AmRen Poll: White Americans Waking Up on Race

Jack Ryan thinks there is too much doom and gloom here, but I would say that the news has been mixed over the past two months even though my mood has soured:

  • Joe Biden ended the 20 year occupation of Afghanistan
  • Joe Biden has sunk in the polls and is now less popular than Trump
  • The Democrats are likely to lose power in the 2022 midterms
  • Amnesty was blocked by the Senate parliamentarian and likely any chance of it ever passing through budget reconciliation too
  • White people are finally waking up
  • Conservative influencers like Tucker Carlson are mainstreaming the Great Replacement theory and the term “anti-White” and telling the ADL to f*** off

How would you take that? I would say that is good news. It could be a lot worse. You could look at the news that way and say that things are going well, but that isn’t the whole picture.

  • Republicans are likely to retake power in the 2022 midterms
  • Unfortunately, Republicans are showing no signs of coming up with a coherent agenda and policies that could sustain a new majority which they will likely squander again

So, we can and should celebrate the downfall of Joe Biden and the Democrat Congress and White people waking up on race, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves into believing that will translate into anything where it matters which is concrete policies that we would consider desirable.


“This spring, AmRen conducted a poll of white Americans about their views on race and immigration. According to how they replied to a series of questions, we categorized respondents in three groups: racial conservatives, racial liberals, and those who are neither.

Major findings:

  • White racial conservatives (26 percent of white Americans) outnumber white racial liberals (16.8 percent).
  • A majority of whites in the Republican Party are racial conservatives.
  • Measured according to which issues are most important to them, white racial conservatives feel more strongly than white racial liberals about racial issues.
  • White identity is important to many whites across the political spectrum, but the strength of that identification influences their political views. In general, white Republicans and conservatives are much more likely to say that their race is extremely important or very important to their identity.
  • White Americans as a whole are trending to the right and have been doing so — at least in terms of partisan identification — for several decades. This trend continues under President Biden.
  • Racial issues were the top driver of ideological change among whites over the past decade. …”

That’s the straight up truth.

Normies have radicalized and have become somewhat less delusional about race as a result of the George Floyd riots and systematic racism. Elderly Republican politicians are clueless.

Note: We’re waiting to see what happens with the vax mandate. I don’t think it will stand up in court, but I could be wrong.

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  1. Ok, but they need to wake up about Trump immediately. Trump has now endorsed the detestable Jew Greitens for Missouri Senate.

    Missouri is not New York City, it does not need a Jew Senator. Hopefully Trump will get his boosters and croak. He is a cancer.

      • I saw an article on UNZ a month ago about a mainstream poll that found that 1/3rd of conservatives in fact HAD heard of the JQ and believed that they were behind the destructive changes. Before I had thought that under a million Americans knew about this, but if in fact this is true that shows that reality is waking up a lot of people who were exposed to the idea and now are seeing that it appears to be true. Sort of how the theory of Continental Drift had been around for the first part of the 20th century as sort of a possible curiosity lacking evidence, but then in the 60s the proof came back showing it to be true. If in fact one third of conservatives know this then the rest are very likely to bump into someone who tells them in private that this isn’t an “accident” or “incompetence” as the 2016 Trump Campaign made our downfall out to be but being done out of ethnic animosity by our new elite. It’s just important that this be conveyed soberly, taking into account there are a lot of older jewish men in particular who don’t really like these changes, not all jews are doing this, but the people who are doing this are mostly jews who see Americans who treated them better than any nation in history as no different than the the Russian Cossacks who raided their great grand fathers village or the Romans who sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD. Just like Woody Allen in his movies, playing a neurotic fearful schlemiel always seeking relief from his shrink, a lot of them are fearful of ordinary Americans. I wonder if the “monster TV shows” like Munsters and Addams Family were the neurotic expressions of how post war jews felt about leaving Brooklyn to live out in the suburbs among other ordinary whites? Their neighbors may have just seen a polite optometrist and his high achieving children living in the picket fence suburban ranch next door. But they may have still seen themselves as standing out the way a neurotic female anorexic sees her skin and bones as “fat.” Our new elite really do remind me of that axiom that the most terrible king is one who is afraid of his own people.

    • I’m more and more of the opinion that the sole purpose of Trump is/was to provide disenchanted Republicans, independents and conservatives with a fraudulent alternative. Heads they win, tails we lose.

    • >He is a cancer.

      You’ll never convince the legions of boomer Trumptards of that (I know: I try) — as was said by the proprietor here: at this point MAGA is a vacuous personality cult.

      Right now Trump is doing far more harm than good (he never did any good really) by absorbing political energy on the Right when he clearly isn’t a real alternative.

    • Yes, Dump is a deadly cancer. Or a black hole sucking in all White righteous rage, political energy & money.

      May nature actually help us for once by removing that catastrophic jew whore fartbag from the scene.

  2. The constituency for White political leadership is there, and growing every day with jew whore scum Biden stinking up the White House. Who will step forward?

      • IDK. They say a lot of the right things, but I don’t trust anyone with mass media or Big Tech access, since we all know (((why))) they still have it.

        Maybe someone new. Accomplished, independently wealthy, not an assclown. A serious Dump.

  3. I have noticed a trend where White women with young children and grandmothers with young grandchildren are some of the first to wake up from the mental disease of egalitarianism. They see a grim future for their children and grandchildren and it frightens them. Some of them were staunch “liberals” until children entered their lives then they could no longer pretend all is right with the world with a viciously anti-White future awaiting them.

    Argument, facts, reasoning, even bad personal experiences with minorities seem to have no effect on many people, women in particular. When they think of the nightmarish future that awaits their children and grandchildren it does finally wake them up, sometimes. Fear is an excellent motivating factor in facing reality, there’s nothing like it.

    There will be much more of this going on as the economy disintegrates and the money fails to buy insulation from the wonderful diversity being inflicted upon us from places like Afghanistan. The wealthy, “liberal” hypocrites in the suburbs or wealthy, White, urban enclaves will suddenly find the diversity they carefully selected to associate with and otherwise kept at a distance is now on their doorstep and angrier than usual.

    It’s Trick or Treat time for these “liberal” hypocrites only now the monsters are real, they’re angry, they’re only ten feet away and they want their reparations, now. Good luck, fuckers.

    • Amren is a pressure valve for whites who don’t like blacks. But it will never go past any of that. It’s pretty much like Fox News.

    • You do not need majority for progress. There is approximately 30 million people in Afghanistan. Now Taliban got it`s mostly peaceful protest done with 50 000 men. It is 0.15 per cent of the population.

      It is very easy to manipulate normie. Normie does not think, normie is only scared. So it takes very little manpower to invent facts and science and force normie to believe them.

      But this little manpower need determination. Faith and religion are terrible forces. Taliban has prophet Mohammed. You need prophet Donald and his fanatical followers to enforce few basic scientific facts .

  4. The common argument I hear in support of the Constitutionality of mandating the vax is Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905). However, that case upheld a state of Massachusetts law that allowed local municipalities in Massachusetts to mandate vaccination if they determined it was in the interest of public health. So it was really a states rights (Boo! Hiss!) case.

  5. Too much “doom and gloom”? People are scared of losing their jobs because of the vax. All over the world, whites are being oppressed. They let in the pregnant Haitians and those with kids.

    Too much “doom and gloom” for ya? Maybe you need to take a cruise with the inebriated people who don’t care at all. They think the brown ones are here to make them tacos.

    Too much “doom and gloom”? Bidet threatening the border guards in Texas for doing their jobs.

    We’ve lost our rights and our right to our heritage, and some are just looking for a sunny rainbow.

    There is NO party or politicians on our side. Make no mistake, the ones who pretend to, are sworn friends of that ally in the Middle East.

    • This is the kind of negative rhetoric that is harmful to our cause. You said nothing of substance. Talk about what we can do instead.

      • Really? Here online? Are you daft? Are you an instigator? You do know that they read these forums. You’d really be jeopardizing Brad, too. Do you want me to tell you to bake some bran muffins?

        And too bad that the current state of affairs is “negative”. It just is. If you want to paint things “positive”, have a good time. It’s about being realistic as to what is going on. To me, that naivete is “harmful to our cause”.

  6. As long as Uncle Jared is in charge over at AmRen, “White identity” and “White Americans” will always include the (((persons responsible))) for Murica’s decline. Uncle Jared just can’t face the JQ … or maybe that just a condition set by the persons bankrolling that site. “They look huwhite to me and their checks never bounce!!”

    • Funny how the expert “racial realists” call Jews “white”, when Jews are semitic. Hence all of the “anti-semitism” cries.
      It’s amazing the sheer number of people willing to sell out their own kind for money.

      • And again, you empower your enemy by using THEIR terms for THEIR identity!
        How stupid an ASS do you folks need to be?

        Jews are NOT Semites. They never have been. They are Turkic Mongols, whose DNA has been verified as NOT having ANY connection to the sons of Shem/Abraham’s kids.

        If you won’t listen to the Jewish scientist saying so (Elhaik) then why do you continue to kvetch about the ‘Jews’? It’s as if you are their GOLEMS, and you are HAPPY to be so!?

        The God-damned Kikes are NOT God’s People. They KILLED CHRIST, for Christ’s sake!>!>!

        Also, the whole CRT/WOKE ideology is a HERESY. At least this one black man is trying to wake Whites up to THIS part of the Jewish Antichrist Strategy.

        Why not you guys?

        • You hyper religious people just are so afraid (of God) and have all of these excuses about them. Jews can prove their ancestry by a DNA test. “Not the real Jews” has been going on for ages. One Jew came out and said he invented the whole “Khazar” thing to distract whites.

          • And you sir, are nuttin’ but a shabbas goy. ANATHEMA.

            “But there has been no attack. The 32 year old Dr.Elhaik is getting the Arthur Koestler treatment, in spades. What do I mean? Well, his research paper was published by the Oxford University Press, in the prestigious journal Genome Biology and Evolution.

            But do you think a bunch of savvy Zionist propagandists are going to worry about the mass public ever hearing a thing about his research? Of course not. And are these same pretend-a-Jews going to risk giving his work a 100 times more exposure by attacking him publicly?

            Let’s get back to Dr. Elhaik hammering the nails in, “First these researchers decided what conclusion they wanted to find, and then they set off to find evidence to support it…It is my impression that their results were written before they began the research. First they shot the arrow – and then the painted a bull’s-eye around it.”

            Take a moment to ponder what he said there, folks. Does that sound like someone trembling in fear of Jewish Lobby power in America, or someone thinking that his career is over and committing hari-kiri? No. That ‘painted a bull’s-eye around it’ was not an off the cuff remark, but one he had chosen to use in a Haaretz interview.

            This is a young man who is NOT standing on the shoulders of the fraudsters who have gone before him. On the contrary he wants to stand on their academic bones by exposing them, and he has.”


      • It’s like some money-making hobby for them. They get attention and celebrity status among conservatives. But they are like Fox News conservatives. Their job is to be a pressure valve for whites to continually vent and let off steam, but never get anywhere. “Racial realists” who think Jews and Asians are better than Whites are not pro-white.

      • He recently posted on there, how he donates and volunteers to help blacks. I can’t imagine why people would go to that site, with Engelman on there. Engelman posted long ago, on another forum, that he felt joy when a white would lose their job to a nonwhite. A true leftist liberal.

        If anyone thinks that Taylor is just oblivious to who is running his website, this has been going on for years.

        You don’t have to believe me, go there and read his posts for yourself.

  7. I hope so.

    Then again my bet is they will be put to sleep again if when Trump wins in 2024. He’s already Grifting right now.

    Just my two cents.

  8. The issue for right wing politicians is that non whites vote too, and in order to attract their vote, they must lower their standards and move to the centre. In doing this, they lose the white, traditional voters. If nations had just white people, this dilemma wouldn’t exist.
    Diversity and democracy will never properly gel.
    It baffles me as to why politicians pretending to be remotely ‘right wing’ would support the suicidal farce that is multiculturalism. Non whites normally vote on issues that affect their own. Everything is racial to them. Whites tend to vote on more general issues affecting the nation.

    • >Whites tend to vote on more general issues affecting the nation.

      Whites are the only group that does not block vote for Democrats; they generally split their vote between openly hostile Democrats and obviously useless Republicans — Republicans see this and go RINO to attract ‘minority’ votes (e.g. Trump’s ‘Platinum Plan’) — rarely will more than 55% of Whites vote Republican (Whites with max a HS diploma vote more heavily for Republicans), and with a declining demographic share this is not enough (despite normally heavier voter turnout among Whites) — only Hispanics and Asians come anywhere close, and they both normally vote at least 2.5/1 Democrats — with Jews and Blacks it’s nearly always at least 4:1.

  9. The GOP does not get it, a White man does not need a Black, or other non-White to speak for them. Nor does a White man need a Jew, a Catholic or other marginally White cultist to speak for them either.

  10. I like gentlemen Jared Taylor: he has few peers — the body of his work on behalf of white identity and to spread awareness of race realism is unmatched — I include AmRen in this.

    But his willful blindness and silence about Jews is unforgivable — I’ve had a number of reasonable comments rejected by AmRen because I mentioned Jews (I no longer bother) — at this point you’d expect him to realize he’ll be hated no matter what he does and say ‘Fuck it’, but so far that hasn’t happened — he knows his views are rational and longs for them and himself to be accepted and respected on that basis — but it’s not going to happen, and he should have realized it by now.

    • Jews have posted their race realist awakenings on Amren. Jared Taylor is wise in that he does not seek to alienate potential allies (such as a lot of Jews will shift when they see the wind change in our favor, and the religious are already in our camp). He does not hate blacks or other non-whites.

    • @eah,
      Taylor talks about the symptoms and ignores the causes. He does it well. He may have figured that plenty of others are covering the cause. When directly asked, he has stated that Jews play a key role in our destruction, but that it’s very complex and too complicated to explain to the public in a way they can take in. Instead, he points the finger at the establishment………and it does contain people of all races.
      Whether one talks about causes or symptoms, it’s good they’re out there bringing it to the public’s attention, and should be supported.
      Whether it’s the David Duke approach or Jared Taylor approach, hopefully, it’s waking people up.

      • He doesn’t “ignore” the JQ. He simply includes them into his fold. One could assume they offer some dues or other contributions, too.
        When people say he doesn’t address the Jews, he does. He once said something on his site about accepting them, and if you didn’t like it, you could just FO.

        • There are clear parallels between Jewish Zionist (re)settlement of the Holy Land and the Boers in SA or our own ancestors in America. We should know the history of all three. Any viable path forward is going to take simple hard work. Not glamorous leaping around on chargers, waving sabers and screaming like faggots.

  11. “Trending to the right” means nothing when the right are still libtards in every way: integration, homosexuality, israel, liberal philosophy, small government, “the government don’t owe you anything” etc etc

    We should all be VERY concerned with Trump even running again. This alone is irreversibly devastating to White interests. He must be opposed at all costs.

    The trend that is more heartening is people losing faith in the entire system. This is why we need local groups more than ever, and that is specifically what GOP types oppose when they call them wignats. These GOP scum must be destroyed forever, the fate of Whites in america depends on it.

  12. When will the mixed and divided population wake up about CLASS? Until workers gain class consciousness the U.sury S.ystem remains secure, regardless of whether or not the workers have racial or ethnic consciousness.

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