Sen. Tim Scott Slams Democrats Who Rejected Iron Dome Funds

In case you need to be reminded, this is where the minds of conservative politicians are at in Washington. They are focused on delivering substantial victories for their real constituents.

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  1. John Hagee type “Christians” eat this shit up all day, all night although John Hagee himself is just a very successful huckster in the religion bidness which has been very, very good to him. He flogs the Israel angle for all it’s worth while ca$hing cheques from the gullible and various “charitable” foundations like the ADL. He is all in favor of wars for Israel like his beloved pet moron, GWB II and like his pet moron, he stayed thousands of miles away from battlefields when it was time for military service.

  2. Scott puts out for the Moshiach. He bends over at the waist and lets the Moshiach do as he damned well pleases.

    For the ill informed the Moshiach is the anti-Christ, the son of perdition, the man of Sin, the spiritual embodiment of demoniacal evil.

    Why does not TIm Scott come right and praise Satan to heavens? The fear of Gods retribution, that is why.

  3. Such a tiny cranium. Not much cerebrum there. Controls thought, memory, attention, behavior, and perceptual awareness.

  4. The Jews call Tim Scott a “Zio Shvatz” Bakari Sellers another. Congressman Ritchie Torres. They get ’em cheap.

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