Tucker Carlson: The Great Replacement Is Happening

The GOP continues to operate on two tracks. In some ways, the average Republican voter has gotten a little better on the issues under Joe Biden, which you can see reflected in the polls. Tucker Carlson is also using the term anti-White, talking about the Great Replacement on his show and giving a platform on his other show to people like Mencius Moldbug. There has been a narrowing of the gap between our views on most issues and that of the average Republican voter. You can see this shift in influencers like Matt Walsh who was hammered during the Groyper War or in Ann Coulter’s Twitter feed this morning.

In other ways, things have either gotten worse or stagnated. This can be seen in the knee jerk reaction to Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. You can see it in the statements that Donald Trump puts out like when he vowed to be tough on Mark Zuckerberg next time he is president. Above all else, you can see it in the House and Senate Republican leadership and on Hannity’s show, which is more reflective of where the institutional GOP is at on the issues. The elderly conservative politicians are off pushing the same old agenda and waiting for the next wave of backlash politics to arrive to restore them to power where they vow to do nothing about anything their base wants until power slips through their fingers again.

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  1. If these Elites had any foresight and where not evil idiots they could of realized Singapore racial makeup up works running a Modern, safe, and clean society of multiculturalism replacing Whites.

    Having a mixed ethic culture ofSomalia, Haiti, Central American, and mixed Arab/west Asian Muslims is not going to be any where near as orderly as Singapore mixed ethnic culture of South, North, and West Asian Demographics.

    It’s going to be chaos,

    However it will back fire and Help Whites in the future, seriously bank on it it’s just logical with how nature works!

    By the way this Haitian surge is only really going to hurt the established Black community in the long run!

    • Sorry, but your attempt to worship nonwhites is a joke. They haven’t invented or discovered anything like whites have. Everything you are using was invented by whites.

      • I disagree, he’s on to something. The peoples of Eurasia all come from 10,000 year old agricultural civilizations. Many overpopulated since time memorial, perpetually on the brink of starvations, and under permanent martial law where all the psychopaths with no impulse control were culled by the King. The problem I see is people assume that over the next millennia people will evolve into the type of sci fi perfect type people we see on TV. I think that whites are actually behind the trend, not living in these bee hive overpopulated societies. One direction I see coming from living like that is people tend to evolve more into “Ferengi” than the cast of “Gattaca”or the House of Atredies. People from these ancient civilizations seem to become very nepotistic, clan oriented, and extremely greedy. Seems to be survival traits selected for in a population at the lands carrying capacity. One reason I do not want population growth and think the US would be better with 150 million people than 300.

        • Some of you watch way too much TV and movies. Read some real history. History of physics, or mathematics. See who invented what. Go beyond just the most popular scientists. They were white men.
          If you think other races will help whites in the future, how come they aren’t helping NOW? The race growing the fastest is the blacks. Africa will be at about 2 billion, doubling by 2083. You think the Chinese are going to help us then?

      • Meh. I give credit to Chinks for quite a bit. Japs too. We killed our best in the Jew Wars so they are catching up fast. Listen to the Apollo audio on Youtube if you want to see how far we have fallen in 50 years. Thanks Boomers!

  2. There is no hope in the Republicans. On a good day they are merely useless but their usual practice is to stab in the back their most loyal, trusting supporters for the oligarchs who buy and sell these cheap Republican politicians like $5 whores. Unfortunately their plan to sit back, wait for Dementia Joe to go face down into his breakfast then step in to pick up the pieces will probably work.

    If there is an ounce of hope in the country it is that Dementia Joe’s presidency results in catastrophic failure that radicalizes the White electorate such that there is no longer room for toleration of typical Republican betrayal. Only impoverishment of the White suburban middle class combined with diversity on their doorstep will wake some of these people from their fatal slumber.

    The political system is working perfectly now however. It is preserving the wealth, privileges and power of the oligarchs no matter which party is in power. The foundation is rotten though, things cannot continue much longer no matter who is in power.

  3. Carlson will never name names though. In that clip, he mentions senile Joe Biden, as if White Replacement began with his administration.

    IMHO, Tucker is still acting as a safety valve for Trumptards, so they do not go down the ‘rabbit hole,’ and see who most of the culprits truly are.

    Carlson and his handlers also know that to stay relevant amongst the Trumptards that he must move the koshervative CivNat Overton Window gently.

    • Agreed. Understanding Finkelthink opened my eyes in a way little else has, except maybe understanding the role of the Filioque in Western Christianity, and why it alone has led to all our cultural and philosophical problems- aided/abetted by Jews, of course…

    • and why should we have to? Why should we have to appease a bunch of SJWs? The American Taxpayer is now supporting millions and millions of illegals, Middle Easterners, Africans, and soon, even more Africans, Haitians, and Afghans. Why? There is no benefit. Most of them don’t work, and just drain our social services into the TRILLIONS. They complain and complain about everything. They’ve ruined England. They’ve ruined our big cities here. There is NO advantage except for the warm, fuzzy feeling it gives liberals to see an African or Mexican come here and have a half dozen babies on welfare.

      The whole “nation of immigrants”, “Melting Pot”, etc. is a lie. Europeans came here and built up the US. That was a trickle, compared to what is going on now, and there is NO comparison. It’s a lie that we have to accept this, and it’s been foisted on European and Australian countries, too. That whites owe the world, whites have to “share”.

  4. Could you imagine the outcry after saying the source of Africa’s strength would come from it having a majority white population? Well in reverse, that’s exactly what we’re being expected to accept.
    I’m baffled as to why the farrrr rightttttt isn’t more prevalent, given what’s happening to us.

  5. Well it’s not like the GOP or Con Inc has jack shit else to talk about. Nobody gives a fuck about the infrastructure bill or this gay debt ceiling fight.

  6. They couldn’t improve or advance Haiti in any useful way, so how exactly will they help America?
    Dieversity only ever serves the muds, never us.

    • A clueless friend of mine commented on the complete mess and the hobo town they had left at the bridge. I said, yeah, looks exactly like where they came from, this is what they do.

  7. Tucker wants you to get angry, wants you to do something stupid so the gubmint has a reason to crackdown. Tucker is not on your side, no way, no how.

  8. It already did. Non-whites are the majority in the youngest age demographic. And Republicans did just as much to make it happen.

  9. Zionist who run Fox News: “Vote Republican to save the white race goy”

    People stupid enough to fall for this deserve to lose their country.

    And by the way what exactly is the problem? I thought Tucker believes that anyone from any race/color/creed can become an American and that “America” is simply a set of values and ideas. What then is getting replaced? By Tucker’s own logic there is no reason not to give these people amnesty because all they have to do is believe in some abstract concepts and they are as legitimate as anyone else. Once again this Jew puppet is pretending to be pro-white while promoting the Jewish agenda.

  10. That the great replacement is so salient as to be mainstream is proof of those things that were originally the singular focus of the dissident right, 7 years or so ago when I first became active.

    Race realism, and from that realism a clear understanding of the inherent difference of White people and their cultures as distinct and worth preserving.

    It started out clear and concise, without all of this baggage foisted on it by the Altright and the albatross of overt anti semitism, which isn’t a necessary precondition of understanding White Identity, but has nevertheless been insisted on by bad actors in the thing to subvert any organic and legitimate advocacy into extremism where it can easily be isolated, where normies can easily write off our arguments against the willful destruction of White culture as just outgrowths of our tainted racist worldview.

    All the dissident right has done is perpetuate a boogieman for the left to continually point at as justification for hurting what we originally were trying to protect. What I still want to protect.

    I’ve said it in the past, but I’m glad this thing is dying out. More damage has been done in the last ten years to White heritage than in the last 100, and we have been a great excuse for it.

    What is going to be preserved is going to be the legacy of what used to be. But it will necessarily be different and alot of good will be lost. Hopefully the foolishness endemic to the dissident right will be burned away from the remnant and they will emerge from the crucible a more wise form of Whitey. More temperate and grounded in the real, less interested in history and more concerned with the future, and unburdened by the absurd neuroses of our “movement”.

    This is more a prayer than a hope. A prayer to whatever cosmic agency has sway here now.

    I’m so fucking bored with this thing. What a disappointment this has all been. Such a squandered opportunity.

    • Okay, jew-lover.

      “Don’t notice who’s doing it, leave them in power so they can do the same again.”

      You’re either a jew or a traitor, full stop.

    • There is no “cosmic agency”. Chaos and randomness is all there is. The universe doesn’t give a damn if we live or die.

  11. This is simply Sailer Strategy part 2. Blow the whistle of racial anxiety and resentment, and usher all the dupes who show up into the voting booth for the GOP. If the GOP wins, wall street, the military-industrial complex, and Israel will get everything they want, and Whites will get more permanently screwed. *See 2016 and Donald Trump.

    “But they’re talking about it!!!111” They are stealing our talking points and leaving us with nothing, stop falling for it.

  12. Take a good read of this. Its a decent summary of the current state of the dissident sphere.


    Those of us with resources and an average IQ won’t stick our neck out for anybody because we know that 9.5 out of every 10 people in this thing are either total morons, grifters/”intellectuals” or people incapable of actually organizing anything more complicated than a lemonade stand because they lack any real world skills due to age or sheer social maladjustment.

    The rest are feds trying to get people to do something stupid because we are easy targets that nobody takes seriously. To date our most high profile public exposure was the tikitorch march in Cville, which has to be the most perfect example of our obsession with being overtly anti Jew even when it makes no sense to be and the timing and presentation of it are totally cringey and counterproductive. The definition of autistic.

    White interests were severely damaged by that one retarded act, and we are suffering the consequences of that autism still. But, this really is just indicative of the entire mindset of the thing since 2016 or earlier.

    There are no good arguments to justify how stupid and hamfisted the entirety of this has been. We are so far beyond jumping the shark. We are in uncharted territory reaching levels of cringe that shouldn’t even be possible.

    I’m grateful that normies are waking up. The salt of the earth hard working White men and women are who will keep things righteous and well grounded in reality.

    Thank whatever cosmic agency that is out there that the “dissident right” can no longer do any damage to White interests and are cut off from polite society. I’ve lost all faith in this thing and everyone in it.

    I hard disavow this nonsense.

    My only interest is White interests. Forget the Jews. Forget blaming the blacks. We have our own problems to deal with as a people. Once we’ve pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps as a species, we will rise above the Non-whites and set a course forward into a bright future.

    Greer is right. Civil war is beyond unlikely. The empire has to be left to collapse under its own weight.

    • Interesting.

      I notice that Greer had nothing to say about all the “Stop the Steal” events that he personally attended and which we covered on this website. He had nothing to say about that fact that it was his friends and associates like Baked Alaska who were at the Capitol on January 6th and who were arrested by the FBI and who are going on trial for making statements about revolution. Wasn’t it his friend Alex Jones who whipped all of those people into a frenzy shouting “1776 Will Commence Again”?

      • Haha. I forgot all about baked alaska. Didn’t he get vanned?

        Stop the Steal is a grift. I don’t really know who greer is, but that doesn’t really change that what he wrote is essentially correct anyway.

        Jan. 6th was a fed gayop that grifters got caught up in.

        Cville was all organically autistic. We own every bit of that one. I don’t really see those as being analogous.

    • >Civil war is beyond unlikely.

      There’s more than one way to fight a ‘war’ — if 20% of white men would stop paying the federal income tax the system would collapse — less than 20%, perhaps as low as 10%, may be enough to do it.

        • >confiscated

          LOL — good one ace.

          Most people are wage slaves — they get a paycheck from their employer — every employee fills out a W-4, where you state how many exemptions you claim — just claim 99 exemptions and very little tax, if any, will be withheld — your employer has no right to question this.

          Now the money is no longer ‘confiscated from you’.

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