Jesse Watters: The FBI Failed America

At this point, I have no interest in supporting any politician who isn’t willing to go after the Pentagon and “intelligence community” with a sledgehammer. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have made it clear that they are unwilling to use their power to do so. Zero oversight, bigger budgets and praise for both of these evil and corrupt institutions is all that these two can imagine.

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  1. Why say or parrot some report that said the FBI ‘botched the entire thing’? — as if it was all one big oops — like a ‘robbery gone wrong’ — it was all deliberate and those people are scum.

  2. The FBI is, and always has been, the enforcement arm of the Cabal that runs the US – they eliminate the competition and dissent, pick and choose the winners in business, etc – it was set it up that way from the beginning 100 years ago. The whole thing is a legal version of the Mafia with the full power and weight of the government backing it up. These stupid TV shows and movies portraying the FBI as White Knights is just a bunch of Hollywood BS. Look at how “Muh White Supremacists” are hunted down versus how Antifa and BLM scum are given the Kid Glove Treatment.

  3. You never see a baby pigeon or a baby squirrel. You know they are there, squirrels and pigeons are every where, but you never even see a baby. You know why? They protect their young and that is what we used to do in the past.

  4. There are some really funny memes on the net with those Feds wearing sun glasses with bad Peaky Blinder hair cuts.

    Don’t those men know they are white? And part of the problem, you work for an organization that hates you.

    Seriously I know one of them is reading this blog!

    Ask your self?

    How do you sleep at night?

  5. The fbi has always been a criminal organization for the govt. Their purpose is to make sure the govt has no competition in criminal enterprises.

  6. Under J. Edgar Hoover the FBI didn’t go after the Mob. Possibly because they had dirt on his gambling and sexual vices.

    • They needed the Mob so they could kill Mussolini. Wasnt that Lucky Luciano? And to pack the ballot boxes of Cook Country giving JFK the won

  7. I don’t honestly know that any politician can realistically do anything to wield a sledgehammer at the pentagon or intelligence apparatus.

    With them totally aligned and fused with corporate power in the empire, the deepstate is a hydra of a scale that can only be toppled by another titanic state apparatus or a union of several.

    Besides this there is only the inevitable and inescapable effects of entropy that will bring the beast down.

  8. Spahn spoke to this the other day- OD is getting pretty bad with the amount of time it takes to get posts up. If HW is busy he should hand it off to someone that can get things done In a timely manner.

        • @Stefania Mowi – I second that. We are all very fortunate that this website exists as it does. As our elders knew and tried to teach us, take nothing for granted. And appreciate every small grace this world grants you.

  9. All FBI including those Ray Ban-sporting Calvin Klein model faggots at the rally-trap this weekend are conscience-free race traitor scum. Far lower than their kike pimps who fight for their people.

  10. The FBI has always been corrupt, when Hoover ran it, it was corrupt in a pretending there was no organized crime sort of way, where they spied on anybody who was noteworthy and got blackmail material. Now they’re allied with the establishment, police state types who are extreme social liberals.

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