WSJ: Abolish the FBI

I’m fully onboard with this.

As long as the American Empire exists, I also have no expectation that it will ever happen. The Empire has to suppress its critics at home and subvert its opponents abroad. The “intelligence community” was created to manage dissent and has been doing this since the beginning.


“These antic actions, along with the subsequent FBI leakfest aimed at undermining the president it just helped to elect, might be written off as a singular consequence of Mr. Comey’s overweened sense of importance.

But this doesn’t explain the FBI’s top counterintelligence deputy, Peter Strzok, engaging in compromising political banter on an FBI network while playing a central role in the FBI’s most politically sensitive investigations. It doesn’t explain FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith’s criminal act of falsifying agency submissions to the surveillance court. …

Ask yourself: In what way, in anyone’s memory, has the FBI covered itself in glory? The Larry Nassar case, in which it failed to pursue a serial abuser of teenage gymnasts? The Noor Salman case, in which it trumped up a failed prosecution of the innocent and abused wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter? The Hatfill case, in which it attempted to railroad an innocent scientist over the 2001 anthrax attacks?

Ironically, Hollywood is now the FBI’s biggest devotee because the agency’s screw-ups are fodder for its best movies. The FBI’s role in the assassination of Black Panther Fred Hampton was the subject of “Judas and the Black Messiah.” Its persecution of an innocent security guard in the Atlanta Olympics bombing was the theme of “ Richard Jewell. ” Its cosseting of the criminal psychopath Whitey Bulger was a central pillar of the Johnny Depp film “Black Mass.” …”

The “intelligence community” isn’t a necessary evil.

As with the Pentagon, it is an institution that is fundamentally opposed to our founding principles and theory of government. We have found out the hard way that there was nothing great about being a “Great Power.” We’re not great because we have created these institutions and emulated the British Empire. We have sunk every day since we started traveling down that road over a century ago.

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  1. The fbi, cia, nsa, dhs and all the other corrupt overreach govt organizations should be disbanded and their members arrested for violating the rights of the citizens.

  2. Surprising to see this in a mainstream media outlet — but it will take a lot to get patriotards to see that something has gone badly wrong in Wash DC.

    In ignoring the latest John Durham indictment, most of the media and official Washington are ignoring the elephant between its lines: the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    In other news:

    Did Jake Sullivan commit perjury? Emails reveal ‘lie’ on Trump

    Jake Sullivan, national security adviser in the Biden administration, may be guilty of perjury related to the Hillary Clinton campaign’s dirty tricks against Donald Trump.

    Seems to be an inexhaustible supply of these smarmy cretins.

    I’m also fed up with the lawyer scum and liberal arts grads soaking up big bucks to investigate all of these scandal that should never have happened in the first place — Wash DC is a money churning shithole.

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