House Passes 2022 NDAA

As we have said, the essential business of the American Empire rolls on above the din and noise of the fake partisan culture war which is now featuring AOC’s crocodile tears.

The 2021 NDAA renamed Confederate military bases. This one is focused on drafting young women, climate change, red flag laws, purging the military of “extremists” and promoting “trans,” veganism, gender theory and CRT in the military. The Pentagon also gets a bigger budget as a reward for losing in Afghanistan.

Note: Aren’t Republicans supposed to be against all of this stuff?

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  1. Hunter;

    You just don’t understand. The Pentagon has unmet needs, that’s why they have this horrendous budget, they have unmet needs.

    • There was a George Carlin bit where he mimicked a spoiled young woman in a relationship, whining that her “needs weren’t being met.” Carlin: “GET RID OF SOME OF YOUR NEEDS!”

      • Good one. When the financial system implodes it’s going to be impossible to support all of these parasites’ “needs” in the style to which they have become accustomed.

  2. >$778 billion Pentagon budget

    Depending on future spending and interest rates (the latter could be difficult to hold down if the dollar depreciates vs precious metals and/or other currencies), interest on the debt may surpass DoD spending as the 2nd largest budget item before the end of this decade (link –> By 2026, the interest on the debt will be $543 billion).

  3. Jews create the money everyone uses which allowed them to control Germany with the Weimar Republic as soon as President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This was nothing but a crime of TREASON which allowed an enemy group of murderers to become dictators. They simply pay out their manufactured money for services and when you understand that this money of the Jews gives them control of our Presidents and our police departments, our Laws and everything else you see that these Jews have murdered billions of people worldwide. We have laws allowing us to go to prison without reason, wrongfully, while District Attorneys can pay off people to lie in court to make a prosecution look legal yet the police selectively do not arrest the worst criminals and that is because the money controls won’t allow their arrest. This is treason which works for the Jews only while banks issue money they create. All of our authorities could be arrested and sentenced in a court of law as TRAITORS if this money ever stops being issued.

    • Good post.
      “The Federal Reserve Note”, not “dollar”. “Note” meaning a loan. So they are loaning our country money. How corrupt.

      • “Thus, our national circulating medium is now at the mercy of loan transactions of banks, which lend, not money, but promises to supply money they do not possess.” ~ Irving Fisher

        So indeed, the so called “national debt” is not and the banksters are really the one’s who owe as they have not paid down with any real consideration their “promises” to supply “money” per the constitution which is gold and silver!

  4. “Drafting young women” obviously means “white women”, so they can have them risking their lives and not having children at a decent age. Meanwhile, the brown ones are just popping them out, don’t have to work, and are being supported by us working people.

    • It seems the U.S. Government will be crossing the Rubicon when they send the police out to round up White girls for their next war. No doubt the spiteful mutants who hate us can’t wait to get their brown hands on beautiful young White women but the police will have to get past fathers, uncles, brothers et al. first.

      All the daughters of the good, suburban liberals and “conservatives” will get up close and personal attention from the brown and black drill sergeants who will really like their new duties in gender integrated training companies. The only solution is to defy the Government from the beginning and not submit to their conscription and wreck your daughters’ lives.

    • I think Shlomo wants the blacks and browns as the managerial class. Most young women are so pathetically out of shape this is just another kosher train wreck in shlomo motion.

  5. Republicans pretend to be anti-Democrat but in reality, they are no different. You need a opposition party pretending to be the party of reason.

  6. Any White that remains in the military deserves to be subjected to “red flag” laws. Let them think about it while eating a soy-derived meatless meal at a critical race theory refresher course at a forward operating base.

  7. Europeans are a conquered , enslaved people whose amenities in our prison camps called countries are coming to an end pretty abruptly.
    Some more so than others and none more blatant than the United States of Jewish perversion and negroid worship.

  8. The Military Industrial Complex is the Great Evil of our time…

    And at it’s essence it’s a killing machine for profit……And this killing machine is the kind of Socialism that Sean Hannity and Bill Bill O’Rielly-and JFK-are and we’re enamoured of…

    The Military Industrial Complex’s Logic=INVADE THE WORLD-INVITE WORLD+impose Gay Rights on Afghanistan-Iran-America+using using American Native White Youth as the Canon Fodder for Global Homo……..When someone says support the Troops…this is what they are supporting…

    America must go through a very very painfull collapse….

    War is a Racket…..only the complete and total destruction of America will end the racket….

    Droughts…agricultural collapse….Russia nuking America….the Yellowstone Cauldera….the La Palma mega-tsunami….rampant cannibalism….locust will end Global Homo America…

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