“Justice For J6” Rally Was Uneventful

I’ve seen this dozens of times before:

  • The overwhelming conversation online about the “Justice For J6” rally was to stay away from it because it was a fed op
  • Apparently, there were feds on the ground at the rally, which were identified on 4chan and Twitter after the event
  • The rally was sparsely attended because of the fear surrounding the event online, not because of a lack of sympathy and solidarity with the January 6 prisoners
  • There was fear that “journalists” would dox people and get them fired from their jobs or that federal agents would start violence and get everyone sued

The moral of the story: the “intelligence community” has completely and utterly subverted the First Amendment for everyone on the Right. We now live in a totalitarian state like East Germany. Those who were deeply skeptical of the centralization and consolidation of power in Washington, DC and who believed that creating an almighty state would lead to despotism have been proven right.

Note: This isn’t a new problem. The “intelligence community” has been managing and crushing dissent at home and subverting foreign governments since its creation.

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  1. Some in the mainstream as well as TDS afflicted insurrection-tards are crowing about the low turnout (there was no shortage of advice to stay away; I saw a lot of it) — some even mischaracterize it as another ‘stop the steal’ event — lots of sick, cruel fucks out there.

      • Trump is a Trojan Horse as well as The Great Divider- he holds onto the stake that he has driven through the heart of White Nationalism while he lounges around on his fat ass at Mar-A-Lago. The Orange Swine now determines what is kosher and what is not with a large percentage of White Americans who don’t understand that he is just another puppet of the Tribe that holds these same White Americans down.

  2. These agent provocateurs always wear something that identifies them to each other, in this case black socks and Ray Ban sunglasses, wayfarers. In Ferguson it was pink shirts.

  3. ^^^ more proof that it was a set-up. At a normal event like this, there would be people of all ages and backgrounds, not lots of beefy young guys in expensive “casualwear.”

    Perhaps there is a postive. They can assure themselves that there is no groundswell loyal to the real president, no interest in fighting the steal, and for that matter, no one believing the steal….and perhaps find other ways to keep themselves busy.

    The FBI is now the investigative arm of the totalitarian state. Remember the smirks on the faces of strzok and wray? They do not care that they give themselves away with their blatant scorn of ordinary Ameriicans. But it only builds the anger and fans the flames of resistance.

  4. Heh, one more … just noticed the slur in the higher-up tweet (along with supposed “joke” satire, which was neither satircal not funny.) The people with “smarts,” whether measured in IQ or common sense, do not make fools of themselves by showing their fear in that manner, but those who are afraid of losing control do. Would not be surprise if those who are still living rent free in Trump Tower are more of the “bois” mentioned here.

  5. I love my country. God Bless America. This is the greatest country on Earth. Even through this dark period we are experiencing the Good will win in the end.

    America is Good.

    God created America for Good.

    This is the greatest country on Earth.

    I love my country.

    Democrats hate America.

    Vote Republican.

    Save America.

  6. Attending a rally of any sort in DC is a bas idea, because doing so financially supports the federal government and the local economy of overwhelmingly liberal DC.

  7. In an authoritarian state the gov’t persecutes dissidents. In a totalitarian society the gov’t doesn’t have to persecute dissidents because big business and NGOs will do it for them.

  8. You mean the “Deadly Capital Hill Insurrection?” Pity the poor Black officer who had to shoot Ashli Babbit dead and then was in tears afterwards for all the White racism he faced over this! Had the cases been reversed and a White officer shot an unammed Black female air force vet the system would lose its mind. A blockbuster movie would be in the the making while BLM and Antifa burned cities to the ground. But we dont have “Black Privilege”

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