The Bulwark: Harry Jaffa Was a Subversive Jew

Duly noted.

For those who are unaware, Harry Jaffa was a highly influential figure in the conservative movement. He was like the guru of the Claremont Institute which is one of its leading institutions. There were people like Michael Anton who served in the Trump administration who were highly impressed with him who don’t see anything wrong with Lincoln’s refounding of America on the basis of “equality.”

The Bulwark:

“The speech my father wrote for Goldwater had two purposes: a tangible political objective and a great philosophical goal. …

My father also had a philosophical objective in the writing of that speech—one that might have precluded the splintering of the GOP. He sought to shift the Republican party onto the bedrock principles of Abraham Lincoln and the American Founding—onto the natural law teaching of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. But, as my father ruefully observed on many occasions, he put words into Barry Goldwater’s mouth that Goldwater never would have said if Goldwater had known what he was saying. …

Those lines were a literary allusion to Martin Luther King’s letter from a Birmingham Jail, which my father had recently used in class—and of course the Pledge of Allegiance (“liberty and justice for all”). …

My father knew that had he so much as breathed the name of Martin Luther King in Republican circles his own name would have been mud. Even when a group of conservatives who did not like my father began circulating nonsense about those lines being cribbed from Cicero my father kept his counsel. All he would say was that the Cicero story was false and that the words were his.

Nevertheless, with a twinkle in his eye, at the tail end of his life, he liked to say that for more than five decades he had had the pleasure of watching the left wing of the Democratic party denounce the views of Martin Luther King—a man they worshiped and idolized—while the right wing of the Republican party embraced the views of Martin Luther King, a man they loathed and despised. …

However, in the opinion of my father, the Pledge of Allegiance also is something that conservatives say without understanding. …

Thirty-six days later, while the audience went wild at the Cow Palace at “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice” (and conservatives everywhere took up the call), my father slyly placed Goldwater on the shoulders of Martin Luther King and the idea that an oath of allegiance was required of Southerners.”

I’ve never bothered to read Jaffa.

Why would I waste my time reading someone who is best known for being an Abraham Lincoln enthusiast? What is there to admire about the worst president in American history?

Note: Brion McClanahan of the Abbeville Institute has been debating Michael Anton about this. I’ve been enjoying his show. Add it to your bookmarks.

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  1. Jaffa is like the conservative Jewish midget genius Milton Friedman, or the other old conservative Jew Paul Gottfried who has been around forever too. Our mutual friend James Edwards thinks highly, of Gottfried for some reason? All are “conservative” in Jewish cult practice, as in he’s a “conservative Jew”. LOL. Probably, James and Keith’s Jewish Congressman is a conservative Jew too.

    In politics, I guess, you have to put up with Jews, but, Jews didn’t get their reputation for nothing. By the same token, I guess the late Juge Bork was part Jewish, and you don’t find a finer Christian gentleman than him.

    Anyway, compared to their Catholic allies, Jews are small electoral potatoes.

    • Don’t forget Ayn Rand. All marching to the same genocidal tune. Don’t collectivize goyim! Trust the free market that we print the money for!

      • Ayn Rand looked damned good to me, a libertarian, when I was in my twenties. After abandoning libertarianism not so much. Radical individualism is a death sentence when the rest of the world is united against you.

    • Gottfried is a good guy. He was one of the folks that got purged from mainstream conservatism as the neocons (the ideological descendants of Jaffa) took over, just like Buchanan, Sobran, Francis, etc.

      • LOL. Good for what? Being a pre-Holocaust survivor? Not believing in Jesus Christ? Rejecting Jesus Christ? I could go on, but, I think you get my drift.

          • Anonymous, Krafty is a convinced anti-Papist, which is a rational, correct position to hold, not weird at all, and there should be more of it.

  2. The Yankee Dictator Abraham Lincoln. Still destroying America and the South. Think it’s time we have Nationalism and save the South and White Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

    • The jews believe the whole Universe should rotate around them and their pornographic Holohoax fantasy.

    • Jaffa has a point, the South was the least non-interventionist part of the US in 1939-41. There wasn’t a single America First chapter in the South. And of course the South has always been the most philo-Semitic part of the country.

  3. Condemning everyone and everything you don’t like as being “evil” is womanish. The only true evil in this world is the scheming, diabolical jew.

    • @Spahn – That’s an interesting take re “womanish”, as I routinely hear every single male politician and public official decry things as”evil”….many male posters, too.

  4. What makes this even more funny is that he was subverting the speech of another subversive Jew, Barry Goldwater.

    It’s like a matryoshka doll of Jewish subversion.

  5. Goldwater’s grandfather had converted to Christianity and married a gentile, so Goldwater according to Jewish law was not a Jew, and that’s probably why the Jews hated him.

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