ABC News: Border Apprehensions Surpass 200,000 In August

In retrospect, the massive surge in illegal immigration that began shortly after Joe Biden was inaugurated wasn’t “transitory” or “seasonal.” The trend continued and gathered steam all summer in spite of the fact that the Biden administration quietly used Title 42 expulsions to deport many of them.

ABC News:

“Customs and Border Protection encountered over 200,000 attempted crossings in August, fewer than the two-decade high seen in July, but still far more than in past years.

While the Biden administration has asked for patience, some Republican lawmakers are sounding the alarm over what they consider a continuing crisis.

The 208,887 of apprehensions in August were fewer than in July, when 212,672 people were encountered crossing the border — eclipsing every year since 2000. But last year, CBP made 50,014 apprehensions, just a fraction of this August’s number. In 2019, there were 62,707 apprehensions and the number was even smaller — 46,719 — in 2018. …”

It will get even worse soon.

A federal judge in DC has blown up our immigration system again. Those who are making it across can’t get deported for public health reasons anymore.


“A federal judge Thursday blocked the Biden administration from exercising a Trump-era policy that allows the U.S. to quickly expel migrants without giving them the chance to apply for asylum.

That provision of U.S. health law, known as Title 42, was first implemented in March 2020 around the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Critics accused the Trump administration of using it as a pretext to effectively shutter the nation’s borders.

The Biden administration, however, renewed the policy last month, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the measure would stay in effect until the risk of people who aren’t U.S. citizens introducing Covid by crossing the borders with Mexico and Canada “has ceased to be a serious danger to the public health.”

More than 1.1 million migrants have been expelled under Title 42 since the policy went into effect at the start of the pandemic, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Under Trump, more than 444,000 migrants were sent back using the law. Since Biden took office in January, more than 690,000 migrants have been expelled through Title 42. …”

1.1 million illegal aliens have been expelled since the beginning of COVID because of this rule. Over half of them were deported by Joe Biden. Yes, we can deport millions of illegal aliens, but our grossly dysfunctional political system constantly throws up legal roadblocks and won’t allow us to do so.

Note: As usual, Republicans are capitalizing on the border collapse to harness another round of backlash politics. The politicians are grandstanding and fundraising off the issue. Even if the Republicans retake Congress after the 2022 midterms, don’t expect them to do anything about it.

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  1. Republicans wouldn’t do anything about it because business lobbyists have been complaining for months about the non-existent labor shortage.

    • The brown tide isn’t here to work, anyways. They want free housing, food, utilities, and free medical care. They can come here and have the American taxpayer pay to raise their offspring.
      The whole George Bush “they do the jobs Americans won’t do” is BS. They get paid lower, if they do work, and then are subsidized by the government (taxpayer) for health insurance and everything else. So they can work for a lower wage, but not a white man.

  2. the #’s “sent back” are entirely fictive. Most of those “sent back”

    cross and re-cross until they make it to a “sanctuary city”. And

    all the croaking by Trump and other republiscams

    is strictly play-acting. I now live in central Utah, where

    25% of the population is already Brown and Black. Meanwhile

    Salt Lake City north of here is being daily basted with Somalian :”refugees”.

    happy, happy Jews.

    • Too bad the Mormon church had tor revoke their “no blacks” rule that Brigham Young instated. They were probably threatened with not being able to keep their taxfree church status.

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