Joe Biden: The Border Patrol Will Pay For This

Joe Biden did one good thing.

He finally got us out of Afghanistan.

Otherwise, you know, this administration has been a disaster.

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  1. Those good old boys from Texas were doing a solid for the whole country by driving the Haitians back into Mexico. They handled those horses like they were in a Western movie chasing the Indians (feather, not dot).

    BTW, there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. That is a corruption of language to obfuscate the truth that these people are criminals. Just like burglars breaking into a house they are breaking into the country. Changing terms from illegal alien to the softer “illegal immigrant” implies that there is just some sort of legal, paperwork type screw up that sufficient money and lawyering can fix, nothing too serious.

    There are people who enter a country with the intention of obtaining citizenship with permission of the government. They are, by definition, immigrants. Anyone else who enters the country who is not a citizen and doesn’t have permission from the government is an illegal alien and subject to immediate deportation. Once the Haitians or anyone else who is not a citizen steps one inch over the border they have committed a crime, they are in the country illegally and they need to go. Period.

    There are illegal aliens and immigrants. There is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”, it is a contradiction in terms meant to deceive gullible White “liberals”.

      • No. The best immigration policy would be for zero non-Whites to be allowed in to the country, the southern border secured with a concertina wire fence 20 feet tall, 20 yards deep, deportation of all the illegals immediately and a massive program of repatriation of non-Whites. The article above was limited to describing how the chaos on the border caused by leaving the border wide open is causing a decline in Dementia Joe’s poll numbers.

        Immigration and illegal entry into the U.S. are two different but related issues. I was only addressing the issue of illegal entry by Haitians coming in from Mexico. The Lügenpresse is in the habit of describing illegal entry into the U.S. as “Illegal Immigration” as though “Illegal Immigration” were just another form of immigration, not a serious crime, just a bureaucratic screw up some money and lawyering can fix.

        It’s important to correct the Lügenpresse when they lie through incorrect use of language resulting in incorrect understanding of issues and incorrect thinking. That is the point of the Lügenpresse’s use of false terms such as “Illegal Immigration”, to create muddled thinking and prevent the issue from being addressed. Making these scumbags use correct language leads to clear understanding of the problem, that is not an endorsement of immigration.

    • @12AX7,
      I’d rather an illegal Dane in my country than a ‘legal’ Nigerian. And yes you are right:- having ‘immigrant’ in the title gives the subject a degree of legitimacy which they shouldn’t have. If I was inventing descriptions for them, I’d call them illegal invaders. They are invading a nation created by other people, that they then wish to benefit from and live off. The title should especially apply to non whites who share no values or DNA with us, as their presence will change the country in a negative way.

    • >these people are criminals

      There’s a lot of stupidity on the Right about what’s going on at the southern border and how the problem must be solved.

      These ‘criminals’ intend to apply for asylum — the scam/tactic of filing bogus claims for asylum en masse, encouraged/supported by NGOs, began with the ‘caravans’ under Trump — per decades of international asylum law and practice, it would be ILLEGAL for the US to turn them away without duly considering their applications — NGOs would successfully sue — even if the Biden admin were to turn them away, do you think they would then also ignore a court decision? — I don’t.

      Trump had a chance to solve this by forcing Mexico to sign what’s known as a ‘safe third country’ treaty with Mexico — the US has one with Canada, *but not with Mexico* — with such an agreement in place, the US could legally turn these people away and tell them to apply in Mexico — then these migrants would be Mexico’s problem, and believe me, not being stupid, guilt-ridden Whites, they would quickly put a stop to all of this.

      The US has plenty of leverage to pressure Mexico to sign a ‘safe third country’ agreement: trade sanctions, 50% tax on remittances, etc — but the irresponsible, faux ‘conservative’ Trump admin, under the buffoon-in-chief, did not get that done.

      Politically, it would be very difficult for the Biden admin to repudiate such an obviously useful, existing treaty.

      The dramatic scale of the 2015 refugee crisis in Europe was largely caused by Merkel announcing that Germany would not enforce the Dublin Accord at its border; the Dublin Accord is an EU-wide ‘safe third country’ agreement — as a result, countries that had been holding back migrants allowed them to travel on to Germany and central Europe — nearby countries, e.g. Austria, also ended up absorbing some of them.

      • Indeed, Trump’s failure to secure the southern border was a massive failure and the Haitians are a consequence of his failure. My understanding of the law is that the so-called “refugees” are required to ask for asylum in the first country they enter which would be somewhere in Central or South America. If that is true the U.S. Government could flatly reject every one of the wogs coming across the border even under the ridiculous migration agreements now in force. Fat chance of that happening under either party though.

        The fundamental problem is the Democrats want the wogs coming in from the country any way they can so the Democrats can obtain political power indefinitely. The Republicans want the wogs coming in to the country any way they can so the beneficial owners of the Republican Party can enjoy paying starvation wages indefinitely. The Usual Suspects and their (temporary) colored auxiliaries hate us and want us dead, six feet under.

        White people have no political representation under current political arrangements which is what has brought the country to the brink of ruin. Moving away from the diversity has worked for the last 75 years but the U.S. Government’s policies are now foreclosing that option.

        The Republican policies of so-called “financialization” have ruined the White middle class with indebtedness to the point most Whites have very little money. The uniparty’s policies may lead to a permanent Democrat victory but they will inherit the wind. Their victory will be a Pyrrhic victory as the wogs ruin everything they touch and The Usual Suspects loot what is left on their way out the door.

      • @eah Agree with you about the caravans. But the “…would be ILLEGAL for the US to turn them away without duly considering their applications — NGOs would successfully sue..” Doesn’t make sense, since the US makes its own policies on everything. If this was true, you could sue for just about anything. So who is going to enforce some law against the US? We don’t have to accept everyone who wants to come here, and I’ve talked to Europeans who came here, and were told they had to show proof of a job, ability to speak English, and other things. That’s not being enforced at the border.

        All of those Hondurans got in. The ones in the giant caravan. After all of Trump’s yelling about how they wouldn’t. A planned “put up a fight and will give in” thing.

        The US could just enforce its border. Coddling Mexico and treating them as if they have a right to come here is ridiculous. It’s as if something coming across the border is more important.

    • I’m thinking you might be right. There are dozens of container ships anchored off of Southern California right now. What’s up with that? But contrary to popular opinion I don’t think people who live in remote, rural areas will have that much of an advantage over urban and suburban residents.

      • Less likely to be nog kebab in rural areas. That said, I’m an official supporter of BLM now. Go Team Nog! Burn dat bitch down!

        • @KT-88 – You think they’ll spare you?? If so, you are delusional. Not one of us will survive a collapse of any magnitude.

    • Well some of us on here have been preaching “prepping” for years, so there’s that.

      Just imagine what one would have managed to accomplish by using some forward (white) thinking for the last decade.

      This Nation is going to perish, and that’s a probably a good thing. Maybe then, foolish whites will wipe the sleep from their eyes.

  2. Interesting that drone photography of the area was prohibited yet there were photographers around to get pictures of this.

    • John,

      Yes you are. I am in North America but the ‘west” ends at the Rio Grande. My experiences in the USA are very informative. Americans evidently do not wish to exist as a country. Nothing I wrote is meant with disrespect.

      I even have a Mexican-American grandmother who had her heart broken during the summer of 2020 when black and white savages were allowed to get away with everything under your Donald Trump.

      Your racial demise is not something I gloat over but the United States as a country is an enemy. I do try to separate in my mind the country and it’s policies from the populace but it is difficult.

      • I should add however that I seem to favor the USA more than many on this website since any war between the USA and Russia or China would find me rooting for the United States. All my family and friends believe the same way.

          • @ Cristina

            “Your racial demise is not something I gloat over but the United States as a country is an enemy. ”
            “Americans evidently do not wish to exist as a country. ”

            If you value Mexico so much, why are you here? Can I go to Mexico and talk about how bad it is, and how great the US is?

      • Cristina, the “United States” is an enemy to White people all over the planet, and an enemy to true nationalism and traditionalism. Our government and ruling establishment are doing things that many millions of us find completely abhorrent.

        • Diversity is genocide,

          I recognize the truth of what you wrote and I appreciate your gentle rebuke. I have some sentiment still for the USA since some of my relatives are citizens of the United States. All of them born in the USA and not immigrated.

          My anglo girlfriends/classmates are wonderful. Sometimes it is easy to ignore what is going on outside of my life’s routine and experiences.

        • November,

          I heard about the statue from my father who keeps up with Mexican News more than I do. I knew you would catch that. What can I say? I used to assume Mexico was immune to most of the radicalism coming from the USA.

          Now I realize that we are not immune at all. Mexico is just not as far down the road and over the cliff just yet. Since Mexico thrives on American loans or should I just say American free money then any sane defense like banning American television and movies and controlling the Mexican news media and Education would probably mean withdrawal of loans.

          • @Cristina – Insightful and wise analysis. I believe the same is true for countries like Poland and Hungary, which some believe are hold-outs to the Globo-Homo agenda. Just a matter of time and money until they fold completely.

  3. It isn’t the job of Y pepo to give nogs a better life. If they really were equal, they’d just do it for themselves.
    Remember:- they killed all the French in Haiti. NOW………they want to invade a nation run by whites.
    They need to fuck off home, and use the same vigour they had to invade America, to build and support Haiti.
    We DON’T want or need you!

      • @Sturm,
        I’m very passionate about this. We all need to speak up without being afraid of childish labels they throw at us in response. Cheers.

    • They’re more pure african because they didn’t mix with whites like the slaves here did (jeez). So they’re more violent, more destructive. The only animal on earth that destroys its surroundings.

      • Pilot,

        Seeing how I have a less negative view of the USA than many here I find your comment amazing. I am here because my family has had land on both sides of the border since the 19th century. i currently attend a private school in Texas and I am not an illegal alien.

        There are lots of American guests in Mexico so if you want to come go ahead. Lots of American tourists and businessmen visit/work in Mexico and they have a low opinion of Mexico. Lots of Americans talk about how wonderful the US is while comparing Mexico to the USA.

        It is not Mexico that is influencing the world to the extent that the USA is. And the United States government and it;s policies are a threat to almost the whole world ultimately.

  4. The guy who took the picture even said they weren’t whipping them and that the picture has been misconstrued. That’s not what the Bolsheviks in power, or the history books will say, though.

  5. More damned jewish lies.

    The US Border Patrol did not whip the invading voodoo practicing Haitians. Those were the reins from their horse’s bridle.

    Fact is fiction, and jewsmedia is (((ZOG-USA ))) ministry of truth.

    Btw, thanks Mexico for allowing this flood to transverse through your nation, so the could invade El Norte.

    • Yep..Mexico is the most hostile nation towards America bud we’d never place our military on the border or put those drug dealing beaners in their place

  6. Looks like the border patrol just did their job properly and kept the negers out. This is good, as it can not be taken for granted in these weird days. The negers actually should have been whipped for polluting the area with so much plastic waste. It already resembles Haiti there.

  7. The lie aside, I wish there were men on horseback whipping “President” Biden, his entire cabinet and “Dr.” Jill.

    When I see “President” Biden bumbling through a speech now, Nicolae Ceausescu keeps coming to mind. The country burns, and meanwhile Sleepy Joe happily downs cone after cone of medication-laced ice cream.

    At least Jimmy Carter is happy.

  8. Met with whips? They should have been met with gunfire. If they really wanted to end the border “crisis” that’s what they would have done a long time ago.

  9. Always remember there’s criminal organizations, NGOs, influencing and abetting these invaders, as much as I despise Biden, he’s not solely responsible, and these criminal NGO’s need to be brought to the surface for more scrutiny. Similar to the bogus border bullshit of 2018 with the fake tear gas and the fat mom running with the kids, the caravan photo’s and footage are all staged, the invaders always appear very clean for a perilous journey and wearing shit like flip flops and I’ve seen some with f**king Crocs, pretty bad choice of footwear for walking hundreds of miles, in reality they’re transported by vehicles like trucks or buses. Everyone I’m sure has seen them brandishing smartphones. All their disney clothes, gadgets, and food are supplied by these NGOs who are breaking the law. Some, if not all NGOs are usually front groups for the “intelligence community” as well, which appears why they’re never prosecuted and act in foreign nations with impunity.

  10. Anyone who has taken riding lessons at even the most elementary level knows that you cannot allow anyone to grab the horse’s bridle when you are mounted. This is extremely inhumane to the horse and it will suffer great pain.
    Some Haitian thug was trying to grab and jerk that bridle and was repulsed. Had the agent had not done that he would have caused risk to his horse and to himself.
    We need more horse at the border. But it already too late anyway. In a few years Haitian and Afghani rival gangs will be killing one another in our streets (when they’re not busy killing us) as we become a permanent minority and there is no undoing it.

  11. This demonic administration would also probably punish the guys who jumped up on anti aircraft guns in Pearl Harbor and started firing back. This outright treason of aiding and abetting invasion ought to wake up normal people that the whole “replacement” theory is in fact correct. But then again political power is now in the hands of the female voter, a complete abomination of the nature of our species. Women just aren’t cut out to exercise political power other than a handful of outliers, women are very gullible and want to mother these bums with the wool over their eyes that they will steal and destroy any future for their own offspring. I am very skeptical anything can be done at the ballot box because so many of our women turn against us and vote for the snake in the garden.

    • @Nightowl – The alt-Right circa 2016 callled — they want their talking point back!
      It took more than women to get us here, no matter how powerless and flaccid some of you MINOs (male in name only) apparently think you are.

  12. The photos of the “Green Lemons” on horseback beating back the Mayate hordes are iconic. They could easily be retouched in oils to give them a more “Norman Rockwellesque” aesthetic. Title the collection: “Tex-Mex Cowboys Defending The Borders That Biden, Mayorkas et al. refuse to defend.

  13. Forever and a day, I have been suggesting that the Rio Grande River have piranhas, water moccasins, and electric eels introduced to keep the mud flood on the southern riverbank.

    It saddens me as an environmentalist and conservationist to suggest bringing in non-native and invasive species, but sinc the USA government will not act, this form of fauna warfare could stem the tide.

  14. I know the region and know why the Haitians chose to cross at remote Del Rio. There is no “wall” there or even a high fence. That’s why the BP is forced to try to scare them back with horses.

    • Scare the Haitians away with peopl pretending to be zombies, and have Minutemen dress up in chupacabra costumes to frighten the Mexicans and Central Americans. Use their superstitious fears against them.

  15. OT

    A couple of things:

    You retweeted ‘Defiant L’s’ (link) about vaccine hypocrite Barbara Malmet — she’s a Jew (link).

    And you really ought to stop retweeting civic nationalist faggot Steve Sailer — that guy cries all the time because feral black ghetto trash are eliminating each other at a somewhat elevated rate — who cares? — why should any self-respecting white man care about that? — then the next day he’ll write about little old Asian ladies being robbed and beaten up by the same black ghetto trash, never connecting the dots, i.e. if they were dead already they wouldn’t be here to rob and beat up little old Asian ladies; and if he had his way there’d be more black ghetto trash on the streets to rob and beat up little old Asian ladies — it’s bizarre cringe conservatard virtue signalling of the worst kind — you ought to distance yourself from that kind of nonsense.

  16. The goal of leftists , RINO’s , and the New World Order is to make the straight white male totally powerless and disarmed. The Jews will go down in the history books for being blamed for the white female / black male race mixing epidemic , all those damn whiggers that were in America from : 1995-2004 , and MTV should get blamed too! Feminism caused American women of all races to look at men as the enemy , and Feminism encouraged women to be total bitches to men.

    We still had brave and fearless white men up until racially aware white men started getting murdered by our enemies. Joe Rowan , Mark Gaudin , Erik Banks , Brian Kozel , etc. Blue States willingly drunk the poisoned kool-aid that the left wing commie’s gave them. Red States resisted the brainwashing and they voted for right wing politicians. Millennials who were born in the 1990’s are totally indoctrinated and programmed to be college educated communists who think that LGBT is all fine and dandy. Millennials who were born from : 1982-1985 , a lot of them fought in the 2 Middle East Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Baby Boomers really worsened things due to their self centeredness and materialistic selfish desires and they agreed with left wing politics. Gen X and Xennials produced skinheads and a very large percentage of the men who were / are Gen X and Xennials were romantically rejected and / or dumped by white women in favor of black men. They bear a grudge against white women and black men until this very day! I am one of them! I have never had a conversation about race or anything politically incorrect with Generation Z. Generation Z might be more racially aware than the Millennials , or they might be just as brainwashed , only time will tell.

    Generation X was brainwashed too , Gen X came from broken homes / dysfunctional families , they had Tupac Shakur posters on their bedroom walls in High School , they were the first Generation that thought blacks were cooler than whites. The Democrats and the Republicans are both against the racially aware straight white male. Neither party deserves or should get our vote. They do not have our best interests at heart. They have very evil intent and ulterior motives when it comes to racially aware straight white men.

    The New World Order is trying to make the straight white male neutered and powerless , the New World Order is winning right now , because white men don’t want to get a life sentence in prison or be railroaded and framed like Matt Hale was. Open borders policies are causing us to be outnumbered , marginalized , and the jew owned media blames whitey for everything!

    • GenX guys never had competition for women by blacks. Millenial guys certainly appear to have. I can’t think of any women I’ve been around who’ve fallen into the arms of blacks after being in my social circles. There were so few around in my twenties that it’s just not a factor. What’s happened to Millenials and genZ must be a fucking nightmare. While you were at war the homeland was promoting blackitude to the 10th power.

    • @ Baron What you say is true, but only for some. Not everyone has fallen for the lie. I can’t see any decent white male being upset that a bloated, low IQ female went and mated with some black.

  17. Cristina:
    You might like a book A Shroud in the Family by Lionel Garcia. It deals with Texas and Mexico and a Mexican-American lawyer trying to keep his balance in both worlds, especially defending a murder suspect and complications with his anglo wife. I thought he gave an especially satiric view of Americans. He shows a party where the Texans are kind of affable but vacant and have no realties to anything except money and the home team, and perhaps rooting for whoever America tells them it’s fashionable to kill.
    It’s satiric, but I thought well written. My Mexican friend liked it a lot. He works in Houston, but has an importing business and travels to Mexico a lot. he always feels relieved to be back in Mexico, but admits Texas does have the money.
    He believes Mexico has continuity, and America has none. America seems a victim of its obsession with the future and progress. It seems to purposefully be destroying itself, and I’m reminded of Chekov’s play The Cherry Orchard, showing a doomed Russian upper class doing the same thing.
    Columbus’s statue being removed isn’t a surprise.He’s been hated for a long time, and I’ve talked to you about how Mexico views Cortez.
    In St. Louis, we had a statue of Columbus in a very scenic park, and it was taken down last year in the current madness. I make it a point not to walk where it was anymore. The cowardice of the ‘artistic’ crowd is due to much of this, and a mob even surrounded the statue of Louis IX, the city’s namesake because he made war on Muslims and Jews. The statue has remained, but the madness has only been stayed.
    I was at a place in southern Missouri, Pilot Knob, commemorating a civil war battle there in 1864. The crowd numbered about a thousand, very happy and enthusiastic, lots of Confederate flags and support.
    No shame or anti-American feeling at all. Such a contrast to the city. My great-great-great-grandfather fought in this battle, on the Union side.
    Lots of southerners and southern accents. Hunter would have been very happy.
    There was also a ball afterwards, which I attended. Would have nice to do a waltz with you, or do you fandango?
    I think it would be best if the rural areas break away and let the cities go. That’s where America will be saved, if anyone wants to save it.

    • dargason,

      A good comment. I also believe that Mexico will continue to stumble on long after the USA has fragmented internally. Thank you for the book recommendation. The comment on the Texans seems accurate. Even now I do not believe that most white Americans realize that the other races in America have declared war on them.

      The United States does seem to have a death wish even if it is not aware of it. I am glad the statue of St. Louis is still up. I am pleasantly surprised. That mock civil war battle sounded entertaining. I am glad they are keeping history alive. It is my favorite subject. I was taught formal dancing at a private school in Mexico. I have also learned the basic 2 step.

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