Propaganda Today: Joe Biden’s U.N. Speech Shows Further U.S. Commitment To War and Meddling

Nothing has really changed.

The right imperialists like Tom Cotton and Mike Pompeo openly embrace their new Cold War with Russia and China. The left imperialists like Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken say that they don’t want a new Cold War with Russia and China, but are executing the whole “pivot to Asia” and the “era of great power conflict” in the Pacific in a more passive aggressive way. It is inconceivable that either side would do anything meaningful to reverse course like cut the military budget.

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  1. I believe both corrupt and treasonous parties are pro war, especially when it comes to Israel. One does it openly and other covertly.

  2. It will be interesting to see if continental Europe pulls further away from America’s sphere. That seems to be the trend. In the end, the Judeo-Anglosphere may end up alone and isolated, having alienated all of its former allies.

  3. The Jews are not going to allow themselves to be ruled over by the Chinese. It is that simple. Who rules? Who tells who what to do? The Christ killers say us and our money rules. The Chinese say mind your own business and leave us alone. It is much much better for everybody to get along with each other and to try and live in peace, but once again the message and warnings of Christ to the kyke people are going to go unheeded. Some people never learn.

  4. Now the democrats are calling for Biden to halt Haitian deportations because we don’t have enough violent , dependent totally worthless Africans already!

    Anything to screw over whites and hurt this country for profit
    America is dead and will not be saved.
    Start brushing up on your Russian or Hungarian.
    I am making my plan to leave by 2025/2026
    Fuck this corpse of a country
    I don’t want to live near and be ruled by blacks, browns, fags and self hating whites.

  5. Endless US shenanigans around the world whilst it’s domestic white population slips from 90% to 57% in only fifty years. Good to see their priorities are in it’s correct order……
    In the video, the true culprits are never mentioned.
    Most white Americans have never heard of some of these overseas backwaters, and don’t give a shit about them, yet there the military is, killing people in their name. In the meantime, nothing is done about weak borders, out of control murders and drug use or the loss of manufacturing at home.
    I’m just…………..the logic totally escapes me.

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