House Votes To Approve $1 Billion In Funding For Israel’s Iron Dome

Strong ZOG prevailed again this afternoon in Washington, but not without a performance from AOC who was moved to tears over the poor Palestinians before voting present on funding for Israel’s Iron Dome. The essential business of the American Empire – things like arming OUR GREATEST ALLY or spending over a trillion dollars on “defense” every year while our own border collapses – are not up for debate.

CBS News:

Washington — The House on Thursday approved a bill providing $1 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, two days after the funding was stripped from a short-term government spending bill amid objections from progressive lawmakers.

The measure cleared the House in a bipartisan vote of 420 to 9. Eight Democrats and one Republican voted against the funding for the missile defense system. Two other Democrats — Hank Johnson of Georgia and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York — voted “present.” …”

It is almost like there is no real choice on the matter.

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  1. When it comes to Israel’s security, both parties agree with each other. When it comes to attacking and demonizing Whites, both parties agree with each other. Israel and the jews residing in this broken nation have complete control over our politicians and the laws. The US is a vassal state for Israel.

    • “The US is a vassal state for Israel”

      Fake anti Establishment liberals like Michael Tracey would have us believe the exact opposite.

  2. It doesn’t work very well. Hence the additional money, which goes to “Homeland” merchants of death mostly. Israhell is doomed. It will not exist in ten years, Praise God.

  3. >AOC who was moved to tears over the poor Palestinians before voting present

    LOL — ‘stunning and brave’ — didn’t even have the guts to vote nay.

  4. LOL when will derr normie realize that America is owned by a bunch of emotionally blackmailing Khazar criminals who have the thinnest of connections to the Old Testament Hebrew people?

  5. No doubt Epstein’s videos of prominent, wealthy, U.S. politicians, news media types, academics, bidnessmen and oligarchs are on file in Israel. If the notorious scumbags in Congress were to actually vote the right way and cut off foreign aid no doubt accidental releases of selective videos would show up in the public domain immediately. Prosecution for sex crimes would follow quickly and the message would be received, loud and clear: don’t fuck with “Our Greatest Ally”.

    Bribery and extortion, the mother’s milk of democracy.

      • Hello Goose;

        Most likely there will be mini-911 events now that we have been enriched with Afghan diversity. It was an Afghan, Omar Mateen who shot up the fags in Orlando, Florida in a gay nightclub then was killed by police in 2016. If there is one field of endeavor wogs excel in it’s crime.

  6. Americans are expected to help keep Israel strong, whilst Jews in the West strive to make white nations weak.
    The ADL and SPLC keeps an eye on sights like this, simply because it’s one of very few that are not Jewish run, and where the truth can be put out there.
    Translated:- we’re helping people who hate our guts, want us gone, and want us to have no say on anything.

    • Same folks as the soviets who killed over 100 million of their own people with executions and forced labor till they died.
      Yet, religious people think those people are saints. Chosen. They have no idea and choose to remain blind.

  7. No state has more power and influence inside the US congress than the terrorist state of Israel.

    The GOP doesn’t even as for a ‘reach around,’ as they are sodomized by zionists both foreign and domestic.

    This what Pat Buchanan meant by “Israel’s amen corner in congress.”

  8. I begin to suspect Iron Kippah is little more than a phony excuse for giving the Zionist state even more tribute.

  9. One Republican vote against. One vote.

    The so-called newly emerging America First Republican Party is a fantasy.

    The ethnic group most responsible for the current tyranny and Great Replacement is beloved by
    the Republican Party.

    The Republican Party is a peasant, serf, and servile organization to Jewish Power.

    They deserve to be a permanent minority party for that is who they are innately.

    Servants, serfs and peasants.

    They lack the innate capacity to be able to use power to effect change for their constituency as they are completely beholden to the power which oppresses their constituency.

    White Supremacy ended eons ago. This is White Serfdom.

    Humiliating but enriching if you bend the knee and prostrate appropriately.

  10. I see it was the stalwart Thomas Massie of Kentucky who was the sole Republican to vote *NO* to the Iron Dome. Massie is certainly not perfect, but he is perhaps the only light shinning in the sea of darkness that is the U.S. Congress.

  11. I read through the comments here and I’m stunned by the lack of unity. And originality. Most of the ideas coming from the commenters are really just the ideas of one man. David Duke. I don’t suspect the jokes are coming from him, cause he is nearly humorless in his calm and subtly interjectory delivery. I don’t know why he has other people on his show sometimes.
    I fail to see why so many insist on the Christian religion as a point of unity.
    If you listen to Dr. Duke’s religious beliefs carefully, he is actually espousing an extremely old Gnostic heresy, not mainline Western Christianity.
    Dr. Duke talks about the Roman Marcion favorably, who wanted to discard the Old Testament entirely.
    Dr. Duke believes that the New Testament church replaces Israel, which even mainline Calvinists believe sometimes. But Duke believes the Old Testament is in and of itself a wicked production, which is not mainline Christian theology or even logical.
    I agree with Dr. Duke the Old Testament is crazy genocidal bullshit. But without the Old Testament as a prop, the New Testament has no historical, racial, cultural, religious, or ethnic context. You might as well blow a raspberry as make any sense out of it. So it amazes me that folks on here don’t think Christianity is an entirely subversive jewish production, which it is.
    I’ve seen one commenter call it “ghey and cringe” to be atheist, or even agnostic, as Lincoln Rockwell was.
    The teachings of Christ are clearly pacifist, the early church members sold all their property and handed it to the apostles to administer, and they gave no thought for the morrow because the kingdom of God was coming right then and nothing mattered except to get right with God so you could take part. That’s not exactly masculine or shrewd, and it sounds a little communist.
    Take a look at the Klan of the 20s and they were worried about Rome as much as the Jews, and I don’t hear shit about Rome anymore. Why? Because guys like Duke figured out Rome is actually Western Christianity and it has a lot more in common with Protestantism than it does Eastern Christianity and thought on many important doctrines.
    And it’s also because the tent is getting smaller because we make it smaller. Everybody is in a gassing contest to be more nazi than the last and when finally someone says the most inhuman shit imaginable to prove their superior credentials, they are called a jew or a fed. Silly.
    It bothers me to know that I have been censored and hated more by the right than the left. It bothers me to see disdain in these circles for the American Anglo Saxon constitution forged through centuries of struggle, including its provisions for freedom of speech, for religious liberty, for the rights of the accused, and the prohibition of an official national religion.

    • Yesterday, in Congress, a corrupt, duplicitous, treasonous Jew Congressman spewed racist hate against a Palestinian-American Congresswoman. It’s not enough that Jews are mass murdering Palestinians, but, now they want to make it illegal for someone, a Palestinian in particular to decry it.

      • Too many Americans worship that nation over there, to the point where they can do no wrong. It’s really apparent what they are doing to Palestine, just as they destabilized Libya.
        Many Americans just won’t wake up. They are hypnotized by the TV.

    • Some of us here know that Christianity has become entirely harmful to the White race. The disdain for the Constitution is only based on the fact that it was not quite explicit enough and has been warped and subverted.

  12. The US was considering buying Iron Dome systems but I understand Israel refused to provide the source code for the control software making incorporation into existing defenses impossible. So we are now apparently paying Israel to purchase its own weapon system that we’ve already given Israel hundreds of millions to develop.

    Another indication that Israel is not viable under its current standard of living without outside cash.

  13. Sheldon Adelson’s wife, Michael Bloomberg, Paul Singer, Larry Fink, and Mark Zuckerberg could all pass around the kippah, and come up with a cool billion. All of f them have enough shekels to pay for the reloading of iron dome on their own.

    They don’t do it because the zionist occupying parasite will never be in any existential situation, as long as they control the federal government.

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