Poll: Joe Biden Is Now As Unpopular As Trump

Joe still hasn’t bounced back in the polls.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan is only one issue that is taking a toll on his favorability rating.

The Hill:

President Biden and former President Trump are statistically tied when it comes to their favorability among U.S. voters, according to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey shared exclusively with The Hill on Monday.

Forty-eight percent of respondents say they have a positive view of Trump compared to 46 percent who say they have a favorable opinion of his successor. Biden’s favorability is slightly underwater, however: 49 percent of those surveyed said they have an unfavorable view of the current president, while slightly less — 47 percent — report an unfavorable opinion of Trump. 

The findings are a remarkable shift for Biden, who repeatedly outperformed Trump’s favorability numbers throughout the early months of his presidency. …

Fifty-one percent of respondents now say Trump was a better president than Biden, while 49 percent prefer the White House’s current occupant, the poll shows.

“The mounting issues on all fronts have led to the surprise conclusion that Trump is now seen as good a president as Biden, suggesting the honeymoon is being replaced now with buyer’s remorse,” Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, said …”

Last night, I noticed in the grocery store that two ribeye steaks cost $57. Gas is still $3.00 a gallon in September. COVID is a bigger disaster around here than it was at this time last year. Millions of people are angry about the vaccine mandate. Somehow, Joe has managed to lose and anger people on both sides of the issue and it has gotten worse after 70% of the population has been vaccinated.

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  1. I don’t under stand why he’s been keen on mandated vaccines. He should be thinking about publically stating the jabs ain’t for kids. These injections are not really working as advertised. At best.

    • Those kids aren’t really protesting FOR masks or vaccines, they are protesting against Trump and the people he rallied. They associate opposition to covid restrictions solely with “Trump Supporters” due in part to media portrayal. O’reilly mentioned on his podcast that the least vaccinated group, the one with the MOST hesitancy is Blacks at 30% but you’ll NEVER hear the media talking about that. In reality it is a class thing, the “anti science” attitudes are based on the common person’s experience in hight school with the complete lack of common sense in their “Aspergers” classmates who went into the sciences. Hence the distrust of science, they know the “archetype” of the scientist, the dork in high school obsessed with stupid comic books. The whole global warming panic for one, they say “follow the scientists” who would take us back to living in a pre industrial, low energy society as poor as Tudor England. Well, what about “follow the engineers” who say there is absolutely no alternative energy source within our technological know how to generate but a fraction of the amount of power we need to run our current society. Nor do they “follow the economist” who would tell them the consequence of the “green new deal” is mass poverty, freezing houses in winter, no mobility, starvation, and high mortality rates no seen for 200 years. Yep, people are familiar with the psychological mindset of the so called “elite” kids in their high schools growing up and don’t want them ruling over them.

  2. No skin off my teeth. I never had a vested interest in making the case against the orange man who was bad.

    It took a yearish to really know Trump was going sideways on us.

    I knew Biden was a piece of shit well before he was “elected”. This is why I didn’t engage in the willful kneecapping of the orange man who was bad, cause now we are stuck with a president thats too big to fail, but is doing so anyway, in any way he can manage. And we are stuck with him knowing full well that the dissident right helped put him in office and own to some extent this mess.

    At least we are out of Afghanistan though, even though we don’t know why a known piece of shit like Biden would never intentionally do anything good for the American people. We don’t talk about that though. We want to give the “president” credit like good principled conservatives would do. Or something.

    • Not even debatable, Ron, but incredibly some “aware White people” on this can’t put 2 and 2 together and voted for a treasonous old Democrat or didn’t vote at all. Every single Democrat wants this nation to be a third world one.

      Maybe when whitey is down to 40% of the country the duhhh factor will kick in. Brush up on your Russian and Hungarian.

      America is heading the way of some central American dump….with massive military power. Nice combination, huh? Rooting against America has become a positive trait. Sick, evil, nation.

      • Donald Trump was the most pro-Zionist shitbird ever to hold the office of President. If you’re willing to support that for some empty rhetoric on immigration and a nonexistent border wall you’re not very “aware”.

        • Butt goy. You are clueless on the issue. The invasion is what’s bringing us down. Have leftist Jews in America( too many) voted for it and run our vile media? Of course. But you basically rejected getting something from Trump for Biden to not only give anything but to take.

          It’s ridiculous to vote for Biden or not vote at all. Look what we have now with this monster in office? Trump is light years better than any Democrat. What world are so called ” aware Whites” living in? Biden is leap frogging us to the end. He’s rushing in all these refugees so they can quickly get registered and vote Democrat. Trump had us down to out lowest refugee total ever!

          • @Ricky Vaughn – Basing all of one’s positions on being against the Zionists, aka (‘The Joos’) is a non-issue, or even losing issue, with the vast majority of White Americans. They simply don’t see it. They just see someone weirdly focused on it. (That, and blaming White women for everything!) You will never win hearts and minds with it and are consigning yourself to the dust-bin if you think it trumps every single argument/decision every single time.

          • @Jeff Trump was better than Biden??…for nonwhites. He threw millions at “dreamers” and increased immigration. He took in all of the Hondurans, after he rallied against them coming here. Trump was gearing up to give blacks billions. He wasn’t stopping nonwhites from coming here.

        • @ Ricky I agree. We should not support or promote those who work against us. He isn’t better than Biden. Just different. He did his share of ruining this country.

        • Third world invasion will destroy this country far more quickly and thoroughly than aid to Israel will. Both need to be eliminated of course, but the brown shitification of this land is the more immediate danger.

      • I didn’t vote, knowing it could lead to a Biden presidency, because Trumpism is a harmful delusion. If Biden’s leapfrogging us to the end, Trumpism is putting us to sleep, telling us all is well and we don’t need to worry.

  3. I have nothing new to add to the discussion, but I wanted you to be aware that you do have a silent audience. Please keep up the reporting.

  4. Beef prices are not up much. The ranchers are not getting more for their cows. But there is a meat packing monopoly in America. They are making massive profits. And they sell half of it to Asia, at much lower prices than Americans have to pay.

    Best to buy a cow from a local rancher, and fill the freezer for the winter. Cut out the Jew meat packing monopoly. And Jewish it is, by the way.

    Buying meat at non monopoly prices would be a major benefit of complete separation from the dying Washington dictatorship.

    • The reason that (((they))) can sell beef to Asians at lower prices than to Americans is because in good ole judeo-chrishun’ Murica, we pay the kosher tax.

      Because of the jews’ method of slaughtering a cow by slow torture, only the front quarter of the cow can be made fit enough to be served on our (((overlords))) tables, the rest of the poor animal is served to us lowly goyim, aka us good judeo-chrishuns.

      Cut out the Jew meat packing monopoly … it’s the humane thing to do.

    • You forgot to mention that while beef prices have not gone too far up, the input costs to produce it have. So once again, the producers, the foundation of the “pyramid”, are getting screwed. You always hear people making snide remarks and jokes about farmers, but civilization itself is not possible without agriculture and animal husbandry.

  5. Why does it matter? — he doesn’t care; he’s not going to run for reelection — these polls feed the illusion of democracy as ‘representative government’ — politicians serve the Establishment, they don’t represent you — does anyone really seriously believe that government in its current form exists to benefit them?

  6. It would have only been better under Trump if he
    –avoided any mandates for the vax
    –didn’t bring in Afghans and Haitians on top of the millions of Mexicans coming in
    –stopped playing verbal pingpong with the Dems

  7. What this evil monster Biden is doing is simply replacing White people. He’s a monster of the worst order and the rapid decay into shithole status is upon America.

    Biden is ordering a 10 times increase in scam artists- aka’- refugees. Most will be coming from Africa next year. Gee what a surprise. Blacks are by far the most communist Democrat group in America and evil Joe is controlled by blacks

    Our lovely refugees will be pouring into places like Wyoming, Montana, Maine, Nebraska with the absolute purpose of turning them Democrat. Then their relatives come. Nightmare.

    In not even a year as president Biden is by far the most dangerous president we’ve ever had. You people that actually voted against Trump to let this old devil in office should be ashamed. How any White person in this day and age could ever vote Democrat is truly delusional and suicidal. Trump lowered refugee status to its lowest ever. Biden is raising it astronomically. The filthy fake Catholic also took away the rights of localities to reject being invaded. That is what you get for voting for any Democrat, whitey.

    What this disgusting old man is doing is creating a mass rush on the border and then pretend to do something about it. Create the problem and then deal with 10% of it while doing nothing about the other self imposed 90%.

    This country is done outside of breakup. We are so headed for socialist tyranny. Bring in diversity and pretend all religions are the same. That is the way to destroy any nation. We have arrived. Democrats are devils.

    • In case you don’t know…Trump increased “immigration” from what Obama was doing. Trump was big on the “processing camps”, which…if you’re not being let in, you won’t be in one.
      I really dislike Biden, but I dislike Trump just as much because………….

      Trump could have done something to help us, and he did nothing but make it all worse. Real betrayal. Biden isn’t even pretending he is on our side.

  8. I want to blame black people. They are brain dead morons. Good for taking our tax money and putting it in their crack pipes.

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