Haitians Flood Across Mexican Border In Del Rio, TX

I really don’t have much to say about this.

What else can you say? It is another scene of imperial decline.

The images and videos coming out of Texas speaks for itself. This has been going on ever since Joe Biden was inaugurated in January. The only difference now is seeing so many black faces joining the flood. Joe Biden granted “Temporary Protected Status” to 100,000 Haitians back in May.

Did you know that we spend over a trillion dollars a year on defense related costs? We spent $740 billion on the 2021 NDAA which went mostly to the Pentagon. We spend much more on “defense” though when you include the Department of Homeland Security, the VA, foreign aid through the State Department, maintaining the nuclear stockpile under the Department of Energy, etc. The so-called “Department of Defense” isn’t even responsible for border security which is now a DHS responsibility. We’re rapidly going broke spending so much money every year on “defense.”

In theory, we maintain military bases on six continents in order to protect the “Homeland” from terrorists and hostile foreign powers. We have hundreds of thousands of American troops “forward deployed” abroad. These people just walk right into the country and get on a bus and end up in your neighborhood. This is what the term “defense” looks like in practice in a rotting and dying empire.

Once upon a time, we had a government that had the capacity to perform basic functions and provide basic services for its citizens. Today, we spend over a trillion dollars a year on “defense” to get this. The generals start and lose wars abroad and don’t even bother to defend the Homeland.

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  1. More George Floyd’s.
    Where’s the ‘department of defence’?
    It’s the result of having pull factors such as amnesty, housing and welfare.
    One thing the equal ones are good at is making their way to a nation full of waysis Y pepo.
    ‘homeland security’……..a bogus phrase quite obviously.

  2. ‘immigration is a federal issue’. So……….why the the fuck aren’t they acting like it is?
    The most powerful country in the world………..with cotton candy soft borders!
    Bye bye white America.

  3. I wonder how the nervous type liberal really feels about all these blacks showing up. They sort of fear they may already have a hopeless project uplifting all the ‘hood rats, I suspect they know deep down that letting these bums in is the final nail in the coffin for the black experiment.

    • Agree. The US has areas that look like Liberia now.
      If every last black went back to Africa, most of the problems in the US would be gone overnight.

  4. It is sickening. Haiti has the highest rate of HIV infection in the Wstern hemphere. And yet the Insane States releases them into the the rest of the country. So how much can we put down to incomptence and how much to malevolence?

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