian does not cause harm to the innocent and the Irish are in no way a Christian people. If you think I would associated with such disgusting filth you need to have you head examined.

        • Literally nothing was mentioned about Muslims, you fucking retard. I mean seriously Robert, you have a unhealthy obsession with the micks. Did some paddy kick your ass back in school?

    • “Whites love the truth.”

      And Whites also like fair fights. How about giving the ethnic group(s) of your parents, grandparents. Let’s see some push back against your anti-Irish trash talk when you become the target.

      I guess you know that what is considered the greatest movie ever made was based on a novel that has its historical setting during the War for Southern Independence and Reconstruction with Scarlett O’Hara as the heroine who is descended from Irish and French parents. In the scene in the link below she actually does point a gun at, shoots and kills a Yankee. (Maybe you are on to something … and maybe not.)

      Gone with the Wind Scarlett kills the Yankee deserter

  6. They both are shit..

    They both want to import Democratic Party Voters…Afghan born Natives…into America…

  7. In the end if Trump runs again I am voting for him again. This treasonous monster in the White( well more like Black) House is worse than a disaster. Call Trump what you wish but he is not vile filth like Biden who on purpose is overwhelming our border. Now Haitians are part of this literal take over. The Democrats even voted against vaccines for illegal invaders no matter your position on vaccines.

    Call Trump bumbling, slow or whatever. I see Biden literally ending wall construction which is the opposite of Trump. I see Biden slobbering to anti White domestic terrorists. Trump clearly does not. I see Biden inviting tens of thousands of Afghanis to move to purple states. And you know their extended families are coming too.

    I respect the host of the Tv show because he is at ” literally had enough” of it all status. He needs to channel his resentment though to Whites and Christians clearly being targeted for permanent minority status. The filthy traitor Biden is rapidly bringing this in for the 22 and 24 elections. The Tv host is obviously burned out on the shithole country America has become.

    I don’t see one cowardly member of the Republican Party in the House or Senate calling this what it is- replacement of White people. I see Tucker Carlson mention it a bit.

    Stupid White people are the only group of people happy with being replaced. No other group remotely does that. But the realities of it compared to talking about it are vastly different. Think Detroit, Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore, Ferguson, Houston, Los Angeles, etc on a nationwide scale. That is the future for Whites. Yuck.

    Piglet Gavin Newsome knows how to win and so do Democrats in general. They speak of diversity non stop knowing full well they will always win on it. Newsome got 64% of the ” no” vote on his recall. A huge number once again reflecting what California allowed- bringing in tons of Mexicans, Central Americans, Asians and mixing that with 75% Democrat Jews and 95% Democrat blacks. Now that is a winning strategy while feckless Republicans avoid race like the plague and speak of tax cuts and ” Hispanics are natural Republicans.” Yeah. Where? Outside of Cubans, many of whom are White, I see Hispanics vote like Jews.

    We get cowards like Ben Sasse on the Republican side saying how ” proud” he is to have Afghans as his neighbors. Yet he would never say he is ” proud” to have White South Africans as his neighbors. You can put a long list of other Republicans there, too. Meanwhile Democrats pour on the anti White hatred and replacement.

    The ” refugee” program has been turned into another door for the invasion. How many White immigrants have come through the refugee program?

    I am voting for Trump easily when he runs. I mean this is not hard. Biden and 99% of Democrats want Whites gone. They can rejoice in the hell of that reality. I’m sorry White nationalists can’t get better candidates. It’s tough up against the Jews media.

    Also I am glad the tv host snapped on the military guy. I am so sick of military people having their butts kissed. It’s why the Democrats increasingly run military people for office. I could give a rat’s butt about your service if you then get elected and vote for more immigration, more refugees, slobber to Blm, trash white people, say nothing about black on White crime. What good are you then?

    • I think it’s just too much for most Whites to think of themselves becoming a minority. They have no concept of it, and think they will still live the same. If they think these other groups are going to shell out money and opportunity for a white minority, they are idiots. When whites are a minority, no one is going to protect us. Right now, Biden is bringing in some 30,000 Haitians.

    • Oy. Symptoms are not the Disease. It is not Jews, BTW it’s Us. The excuses are niggardly & stupid. STFU with your Wars of supremacy. We got Owned. It Hurts.

      • Sorry when a certain people control the narrative for decades in Hollywood and tv news it matters a lot. In fact these entities are the main ” blockers” to any real change. But the rapid pace of social media, the alternative the internet provides and the mass change covid brought in is doing some interesting things. America is absolutely not going to last this way.

        And how do people get ” owned?” By controlling their minds. That’s how. That being said, many are not owned at all and the fact all these negative things are coming together from covid to in your face replacement by Democrats, to owning a home becoming a much harder reality for many etc, has created boiling point levels. America is clearly a ” B” level country now.

        Plus you voted for Biden..lmao. Can it be any more of an obvious disaster? How anyone did not expect that is shocking.

        • JB and I are desendents of Vikings. We are old school.

          This republican garbage is just that, although we were in it too years ago. I wish you luck with this foolishness.

  8. @Jeff,
    Frump didn’t stop turd world immigration, or the endless wars or do anything about BLM riots.
    I fully get your sentiment, but Trump is really just the least worse of a very poor selection. He achieved nothing of substance in his single term. Why would he in a comeback term? Maybe he’s better than Biden in a few ways……….but that really isn’t saying much.
    The system is rotten to the core, and will never produce anyone that can, or will help us.

    • Goose I understand but there is possibility with Trump. He put a few hundred miles of wall up. He stopped section 8 growing further into the suburbs. He wants immigration on merit. There is a chance with him. There is 0% chance with any Democrat. A person has to be very mentally ill not to see that.

      Nothing just comes in one shot. History happens over time and speeds up when the resolution is near. Years back the thought of a wall was a fantasy. Now even moderate Republicans support it. Trump opened up doors to things only whispered about before despite his ego bumbling weirdness.

      For example Tucker Carlson is speaking of White replacement. Even the lieutenant governor of Texas is too now. That is how the snow ball gets going. Trump helped that. It cannot be denied.

      People talk a good game until they see their job or their existence on the line. Then a battle breaks out. We are here now. Covid restrictions and the Democrats going for a massive ko racial punch to Whites is now in the open and the racial balance is at a point these Republicans know they will lose.

      I wish there were other people beside Trump but that is not reality in this stupid system we have. If it was a parliamentary system then other names or parties can be voted for because they only need 5% to get political representation. Not in America. It’s winner take all which is insane. A person can get 48% of the vote and gets zero representation. Absurd.

      The Democrats are looking to bury Whites. If you can’t see Trump is far better than any Democrat we got serious problems. Most Democrats and some Republicans should be doing the perp walk. There is a chance on Trump with Jared gone and political turmoil even worse.

  9. I agree with the article. The MAGAites love Trump, because he verbally goes up against the Democrats and says witty and wild things. They love this. They think he puts the Dems in their place. But it’s all talk. I would have rather Trump remained silent, and not get caught up in the verbal game, and just DO THINGS quietly. Constantly engaging the MSM and the Democrats was just cheap and did nothing to help us.So he is a player, in a game, and is still playing his part.

  10. Typical boomer response. Don’t blame Trump just blame Biden. Don’t blame Bush, blame Biden. NewsMax is no different than CNN or FOX. If you have a different opinion cut them off, censor them, etc.

  11. @Jeff – Sigh…. Your last paragraph is absolutely spot on, and I completely agree. I must say, though, voting at this point does seem like self-harm. (To repeat myself.)
    This website had it ‘right’ about Mr. Trump all along. I was wrong. Doesn’t mean I support Joe Kamel, though — I don’t support ANY of them.

    • Correct. An old school White man like Biden is still who he is. “Progressives” still struggle with this question.

  12. The only good thing Dump did was breaking the taboos of talking about the illegal immivasion & ending the endless overseas wars. That’s all the tits-on-a-boar loudmouth did. talk. He knew what to say to rile up & motivate the dwindling White majority that retains healthy survival instincts, but they’re also Normies: people with dull-normal IQs and little knowledge. People easily satisfied with empty words, who see politics as a simple team sport, and who wrongly think that “owning the libs” equals beating them.

    Dump is deadly because he’s a palliative that eases the pain of their and allows them to sleep comfortably – when what they need is radical surgery & chemotherapy to destroy the (((terminal cancer))).

    • Statistically, “immigration” increased under Trump. Those “processing camps” weren’t about turning anyone away. The whole Honduran thing with the caravan…they got in.

      Both parties can’t seem to bring in enough foreigners to satisfy themselves. It’s not the “cheap labor” thing either, because most of them do not work, and for the ones that do, everything is shifted by companies to the government to provide them with free healthcare, housing, etc.

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