Emancipation Monument Unveiled In Richmond

Am I too cynical and blackpilled on New South conservatism?

Richmond Times Dispatch:

“It’s as if the ancestral spirits of the men and women whose names were called out into the thick, muggy air cupped their protective hands over Brown’s Island on Wednesday morning, just long enough to shield from the steady rain Richmond’s newest symbol of freedom.

Nearly a decade in the works, the Virginia Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Commission unveiled its Emancipation and Freedom Monument to an enthusiastic, if not soggy, poncho-wearing crowd Wednesday morning.

Created by Oregon-based artist Thomas Jay Warren, the monument features two 12-foot bronze figures: one of a newly freed man, his chains broken from his wrists; the other a woman holding an infant in one arm and her other hand holding a page that reads “January 1” and the Roman numerals for 1863, when Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation took effect, freeing slaves in the South.

The base displays the names of five African American Virginians who fought against slavery — Gabriel, Nat Turner, Dred Scott, William Harvey Carney and Mary Jane Richards Bowser — and five who fought for equality: the Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker, John Mercer Langston, Lucy Simms, John Mitchell Jr. and Rosa Dixon Bowser. …”

As far as I can tell, the fruits of New South conservatism – an unquenchable thirst for defense spending, corporate boosterism and an obsession with economic growth, the policies that accompany this mindset like low taxes and deregulation which poach out of state businesses and lure in transplants, an overall laissez-faire attitude toward culture and government and the acceptance of a “good” colorblind antiracism – have been demographic replacement, cultural erasure, political marginalization, dishonor and disgrace, the effective loss of our civil liberties and a hellscape that is a glorified shopping mall.

Note: What about the grocery tax though?

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  1. @ new south conservatism, is recycled, repackaged, scalawagism, lick bootism, gay ass punkism, for desperate, self hating,stupid,evil,out of style people, Piss on the statue, when babylon falls, I refer you too REVELATION 18:2, the the work of the underskilled sculptor will fall too. They probably have more ugly ass sculptures coming, they have had this shit planned all along. Doesn’t really matter, these rotten too the core cities of empire land, won’t be around too much longer anyway.

  2. Just as the Confederate monuments are replaced with Negro monuments functional societies are replaced with little Haitis. No doubt in a few years these monuments will be taken down in the middle of the night by black thieves and sold for scrap as the economy plunges off a cliff. That is how it works in Third World countries.

    Anything metal that has value such as copper utility lines is stolen for scrap value causing tremendous damage to society. The blacks don’t give a damn about this emancipation shit anyway so when these ugly statues get melted down it will improve things. It’s the PMCs who are waging low level war against White societies, in this example against Dixie by erasing the South’s past and trying to replace it with a warped, fun house mirror type of history.

    After monuments in the South are destroyed there are plenty more in the North that have to go. Not just statues of Union officers and men which are found throughout the North but also statues of notorious Confederates such as Sir Isaac Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Columbus, Röntgen (X-Rays), Pasteur, Shakespeare et al.

    Those damn fool “liberals” and worse, “conservatives” believe the monsters of the Left can be satiated by throwing everyone else to Moloch to save themselves. That’s not the way it works however, they just get eaten last if they’re lucky.

      • With a name like KT-88 I’m sure you are familiar with high B+ voltages but since you asked for it, here you go: https://theeconomyng.com/?p=17036

        In the words of the news report: ” . . . other members of the gang fled the scene after Ismaila gave up the ghost.”

        Those high voltage utility lines will do that, make people “give up the ghost”.

  3. Occidental Dissent’s readers who aren’t familiar with it might want to read what Frederick Law Olmsted, of Central Park fame, had to report about Virginia and about Richmond, specifically, in his “A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States; With Remarks on Their Economy” (1856):


    Since the insurgent slave “Gabriel” is mentioned in the newspaper piece that Mr. Wallace has excerpted in the present blog post, I’ll mention that that same figure—“General Gabriel”—is mentioned on page 21 in the chapter I just linked, above. On that page and the two preceding pages, Olmsted describes the Virginia Capitol, whose “legitimate entrance” is walled up and at whose side entrance, which is the one in use, stands a member of Virginia’s Public Guard, which, Olmsted explains, has been under arms at the capitol since 1801, after Gabriel and his fellow insurgent leaders, who’d tried to take the town, had been hanged.

    N.B. Since 1801—thirty years before William Lloyd Garrison began publishing The Liberator, more than half a century before Olmsted’s arrival. Such was the glory of the old South, such the splendor of Virginia’s Capitol and the future Confederate Capitol—guarded by armed men. Yeah—I wish I was in Dixie.

    Here’s a piece I haven’t read about Gabriel’s insurgency:


    • I’m looking forward to reading the whole book, so thank you for bringing it to my attention, Bonaparti. Have you ever read Charles Dickens’ Notes on America? He visited Eastern State Penitentiary in 1842.

    • A lot of that reminds me Hinton Rowan Helper, a native Sutherner who warned the South that slavery was undercutting free White labor.

    • Of the seven Cotton States that first seceded and formed the Confederacy, only four issued declarations of causes for their secession. In fact, those four declarations of causes were the only four issued by any of the 13 states represented in the Confederate Government…

      The four declarations of causes do mention slavery along with numerous other grievances including economic, constitutional, and the hatred used by the North to rally its votes in the election of 1860.

      That hatred was the primary reason for Southern secession. Northerners had supported murder and terrorism against the South. They had financed John Brown and sent him into the South to murder Southerners. He had hacked pro-South settlers to death in front of their families in Kansas.

      Lincoln’s party also used Hinton Helper’s The Impending Crisis as a campaign document. They had hundreds of thousands of them printed and distributed coast to coast. It called for slave insurrection and the throats of Southerners to be cut in the night.

      Would you allow people who hated your guts and were already at war with you to rule over you? What kind of stupid, cowardly people would do that? Certainly not Southerners.

      — Abbeville Institute: “Robert E. Lee and Me” by Gene Kizer, Jr. on Apr 6, 2021

      Besides slavery, economic and constitutional issues causing the war there is this Northern hatred: “Northerners had supported murder and terrorism against the South.”

      So Harriet Beecher Stowe’s (sister of a prominent radical abolitionist) Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Hinton Helper’s The Impending Crisis actually contributed to causing the war.

      …when President Abraham Lincoln met Stowe in 1862, he reportedly said, “So this is the little lady who made this big war.”
      — history.com, “This Day in History | March 20”, “1852 March 20 — ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ is published”

      Hinton Rowan Helper, 27 Dec. 1829-9 Mar. 1909

      A crazy white guy named Hinton Rowan Helper born in Mocksville, NC writes a book in 1857, The Impending Crisis of the South: How to Meet It, “a work destined to help elect Abraham Lincoln president in 1860 and to rank perhaps next to Uncle Tom’s Cabin in its impact as an abolitionist document fueling the fires of secession and war…In January 1861 the [New York] Herald declared that Lincoln’s election had been due to ‘this very work of Mr. Helper, and kindred speeches and documents.'”

      After writing the book and after a compendium version was printed that was used in Republican Party campaigning which resulted in greater distribution:

      …Helper, scorned by proslavery elements in the North, unable to find employment, and harassed and threatened with physical harm, applied to Lincoln for a consular appointment. The request was granted and in November 1861 he was sent to Buenos Aires. While there he married Maria Louisa Rodriquez…

      Helper wrote five other books, three of which were extremely racist and unleashed intense hatred towards the Negro race. His writings contained rational, progressive, and farsighted viewpoints and ideas as well as irrationalities and illogical ideas which sometimes sounded like the ravings of a maniac

      After about 1890 Helper spent most of his time in Washington, D.C. His wife became blind and returned to South America with their son. Helper’s mental instability worsened and he eventually committed suicide. His burial plot was donated, and the burial expenses were paid by the Authors Society of New York. His grave is unmarked.

      When he died, the Courier Journal wrote: “The world had wrestled with him and thrown him. His mind was shattered and his heart broken. Friendless, penniless, and alone, he took his own life, and died at the age of eighty—this man who had shaken the Republic from center to circumference and who at a critical period had held and filled the center of the stage.”

      Helper and The Impending Crisis indeed “had shaken the Republic from center to circumference.” Though he said that the book was intended to help the nonslave-holding whites (three-fourths of the South’s population disadvantaged by slavery), it was, in reality, a powerful and dangerous abolitionist work. The 150 pages of statistics from the census of 1850, indiscriminately used to show that the slave states were at a disadvantage in every area of comparison with the free states, had little influence. The real impact of the book came from its scathing denunciation of Southern slave owners, whom the author branded as “robbers, thieves, ruffians, and murderers,” and the admonishment to the slave to gain freedom by violence if necessary.

      Republicans endorsed the printing of a compendium of The Impending Crisis for distribution in the 1860 campaign.

      Republican party leaders endorsed the printing of a compendium of the book for distribution in the presidential campaign of 1860. This endorsement led to the “Speakership Flight” in the House of Representatives between 5 Dec. 1859 and 1 Feb. 1860. The debate there about The Impending Crisis and the Republican party’s endorsement of it gave the book nationwide recognition far out of proportion to its merit. Southern states passed stringent laws against the circulation of abolitionist literature, and persons were punished for possessing the Helper volume.

      Hinton Rowan Helper and The Impending Crisis shaped history. Historian James Ford Rhodes wrote that the book “proved a potent Republican document especially in the doubtful states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois, where it was easier to arouse sympathy for the degraded white than for the oppressed Negro.” James Gordon Bennett, editor of the New York Herald, reportedly handed a copy to President James Buchanan in the summer of 1857 with the statement: “There is gunpowder enough in that book to blow the Union to the devil.” In January 1861 the Herald declared that Lincoln’s election had been due to “this very work of Mr. Helper, and kindred speeches and documents.”

      The Impending Crisis of the South: How to Meet It

      The Compendium version appeared in July 1859; it was an abridgement that kept the statistics but watered down some of the confrontational rhetoric, for use in Republican Party campaigning. This version met with fierce opposition in the South and many places banned it. Possession of a copy was treated as criminal offense in most of the South. Distributors of the book were arrested, and three men in Arkansas were hanged for possession of it.
      — Wikipedia: The Impending Crisis of the South

      The Compendium version:

      • Corrections:
        Besides slavery, economic and constitutional issues causing secession there is this Northern hatred…

        So Harriet Beecher Stowe’s (sister of a prominent radical abolitionist) Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Hinton Helper’s The Impending Crisis actually contributed to causing secession.

        • Helper’s book played big role in secession, and is not much discussed- the fear of the planter class of a servile insurrection. How The new GOP was whipped up over that book, what was said , written etc, must have caused enough fear to trigger secession, when the stated intent of GOP was just stopping the spread of roll back slavery in the territories.

  4. New South..Old South…

    New South=Corporate conquest of Old South….

    Who is the President of Virginia Commonwealth…Born in India raised Hindu converted to Catholic and gave the divine edict to remove Confederate Symbols from the Campus…

    Donald Trump:”America needs India’s Youth Population because I’m creating so many jobs there will be a severe labor scarcity…..I’m scared of a severe labor scarcity…”

  5. It’s interesting that the article doesn’t mention the race of the subjects of the monument. Presumably they’re White, since vastly more White people have been enslaved by non-Whites than any other dyad.
    I didn’t know that there were African Americans who had fought against White slavery, other than the Boers obviously. That’s very neighborly of them. If this is indeed what the monument stands for, I like it.

    Never forget the untold numbers of White men enslaved and castrated and White women enslaved and raped by the coloured peoples and the English lords over so many centuries. God bless our free Slavic brothers and sisters, free Ireland, free Scotland and all those Europeans who suffered and died so that we their heirs could be free of the evil yoke of black and Arab and Norman English slavery.

  6. The South of today is not the South in my heart. I am thoroughly disenchanted with my home & that makes me so sad.

      • @Brad What is the League going to do about this then? The GOP has abandoned us just like the Democrats.

        I say it’s about time we don’t play by Yankee rules anymore. We have our own standards for heritage and culture. Douglas warned this would happen if Lincoln got elected… “The Africanization of America!”

        The savages are flooding at the gates and going after Robert E. Lee, one of the greatest heroes who ever lived. He is my hero and yours too!

        • We do not want to see the League of the South become, in the words of the great Tom Metzger, just another Meet, Eat and Retreat club, HW!

      • Me too. It seems the best years for whites were in the past. The whole “Jetsons” high tech future world is just a fantasy. It will be more like “Planet of the Apes” with whites being hunted down by brown packs.

  7. I’ve mentioned the Harvey Family massacre in Richmond before. Bryan Harvey, his wife and two daughters were murdered in cold blood on New Year’s Day 2006 by 3 Blacks, two men and a woman. Although, the Negro woman claimed she was only driving the killers who slipped into the Harvey home through an unlocked door.

    From what I was told years before the murder, Bryan Harvey was a descendant of Morris Harvey a Confederate soldier who rode with the Thurmond Brothers in west Virginia, and, the more famous John S. Mosbey in northen Virginia/northern west Virginia.

    Prior to the Civil War, Harvey had been a county sheriff and jailer, wholesale grocer, and he had also invested heavily in mineral rights and mountain property in the New River Valley.

  8. It’s all about triumphant kikes and their race traitor & nigger weapons gleefully shoving the faces of today’s Whites in the dirt. It’s happening because they value race over money.

  9. The Richmond Times Dispatch is no different from the Boston Globe, the LA Times, Washington Post, etc. They all espouse the exact same grim, politically correct, anti-white point of view. So much for America’s “free press”.

    So there wasn’t enough space in Richmond for the dignified Confederate statues and those nig nog lawn jockeys? If memory serves the Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in Rebel-held territory, so it had no way of being legally enforced. It was mainly intended to provoke the niggras into a violent uprising against their Southern masters.

  10. Most whites don’t even care. They’d be more angry if a football game wasn’t showing on TV, or the store ran out of beer.

    • yep..you got that right.
      Unfortunately we are out of time and only serious misery via horrendous misfortunes will wake people up and i am afraid even that wont work anymore.
      Our people are negrofied and kyked out to the core.
      Even country music is almost identical to nigger cRap noise these days.
      I am black pilled to the core and the small incremental inches we are gaining politically because tuckerstein mentioned white replacement is not going to be good enough.
      We better start acting like the conquered, enslaved people we are or i am afraid genocide is our only future.

      • Hitler said back in the 1940s that the US was just gone…that the negrification and judification of the US ruined it.
        You’re so right about country music and it’s sing-songy lyrics.
        I agree about the genocide. There are so many clues out there, and the vax is one.
        We are only 8% of the world population, so it won’t be hard for that other “white race” to push us over the edge. They are allowing, encouraging joggers to take us down.

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