NPR: Joe Biden Follows Through On Campaign Promise To Raise Refugee Cap

Joe Biden has gone back and forth over the refugee issue.

Joe has now come full circle and returned to his original position and has finally fulfilled his campaign promise to raise the refugee cap to 125,000.


“WASHINGTON — The Biden administration said the U.S. would take in 125,000 refugees and their families next year, fulfilling an earlier pledge to raise a cap that had been cut to a historic low under his predecessor.

The White House set the proposed annual cap in a report to Congress, saying there was unprecedented number of displaced people around the world because of conflict, humanitarian crises and climate change. Administrations make an annual recommendation in consultation with lawmakers.

Officials had earlier announced their intention to raise it to 125,000 for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1. …”

The MAGA or lib owning side has flip flopped even harder on refugees.

To his credit, Donald Trump successfully cut the refugee cap down to 15,000 as president. He also made it harder to resettle refugees in the United States. This was one of his genuine accomplishments as president. This was overshadowed by a massive surge in illegal immigration during his presidency although that was largely due to the federal courts. This immigration surge in 2018 and 2019 was ultimately brought down though by the Remain in Mexico policy which Joe dismantled (and was recently reinstated) and COVID after which the border was closed and illegal aliens began to be deported for public health reasons.

At the height of the collapse of the Afghan puppet government, Trump endorsed taking Afghan refugees:

Several weeks later, he was back to complaining about unvetted refugees:

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin have been on FOX News wailing for a month now about all the Afghan refugees and the poor green card and SIV holders who were left behind. Dozens of Republican governors have pledged to resettle Afghan refugees in their states. Glenn Beck flew to Afghanistan to evacuate Afghan refugees only to be stopped by the Taliban.

Note: Republicans are genuinely split on the issue. Support for refugee resettlement has come down over the past month as the knee jerk reaction has faded and the news cycle has moved on to other issues.

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      • You need to tell that to your Congressman, US Senators, and all of your local O’Assholes in person. Say something like, Holy Mary, what are you Catholic O’Assholes trying to do?

        Tucker Carlson did a whole segment on the “11 Million”.

  1. Nothing sets the Trumptards off like pointing to the weird, random capitalizations in Trump’s infantile statements as evidence he’s a semi-literate buffoon with a junior high level intellect.

    Same with reminding them Trump had 4 years to leave Afghanistan but didn’t.

    >he was criticized by the media

    As others have said: some countries have state-controlled media — the US has a media-controlled state.

    It looks like the Biden admin is being used to finally drive the demographic stake right through the heart of white America.

    Now watch as the Republicans say and do absolutely nothing — in fact, Republican governors were competing to see who could be the most ‘welcoming’ to Afghans, child brides included.

    • Being good “conservatives”, will the worthless Republican governors welcome not just (multiple) 12 YO child brides but also bacha bazi boys too? Perhaps Miss Lindsay will be part of the Welcome Wagon committee for them. Yes, we will be enriched by these wonderful practices from these knuckle scraping, Third World shitbum savages with their diverse cultures also known as savagery.

  2. We are all witnessing the slow motion transformation of the formerly greatest nation on the planet into a third world shithole.

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