Jimmy Dore: George W. Bush Calls Americans Terrorists and Liberals Love It

I respect people who have actual beliefs.

I may not always agree, but at least I know where they stand and how they will react to events.

The most aggravating people in politics are partisans who have no real beliefs or values and who flip flop in order to “own” the other side. This is true of both parties. The shitlibs used to passionately hate George W. Bush and now they love him. MAGA used to support withdrawing from Afghanistan until Joe Biden did it. Now they hate withdrawing from Afghanistan and want to go back there to own the libs.

Is there anyone in the country who started more violence and is directly responsible for killing more people than George W. Bush? I’ve never killed anyone. He has killed hundreds of thousands of people. He created ISIS by invading and destabilizing Iraq. He created tens of thousands of new terrorists.

Note: I settled on my own worldview and values by watching George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq in the early 2000s.

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  1. Yep, a local talk radio host mentioned “America really fell under Bush” and he was right. This snake was in power during the last real chance to do something about all the destructive trends and he did nothing.

      • One has to wonder what the payback was. They already had plenty of money. How much money do they want?? Their love of Mexicans was pretty obvious. But you have to ask why…

  2. If liberals were smart they would have realized Bush was on their side all along. He was responsible for bringing in millions of beaners, started the the police state. Yep, Bush is a good liberal.

    • Even if Child Bush is spiritually one of them, Democrats shouldn’t hesitate to promote putting him, Cheney, Wolfowitz and the rest of the gang on trial for war crimes in up-coming elections. It would be a winning issue, and echt conservatives and even some Republucans would cross over and join with the Democrats for the chance to see Duhbyah in the docket.

      Politics is a dirty business, and Child Bush is worth more to Democrats as a scapegoat and sacrificial victim than he is as a friend or ally.

  3. It wasn’t a question of Liberals and Bush shifting sides to support each other. Liberals always supported Bush wars, torturing prisoners, etc. Barak Obama entered the US Senate after the start of Iraq war, but voted to support it and to re-new the Patriot Act.

    • Agree, they are all on the same side.
      On September 11, 2021 George W. Bush called Trump supporters and those who directly participated in the January 6th protests, “Terrorists – surely as the 9/11 ones were.”

  4. When George WMD Bush invaded Iraq, he turned me into an anti war protester, out there marching with people I really had nothing else in common with.
    George Bush’s war views haven’t altered, but the Left’s have……..they now seem on board with endless war follies. They seem to like the idea of us babysitting these places, protecting them from their own culture and barbarism, then taking in half their populace once we leave these places.
    Rather than endless wars, I’d label them ‘endless occupations’.
    Other than trade and general civilized engagement with these places, we have no other business being there.
    Every continent has something that another needs or wants, so yes, fair trade Is important, but we otherwise need to keep our snouts out of other nations.
    Remember this:- the average American is hated around the world……….via what their government does in their name.

  5. He only calls white Americans terrorists (or insinuates they are) — when he’s not writing books lionizing immigrants.

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